cat licking a cream but can cats eat whipped cream?

Can cats eat whipped cream?

As a vet, I get this question A LOT!. Whipped cream is a dairy product. It is cheap, sweet, and incredibly delicious.

No wonder why cats may be tempted to eat it!

However, is it suitable for our felines to eat? 

Find out!

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Is Whipped Cream Harmful to Cats?

whipped cream on a ceramic bowl

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. We know that whipped cream comes from human foods that contain a lot of fat and high protein content.

Notably, our pets have different digestive issues and lactose intolerance to human food. This can cause upset stomachs owing to sweet foods and milk products. 

Cats have food intolerances and generally have a list of foods, including nutritional food and healthy food, in the natural diet. Of course, occasional treats excluding harmful ingredients are fine. [1] 

Why Shouldn’t Cats Eat Whipped Cream? 

Cats lack enzyme lactase when they get mature. Enzyme lactase allows cats to break down lactose in their body, which is essential for their health and well-being.

Milk and other dairy products include lactose present in dairy products such as whipped cream and ice cream.

When kittens are young, they drink their mother’s milk, but as they get older, this becomes less required. Pet foods can obtain from a meat-based diet.

cat reaching the plate with piece of cake

The digestive system cannot handle dairy products like milk and cheese properly. “Is whipped cream bad for cats?” It can be painful for cats to ingest dairy products.

Dairy products should avoid for cats with lactose sensitivity; therefore, finding alternative snacks is excellent. [2]

Even a tiny amount of whipped cream can cause your cat to overeat in calories. Whipped cream has around 51 calories per spoonful.

Assuming that the typical feline weighs 10 pounds, the average kitty would require 120 calories each day.

It would be equivalent to roughly half of their daily calorie intake if you gave them merely one spoonful of whipped cream. So, eating whipped cream can cause obesity in your feline friend.

Due to its high calorie and sugar content, whipped cream can be hazardous to cats, significantly overweight, and diabetes.

There are treats for cats that can be in their typical diet, which won’t cause any stomach discomfort to your furry friend. 

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Other Dairy Products That are Bad for Cats

Do cats like cream, even in dairy products? In addition to the numerous nutritious pet foods that cats can ingest.

It would help understand why dairy products and other components are not always the most fantastic option for your cat.


  • A considerable quantity of lactose is present in cheese, as it is in other dairy products. On the other hand, cheese is considerably lower in lactose than other dairy products.
  • As a natural source of fat and protein, cats enjoy cheese.
  • Lactose intolerance can produce constipation instead of diarrhea, much as it does in humans.


  • However, cats don’t always benefit from yogurt due to digestive issues. Lactose is present in yogurt, even though it contains beneficial living cultures that are excellent for your cat’s stomach.
  • In the absence of lactose-free yogurt, you should avoid this dairy product.

Cow Milk

  • We’ll start with milk, as it’s pretty similar to whipped cream in terms of consistency. Cream and milk both include lactose that your cat probably cannot digest.
  • Milk is a more typical reward given to cats than cream since it is often less expensive. However, it can also lead to many of the same problems. Milk contains emulsifiers that can be hazardous.
  • Cow milk is not regular milk, and it comprises sweet foods, e.g., lactose, glucose, and so forth.

Watch this video explanation:

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What Happens if Your Cat Eats Whipped Cream?

cat licking a cupcake with whipped cream but can cats eat whipped cream safely?

My pretty cat has only licked a small amount of fresh cream at a time, and as a result, has never shown any adverse reactions. 

The consumption of lactose-rich foods has two extremely unpleasant adverse effects.

You should expect similar side effects if your cat makes fun of your cream for the same reason.

Cat’s colon often produces a foul mixture of fluids due to fermentation caused by bacteria and unprocessed lactose sugar.

It means that your cat will vomit in the next 8 to 12 hours, have diarrhea, or both.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Eats Whipped Cream?

Please see your veterinarian if you are frightened that your cat will get sick after eating whipped cream.

If your cat eats too much whipped cream, he may experience:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Decreased appetite

These symptoms appear within 8-12 hours due to this undigested lactose. 

Your vet will be able to diagnose what’s wrong with your cat based on his symptoms. They may recommend an antibiotic to treat the infection.

Your vet may suggest that you feed him a special diet formulated for cats who have lactose intolerance.

This diet includes lactose-free food, such as dry kibble, canned food, and so forth.


Does whipped cream hurt cats?

Yes. Your cat can still get dehydrated if he vomits or has diarrhea after eating whipped cream. Fatigue, sunken eyes, upset stomachs, nausea, increased heart rate, panting, and anorexia are symptoms.

Why is cream terrible for cats?

The chemicals in whipped cream, on the other hand, cats have severe side effects on their health. We recommend that you choose a healthy alternative meal instead of cream.

Is sour cream terrible for cats?

Yes, cats do not eat sour cream because it is harmful and toxic. Although a small amount of heavy cream can seriously harm your cat, it’s not the best diet for cats. 


Whipped cream is not a portion of healthy cat food. Cats cannot digest, whipped cream includes sugar, which can induce weight gain and other potentially dangerous substances.

I know this article helped you in caring for your feline, even in the event of accidental whipped cream consumption. 


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whipped cream on a bowl

Can cats eat whipped cream? Let us know your opinion on this topic below!


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