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If you’re looking for cute cat names that start with K, you’ll love our list! We rounded up 100 brilliant ideas inspired by the 11th letter of the alphabet.

The Latin letter K is more than just a symbol in the English alphabet; it’s also seen in math and for measuring thermodynamic temperature.

If you are at a loss for what to name your new kitten, think about the letters in the alphabet and pick one.

Perhaps the letter K is the one that speaks to you. If so, then today’s list is just for you.

Look through what we have gathered to find the best name for your new kitty cat!

Cat Names That Start with K For Males

If you're looking for cute cat names that start with K, you'll love our top 100 list! Read on for 50 each for male and female kittens!

For our male cat names that start with K, we took inspiration from pretty much every source, food, funny words, cities, science, even made-up fantasy names!

  1. Kat – Cat with a “K” has a bit more personality than Cat with a “C”.
  2. Kelvin – The aforementioned temperature measurement.
  3. Knockout or Knock Out (K.O.) – This one is pretty cool as you can use both the noun form, to show your cat is a real looker, or the verb form, for a tough cat that will knock your teeth out.
  4. Knuckles – For the tough male kitties.
  5. Knucklehead – A loving nickname more than a name, but to each their own.
  6. Koala – For the cats that cling to you for dear life.
  7. Kent – Like the last name of Superman’s secret identity!
  8. Kai – Easy and simple, with origins ranging from many cultures.
  9. King – We’re sure you will treat your cat like the king he is.
  10. Karate Kid – Cats can contort themselves in the weirdest positions, perhaps they often look like they’re doing karate.
  11. Kujo – The scary dog but with a “k”.
  12. Kafar – Fun fantasy name for a cat
  13. Kuddles – Just a bit more personality when a “c” word is spelled with a “k”.
  14. Killer – We can’t think of a name tougher than this one for your baby boy.
  15. Kudos – Kudos to you on getting a new kitten.
  16. Killian – Like Cillian Murphy, the actor with the gorgeous blue eyes. Bonus if your cat does too!
  17. Kimba – Like Simba.
  18. Krypto/Krypton/Kryptonite – The first one is Superman’s dog, come on, how cool is that? The second one is Superman’s home planet if you often feel like your cat is from another world. The last one is what’s deadly to Superman, and is what spawned the saying “like Kryptonite”.
  19. Krusty – The clown!
  20. Kruger – Like Freddy Kruger but not so scary.
  21. Krazy – With a “k”.
  22. Krispy
  23. Krinkles – This is cute if your cat has a crinkly face.
  24. Krazy – We know cats can get a bit crazy.
  25. Kozmos – Like Cosmos.
  26. Kermit – Like the frog!
  27. Koopa – For Koopa Troopa the cute little turtle.
  28. Komet – Another C-word with a K.
  29. Kit Kat
  30. Kanji – Style of Japanese writing, great for anime lovers!
  31. Kennedy – After the president, the mountain, or the space center.
  32. Klutz – We laughed at this one. Cats can be graceful but they can be such a clutz sometimes as well.
  33. Klaw
  34. Kismet
  35. Kam
  36. King Kong or just Kong
  37. Kilo – For the heavier fuzzies.
  38. Katmandu
  39. Kamikaze
  40. Kaiser – A German emperor
  41. Kargo – A made-up way to spell cargo or a fun fantasy name? You decide!
  42. Kairo
  43. Kazo – A city in Japan
  44. Kalamazoo – A city in Michigan
  45. Kandur
  46. Keal
  47. Kansas – The state or the music band.
  48. Kafka – The famed writer.
  49. Kagu – A long-legged bird, but still a cute name!
  50. Kalon – Means beauty that is more than skin deep.

We quite like the C names being spelled with a K idea. Let’s head on over to the other side of the coin and take a look at what we have in store for the little female kittens.

Cat Names That Start with K For Females

If you're looking for cute cat names that start with K, you'll love our top 100 list! Read on for 50 each for male and female kittens!

Like the names above, we went to many sources to find great female cat names that start with K. Take a look!

  1. Kiss – We always found that kind of cute, a cat’s rough kisses.
  2. Kyrie – Just because it sounds nice.
  3. Kween – Like Queen, get it?
  4. Kookie – Cookie.
  5. Koko/Kokoa – Whether you like Chanel or a mug of hot cocoa.
  6. Kaillia – A city in Hawaii
  7. Kitty – Literal but still cute.
  8. Kira
  9. Kirby – Like the big pink floaty video game character.
  10. Kinsey – We just like the sound of this as well.
  11. Kamala – Means “lotus”
  12. Kila – Like the female version of Kilo and Killer.
  13. Kayce – Cute if your own initials are K and C!
  14. Krissy – Like Chrissy.
  15. KiKi
  16. Kalona – A city in Iowa
  17. Katra
  18. Katakana – Another style of Japanese writing
  19. Kalina
  20. Kibbles – We got to have a few food ones on here.
  21. Kendall – If your cat is a supermodel just like Kendall Jenner.
  22. Keeper – Because this cat is a keeper!
  23. Kashmere – Your cat will be as soft as this material.
  24. Kare – Because your cat cares for you.
  25. Kandi – Your pet is as sweet as candy.
  26. Kenya – For the exotic country.
  27. Krishna – A major deity in Hinduism.
  28. Katniss – As in Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.
  29. Katya – Anything with Cat or Kat in the name really.
  30. Kiera
  31. Kimono
  32. Ketchup – Why not?
  33. Kahlua – Yes, after the drink.
  34. Khloe – We like Khloe Kardashian’s twist on the name Chloe.
  35. Khaki – This is cute if your cat is of a similar color.
  36. Kaiya
  37. Krystal – For those cats with crystal blue eyes.
  38. Kanada – For the country, but with a K.
  39. Kassandra – Like Cassandra, but with a K.
  40. Katherine – Who is a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge?
  41. Kip/Kipper
  42. Kutie – Like Cutie but with a K. You can go the extra mile and make it Kutie Pie.
  43. Krakatoa – The volcano in Indonesia.
  44. Kreme – This is extra cute if you have a Krispy at home already, or it’s a good name if your cat is a cream color.
  45. Kersey
  46. Kylie – If you are a fan of course.
  47. Katty
  48. Kala
  49. Kewanee  – A city in Illinois
  50. Kaillia – A fun fantasy-inspired name for a cat.

It was a bit harder for girls, there are a lot of K names, but you want a special one for your cat. We really like Kryto for a buy and Katniss for a girl.


The world of cat names starting with K offers a kaleidoscope of choices for feline companions.

Finding the purrfect K name for your cat is a delightful way to celebrate their individuality and forge a deeper bond with your four-legged friend.

Let your creativity soar and discover the ideal K name that resonates with your cat’s one-of-a-kind charm and personality, making every meow-filled moment together even more special.

What are your favorite cat names that start with K? Share below!

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