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Senior cat owners can find themselves wondering how to put a diaper on cats.

Honestly, it isn’t pleasant for the owner or their feline.

But it can become a necessary step in keeping cats healthy.

So we’ll walk you through the process to ensure it’s as painless as possible.

What Types of Diapers Are Available for Cats?

cat wearing diaper

Pet diapers are available in more than one type for cat owners. So it becomes essential to know all your potential options. 

Below, we will discuss the four most common diapers for cats. These discussions will make it clear what type of diaper best suits your cat’s needs. 

Reusable Cloth Cat Diapers

Reusable cloth diapers are usually made from fabric that can be washed by machines and, thus, can be reused. Many options will have interior pockets that have absorbent padding. 

These liners will be either washable or disposable for convenience purposes. Sadly, reusable cat diapers do cost more than disposable diapers initially. 

But they make up for it long-term, as you won’t have to keep buying them. Therefore, reusable cloth or washable diapers become more cost-effective.

Disposable Cat Diapers

Disposable diapers aren’t any different than ones for children. You can expect them to be single-use only as they require disregarding the trash.

As a result, disposable options are better choices for short-term diaper needs. I wouldn’t advise owners who need cat diapers regularly to buy them.

Belly Wrap Bands

Belly wrap bands aren’t much different than reusable cloth or washable cat diapers. But the one crucial difference is these bands don’t cover your cat’s butt.

In other words, these bands only collect cat urine. So it’s a practical option for cats with bladder trouble like urinary incontinence or urinary tract infections rather than a bowel issue.

Human Diapers

Many cat owners find success using baby diapers with their felines. But it does require some experimenting regarding proper size and fit (most owners find newborn size works best).

You also need to cut a hole for your cat’s tail since disposable baby diapers don’t have them. However, there are a few benefits to using human baby diapers:

  • Cheaper than traditional cat diapers
  • More durable materials
  • Easier to buy in bulk

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Cat Diaper?

cat with diaper

Once you pick a cat diaper type, it’s time to consider the other essential qualities. I’d make sure any pet diapers you buy meet or exceed the following attributes:

Highly Absorbent

A cat’s diaper isn’t going to be useful unless it’s highly absorbent. After all, the entire point of these diapers is to catch leaks before they ruin your flooring or furniture. 

High-quality cat diapers will have multiple inner layers to absorb liquid. Plus, they’ll have a waterproof outer layer to prevent any potential leakage. 

I should also note that some cat diapers will have color-changing materials. It’ll ensure you know when the inner linings have absorbed leaks and liquid. 


You don’t want to purchase a cat diaper that makes your cat uncomfortable. Instead, look for one with a reputation for being comfy, especially around the tail hole. 

In most cases, reusable diapers will have a reinforced tail opening. Disposable diapers are slightly different with their tearable tail holes that are customizable to your cat’s tail size.

So you’ll need to decide what type of tail hole works best for your cat. I’d also look at the materials used for the diaper to ensure they’re lightweight and durable.

Proper Sized

It doesn’t make sense to buy cat diapers that don’t fit your feline. Due to this, you must do some research and measurements before selecting them. 

For instance, I’d measure your cat’s waist and tail to ensure a perfect fit. You can then use these measurements to select suitable cat diapers with ease.

How to Put Diaper on Your Cat

lady demonstrating how to put diaper on cat

If you decide cat diaper are necessary for your cat, putting them on can be challenging. I can’t even imagine doing it with one of my younger cats.

The amount of squirming and clawing would be outrageous. But if it’s necessary for your cat’s bathroom issues, this 3-step guide can offer a simple solution.

Step 1: Find the Tail Hole

Your starting point has to be finding the diaper’s tail hole. Once located, I’d suggest doing your best to slide your cat’s tail through it. 

I’d recommend wearing long sleeves and gloves to help avoid any scratching. Furthermore, some cats will tolerate being cradled during this step. 

If your cat doesn’t, move to a standing-up position. Again, it’s essential to find the preferred position for your cat so they feel comfortable. 

Step 2: Locate the Diaper’s Wider Side

After sliding your cat’s tail through the tail hole, find your diaper’s wider side. You should then twist the diaper around, so this wider side is at the bottom.

Next, bring the wider side between the hind legs and pull it up around your cat’s hips. 

Step 3: Secure the Diaper into Place

Smooth the diaper’s top section over your cat’s back. From there, use the tabs to secure it in place on its bottom side.

You might find it easier to separate this process into a few more steps. After all, it could help your cat feel a little more comfortable with using the diaper. 

I’d also recommend having plenty of treats and providing positive reinforcement. Nothing encourages good cat behavior better than treats and praise.


How often should you change your cat’s diapers?

You should change cat diapers every couple of hours, at least. If it’s a soiled diaper, it needs replacing immediately. Otherwise, it could lead to infections.

Some models have built-in moisture indicators to make your job easier.

How do you train a cat not to pee on furniture?

Training a cat not to pee on furniture is all about making the litter box more appealing.

Try placing some treats or toys near it to entice them. It should help keep your house clean.

Do Cat Diapers Work for Cats in Heat?

As specialists explain, cats don’t bleed when they’re in heat. But there might be some light vaginal discharge with blood in it and a lot of spraying. 

So, diapers work for a cat in heat by absorbing any vaginal discharge and preventing tomcats from mounting the female.

Can Male Cats Wear Diapers?

Yes, they can. But male wraps are different from female ones, so you should pay attention to the product description.


Yes, you can. Most extra-small and small-size dog nappies are suitable for cats, but pay special attention to the measurement to ensure you’ve got the right fit.

Some companies produce models that are designed with cats in mind, but most work for both species.


We hope these discussions provide some context about putting a diaper on cats. But if you have more questions, let us know in the comment section.

We’d love to help you out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

Do you have other tips on how to put diapers on a cat? Please share with us below!


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