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If it’s a struggle to clip your cat’s nails or bathe them, you need one of these top 5 cat grooming harnesses!

And don’t forget to read our guide on how to restrain a cat to clip nails.

Anyone who has ever struggled with a cat to try and get them to sit still knows it is a time-consuming and often frustrating task (for both humans and pets).

Not to mention the scratching and biting that can result from the struggle. Make all those grooming tasks a lot easier with a tool designed especially for keeping Kitty still.

Check out the top 5 cat grooming harnesses; you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Top Picks at a Glance

8 Best Cat Grooming Harnesses

#1 After Surgery Wear Cat Grooming Bag

After Surgery Wear Cat Grooming Bag
  • The VetMedWear Cat Immobilizing Bag has a total of 6 Zippers: four for...
  • Two adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure fit
  • Fabric around neck is extra soft to maximize comfort

Made from durable materials, the VetMedWear Grooming Bag is perfect for keeping your cat calm and restrained.

It has a total of six zippers that allow you complete access to all of Kitty’s “parts.” The two adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure fit. The fabric around the neck opening is extra soft to provide maximum comfort.

This company has also added straps for carrying convenience.

Benefits of VetMedWear

  • It comes in three sizes
  • Vet recommended
  • Allows for complete access to the cat using Velcro and zippers
  • Wipeable

Drawbacks of VetMedWear

  • Higher price point

What We Like

This grooming bag offers both safety and convenience. We like the soft neck opening, easy-to-carry handles, and all the zippered openings that allow for complete access to the animal.

  • The VetMedWear Cat Immobilizing Bag has a total of six Zippers: four for the legs and two for the body, allowing for complete access
  • Two adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure fit
  • The fabric around the neck is extra soft to maximize comfort
  • It is easy to carry animals using the side straps
  • Provides safe and easy access around the body

#2 Yarti Cat Grooming Bag

You’ve tried the pant leg trick now; use a cat restraint that is designed to work.

The Yarti Cat restraint is made from breathable double mesh that is durable enough to prevent tearing from biting and scratching.

The wide opening is easy to get your feline in and out of and is suitable for both full restraints (legs tucked inside) or for exposing your cat’s front legs for nail trimming (separate openings).

This grooming bag is also suitable for bathing, dental cleanings, injections, ear and eye treatments, etc.

Benefits of Yarti Cat Harness

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose function
  • Provides cat with a sense of safety

Drawbacks of Yarti Cat Harness

  • Not suitable for cats over 8.8 pounds

What We Like

The Yarti Cat Grooming Bag is simple to use and made from a sturdy, breathable mesh. The opening is sufficient to get Kitty in and out with separate front leg openings.

#3 Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag
  • Cat Grooming Supplies: Ideal for both professionals & owners with 2...
  • Cat Bathing Bag: Constructed of heavy-duty black nylon with large...
  • Easy to Use: Fully adjustable to your needs, this cat washing bag is...

Downtown’s Cat Restraint Bag is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable grooming harness of high quality and design.

It’s made from heavy-duty black polyester for maximum durability, so your kitty will have a hard time clawing its way out. And it has five zippers for easy access to your cat’s body.

Moreover, this grooming has a rubber mesh to let water out, so you can use it for bathing your kitty. But be careful if your cat tends to pee when stressed, because the bag will leak all over the place.

Benefits of Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

  • It’s available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, so it’s perfect for cats of all ages and sizes
  • Made from durable material, scratch-resistant
  • Adjustable Velcro collar for a comfortable fit
  • Multi-access points so that you can take care of your cat’s nails or administer medicine
  • Convenient carrying straps
  • It comes with a free muzzle for additional safety when bathing your kitty
  • Relatively affordable compared to other similar models

Drawbacks of Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

  • Cats can get their claws caught in the netting
  • It’s not easy to put the cat inside this grooming bag, according to customers’ reviews

What We Like About Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

Downtown’s cat grooming bag is a great combination of price and quality. The material is strong enough to keep cats contained, and the front/back zipper design provides convenient access.

We also like that the bag is easy to clean and has an adjustable collar and a convenient handle strap.

Downtown’s cat grooming bag is also available in a mesh version, which is very affordable and an excellent option for bath time.

#4 Famoore Cat Grooming Bag

FAMOORE Cat Grooming Bag
  • 🔅Girth for Body: 27" , Girth for Head: 11" , Girth for Front Leg:...
  • 🔅Split design in the middle of the cat grooming bag, Suitable for...
  • 🔅Suitable for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears,...

Famoore has an excellent pet grooming harness, which is perfect for multi-cat households since it can hold felines up to 15 pounds.

Moreover, Famoore’s product is made of scratch-resistant soft mesh to ensure your cat’s comfort and safety while you’re cutting your cat’s nails, cleaning ears, or bathing your pet.

Famoore’s design also ensures that you can restrain most cats with minimum struggle, and you don’t have to worry about bites or scratches.

Benefits of Famoore Cat Grooming Bag

  • A split design allows you to use this harness for small and large cats
  • It can be used for kittens
  • High-quality material which doesn’t tear quickly
  • Perfect for bathing, thanks to the soft mesh design
  • It’s easy to put the cat inside this grooming bag by yourself
  • Drawstrings allow you to restrict your cat’s movements for a limited time without hurting them
  • A great choice for applying medicine or checking your cat’s ears

Drawbacks of Famoore Cat Grooming Bag

  • Not suitable for large cats over 15 pounds
  • It’s easy for some cats to escape from this anti-scratching grooming bag

What We Like About Famoore Cat Bathing Bag

Famoore’s grooming bag has many positive reviews. Cat owners praise its design, durability, and usefulness. They call it a lifesaver and a great choice for angry cats.

And as you can see from this video, these types of cat grooming bags are perfect for bathing your cat without bloodshed.

We also like that the design allows you to use the bag for restraining small and large cats, so you don’t need to purchase another model.

#5 Cinf Cat Grooming Bag

Cinf Cat Grooming Bag
  • Fits cats weight:10 lbs - 15 lbs cats.Neck circumference: 30cm, waist...
  • Cat Grooming Bag with two rear zippers allow access to rear paws.
  • Features three rear zippers and two front zippers. Our products are...

Cinf’s cat restraint bag is another great option when you’re looking for the best cat harnesses for medium and large cats.

Like most cat grooming harnesses, Cinf’s product is made from high-quality material. It can withstand the claw attack of an angry cat during bathing sessions.

And it’s a great fit for cats from 10 to 15 pounds in weight.

Benefits of Cinf Cat Restraint Bag

  • There are three back and two front zippers for easy zippered access to your cat’s paws when you need to clip your feline’s nails
  • Velcro collar to keep your cat still when you’re cleaning your cat’s teeth, ears, and eyes
  • The elastic mesh design makes the harness suitable for bathing your cat
  • Detailed instructions on how to put the cat in the bag without a fight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Convenient handle straps so that you can carry your cat around or hang them on the towel hook while you get the bath ready
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return or exchange the bag if you’re not satisfied with its performance.

Drawbacks of Cinf Cat Restraint Bag

  • Not a great choice for small cats or cats with big bellies
  • It may take two people to put the cat inside this grooming harness

What We Like About Cinf Cat Restraint Bag

Cinf’s cat restraint bag is safe, convenient, and easy to clean. We like its zippers that allow access to every part of the cat’s body and the handy carrying straps.

Moreover, Cinf’s harness can work as a carrier and can be an excellent grooming bag for small dogs as well.

#6 Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag
  • Makes grooming temperamental cats a breeze!
  • Features three rear zippers and two front zippers
  • Mesh panel allows water in and out while bathing

If you’re looking for the best cat grooming harness for a tight budget, you won’t be disappointed by Top Performance and their sturdy cat restraint bags.

Top Performance’s products are made from high-quality, anti-scratch polyester. So nail clipping will be a breeze once you get your cat inside the harness.

Moreover, the bag has a versatile design. Making it perfect for various activities, such as vet visits, examinations, injections, and bathing.

Benefits of Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

  • It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, so you can pick the best fit for your kitty
  • Made from heavy-duty polyester to ensure it won’t rip apart if the cat struggles
  • Durable, scratch-resistant mesh inserts allow you to bathe your cat with minimal efforts
  • There are two front and three rear zippers for quick access to your cat’s whole body whenever you need to clip nails, clean ears, or apply medication
  • An adjustable Velcro collar for a tight fit and carrying handles for convenience
  • Does a great job of keeping the cat still
  • Affordable

Drawbacks of Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

  • According to customers’ reviews, it’s not easy to lock the cat inside the harness, especially if you have a big, angry cat.
  • Some zipper issues

What We Like About Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

The Top Performance cat grooming harness impresses us with its simple but elegant design. We also like that it’s available in small and medium sizes, so it’s the perfect choice for small cat breeds.

Moreover, cat owners’ reviews are positive. They praise Top Permarmance’s harness construction and durability. And it offers you a great balance between quality and price.

#7 Wintchuk Cat Grooming Bag

The Wintchuk cat grooming hammock is another safe option when you have trouble nail-clipping your cat’s claws or struggling in the bathroom.

The restrained bag is made of durable but soft fabric to keep your cat comfortable while you’re bathing it or grooming its body.

Moreover, Wintchuk’s product is scratch- and bite-resistant, so it’s going to last you a couple of years, even if you have a feisty feline.

Benefits of Wintchuk Cat Grooming Harness

  • It’s available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large, so it’s perfect for small and large cats
  • Made from durable polyester and high-quality rubber mesh to withstand cat’s biting and clawing
  • Multi-zipper design for quick access to your cat’s front and rear paws
  • Durable mesh fabric for bathing your cat and rinsing shampoo without opening the bag
  • Adjustable Velcro for a comfortable fit
  • Anti-slip carrying handles, so your cat can’t struggle out of your arms while you’re carrying it to the bathroom.

Drawbacks of Wintchuk Cat Grooming Harness

  • It’s not easy to put the cat inside the bag without help
  • Not suitable for cats with a neck size less than 11 inches

What We Love About Wintchuk Cat Grooming Harness

The Wintchuk cat harness for grooming impresses us with its sturdy design, style, versatility, and high-quality fabric and mesh. It’s also one of the few harnesses available in extra-large sizes.

#8 TECH P Cat Grooming Bag

TECH P Cat Grooming Bag
  • High quality soft mesh, scratch resisted.
  • Wide opening, easy to in and out for cats.
  • Front zipper allow cleaning of front paws, nails.

For a no-frills restraining cat grooming bag, the Tech-P offers a quick fix to a struggling pet.

Made from high-quality polyester mesh, this grooming bag provides a wide opening to get your feline friend in and out of.

The front zipper allows your cat’s legs to be exposed when it’s time to trim those nails. And since it’s made entirely from mesh, you can bathe Kitty right inside this bag.

Benefits of Tech-P Grooming Bag

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for bathing, nail trimming, and ear and teeth cleanings

Drawbacks of Tech-P Grooming Bag

  • Neck and back enclosures may not stay secured
  • Not suitable for very large cats

What We Like

The simple and inexpensive design is great for kittens and very easy to use. The price point is low, making it affordable for all pet parents.

It’s very convenient for bathing.

  • High-quality soft mesh, scratch-resisted
  • Wide opening, easy to in and out for cats.
  • The front zipper allows cleaning of the front paws and nails.
  • Package includes 1 * Cat Grooming Bag and 1 *TECH-P coaster in random color.
  • Avoid cat’s sharp claws and teeth; great tool for medication, grooming, ear, and nail care.

Don’t spend another moment struggling with your cat (or putting off those important grooming sessions) when there are cat grooming harnesses that will make your job easier.

Choose the cat grooming harness or bag that will work best for you and your pet, so you can keep Kitty healthy and happy for years to come.


How do you restrain an aggressive cat from grooming?

Using a cat harness bag, you can restrain your aggressive cats during a grooming session. Get your cat restrained inside the bag, and then quickly groom it using the front and rear zippers to access the claws.

What can I give my cat to calm him down for grooming? Several drugs exist that vets and professional groomers use to calm down cats during examinations or grooming. But you shouldn’t give them without a vet’s approval and supervision

Can I sedate my cat to groom him?

For some cats, sedation is the only way to groom them without stressing them too much. But frequent sedation isn’t healthy, so it should be a last resort measure.

Do you have any of these cat grooming harnesses? Which one do you prefer? Share below!

If it's a struggle to clip your cat's nails or bathe and groom them, you need one of these top 5 cat grooming harnesses! Check them out!
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