Got a kitty that likes to lounge on your lap 24/7?

Find out the secret behind the cat behavior that drives some kitties to lay on their people all the time!

Got a kitty that likes to lounge on your lap 24/7? Find out the secret behind the cat behavior that drives some kitties to lay on their people all the time!

We hear all the time how independent cats are. They like their own space and they enjoy spending time by themselves.


If that’s completely true, why are most cat owners able to commiserate about not being able to lie down without their cat coming over to lie down too?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not uncaring little beings (these cats prove it!) who are only looking out for themselves.

They do create relationships with their people, and most cats enjoy spending time with the humans in their lives.

There are a few reasons cats like to lie on their humans, and it’s not all about affection.

Cat Behavior Explained: Why Kitty Likes to Lie on You!

1- Although you may not enjoy the extra body heat your cat provides you, he may feel nice and cozy snuggled up against you.

Cats’ normal body temperatures range from 100 to 102 degrees, and while their bodies do a pretty good job of keeping them cool when it’s warm outside, they have a more difficult time staying warm when they are chilly.

xYou are like a custom-made heated mat for your cat!

2- Cats sleep a lot and go through different sleep cycles while they snooze.

Much of the time they sleep, they are really only dozing so they can leap up at any moment if there is danger.

As you build a trusting bond with your cat and he’s comfortable in his home environment, he may sleep with you more because he trusts that he can let his guard down when he’s with you.

It’s a huge compliment to the relationship you’ve built with him!

3- Okay, I said it’s not ALL about affection, but that’s definitely part of it.

When your cat comes over to lie on you, how do you react?

Do you reach out and scratch her behind the ears or place an arm around her?

If you push her away, this article probably isn’t useful for you since she’s probably already stopped trying to lie on you.

For those cats who do get affection by coming over and lying on their humans, they keep doing it because they know what the result will be.

If you’re not as fond of your cat lying on you while you sleep, consider creating a special bed for him in your room so he can be near you if he chooses but not directly on you.

If you are comfortable with your cat lying on you, now you know why he does it and can continue giving him the love and scratches when he ambles over to settle down for a rest.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this cat behavior! Do you love when kitty snuggles with you? Share below!



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