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Want to “wow” everyone with your cat adoption announcement ideas?

We’ve got you covered! Everyone loves cats, right? But what’s the best part about having a cat?

The fun ways that you can let the world in on your big news!

Have fun telling the world that you welcomed a furry little friend into your home, and check out some of these silly ideas!

12 Cat Adoption Announcement Ideas

Cat Adoption Announcement: 12 Hilarious and Unique Ideas
  1. “This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us!” Guess what? I’ve found my soul sister, who loves to sleep with me each and every morning.
  2. “Raise your hand if you love cats!” Raise your hands if you’re as excited as I am about my latest cat adoption!
  3. “I Just Became a Crazy Cat Lady!” Show off your new kitty by showing the world how you’ve just become “that” person who dresses up her cat! Believe it or not, this little guy is very happy to be in his newly adopted home.
  4. “Tell the world with a family portrait!” What’s better than a funny 70s-style family portrait featuring you and your new kitty? Words cannot describe how much I adore this!
  5. “I “mustache” you a question: do you like my new cat?” Why yes, George, I like you very much! Such a handsome boy!
  6. “We’re all smiling over our new kitty!” Adopting this fur baby has never felt so good!
  7. “We have a new reason to celebrate this season!” Cat adoption has really brightened the outlook of my holiday season!
  8. “Matching socks, or matching socks?” Forget about wearing matching socks! Instead, match socks for your cat! How cute is this cat adoption announcement?
  9. “Look what Santa brought us!” Santa made my kitty adoption holiday wish come true. I am madly in love with Loki the Sphynx, aren’t you?
  10. “Meet your best friend’s new best friend!” Is there anything sweeter than seeing two species with a reputation for being enemies come together?
  11. “Meet my new snuggle buddy for life.” What a sweet way to show off your brand new kitten!
  12. “Meet our new patriotic pal!” I knew adopting this cat was the smart thing to do.

Have fun with your Cat Adoption Announcement Ideas

socializing with kitten

When it comes to announcing your new kitty or cat to the world, have fun with it!

There are so many funny and silly ways to make it happen that the sky is truly the limit!

Plan out a fun surprise where you announce it to the world via social media and wait for the reactions and comments to come pouring in.

It seems like everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for cats, so you’ll be in awe of all the love and support that people show you!

And who knows? You may just find that adopting one kitten isn’t enough! The good news? There are always lots of cats and kittens waiting for their forever home.

Maybe, just maybe, your cat adoption announcement will inspire others to move forward and adopt a cat of their own as well!


Embark on a heartwarming journey as you conclude your cat adoption announcement.

Celebrate the newfound joy, companionship, and endless purrs that your feline friend brings to your life. Welcome home, dear cat!

Have you seen any cute cat adoption announcement ideas? Share below!

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