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Looking for a list of Hawaiian pet names for cats?

We’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ve gathered 50 male and 50 female recommendations that you’ll love!

Let’s check them out!

Hawaiian Cat Names For Males

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  1. Ahonui – Hawaiian name meaning “patience.”
  2. Ailani – this name means “high chief.”
  3. Akahai – Hawaiian name meaning “kindness.”
  4. Aka – this name means “shadow.”
  5. Alemana – Hawaiian cat name meaning “warrior.”
  6. Amoka – for a very strong cat.
  7. Anakoni – for a valuable presence in your life.
  8. Analu – Hawaiian name meaning “manly.”
  9. Asera – this name means “lucky.”
  10. Edega – for a very wealthy cat.
  11. Etana – means “strong.” It’s also an amazing 3-legged cat name!
  12. Ezera – for your little, adorable helper.
  13. Hae – this name is perfect for a loud cat.
  14. Hiwa – Hawaiian name for a black cat.
  15. Hoku – this name means “star.”
  16. Honolulu – after the capital of Hawaii.
  17. Kahoku – perfect name for the star of your life.
  18. Kahuna – this name means “priest.”
  19. Kailua – after Hawaii’s center of tourism.
  20. Kaipo – Hawaiian cat name meaning “sweet.”
  21. Kalani – this name means “royalty.”
  22. Kale – for a very strong cat.
  23. Kanaka – this Hawaiian name means “human.”
  24. Kane – for a real man.
  25. Kapena – this name means “captain.”
  26. Kapono – for a cat with a pure heart.
  27. Kealii – for the leader of your house.
  28. Keanu – popular name meaning “mountain breeze.”
  29. Keiki – perfect name for a childish cat.
  30. Kekipi – Hawaiian name meaning “rebel.”
  31. Kekoa – for a very brave kitten.
  32. Kekona – this name means “second-born.”
  33. Kikokiko – Hawaiian name meaning “speckles.”
  34. Koa – for a bold and brave cat.
  35. Liko – Hawaiian name meaning “friend.”
  36. Lōkahi – for the cat who likes harmony.
  37. Lupo – Hawaiian name that means “wolf.”
  38. Mahalo – this is how you say “thank you” in Hawaii.
  39. Malo – for the one who always wins.
  40. Mano – Hawaiian cat name meaning “shark.”
  41. Meka – for the cat with the most beautiful eyes.
  42. Nahoa – perfect mischievous cat name.
  43. Nui – this Hawaiian name means “important.”
  44. Ole – for the cat with the sharpest fangs.
  45. Palani – this name means “free man.”
  46. Paniolo – perfect name for a cowboy cat.
  47. Pekelo – this name is perfect for a grey cat.
  48. Pûkini – Hawaiian name meaning “pudding.”
  49. Weuweu – this name means “pleasant.”
  50. ʻOluʻolu – for a very pleasant one.

Hawaiian Cat Names For Females

100 Hawaiian Cat Names to Inspire: Discover the Aloha Spirit
  1. Akela – Hawaiian name meaning “wisdom.”
  2. Alamea – for a very precious cat.
  3. Alana – Hawaiian name meaning “awakening.”
  4. Alani – this is how you call the orange tree in Hawaiian.
  5. Alaula – perfect name for a white cat.
  6. Aliikai – referring to the queen of the sea.
  7. Alika – Hawaiian name meaning “truthful.”
  8. Aloha – this is how you say “hello” in Hawaiian.
  9. Anuenue – this name means “rainbow.”
  10. Aolani – this Hawaiian name means “heavenly cloud.”
  11. Eleu – for a very agile cat.
  12. Ewalani – this name refers to an angel.
  13. Hanai – Hawaiian name meaning “lucky.”
  14. Hilo – after the Hawaiian city.
  15. Hoala – referring to a hyperactive cat.
  16. Honi – beautiful Hawaiian name meaning “kiss.”
  17. Hula – for the cat who likes to play all the time.
  18. Iniki – after the famous hurricane.
  19. Inoki – Hawaiian name means “devoted.”
  20. Iolana – for the cat who sees like a hawk.
  21. Ipo – perfect name for your sweetheart.
  22. Kahili – great name for a grey cat.
  23. Kaia – this is how Hawaiian people call the sea.
  24. Kailana – for the love of your life.
  25. Kapua – this name means “flower.”
  26. Kauai – after the oldest Hawaiian island.
  27. Keiki – this name means “child.”
  28. Keona – Hawaiian name meaning “God’s precious gift.”
  29. Kona – perfect name for a true lady.
  30. Laka – for a very gentle cat.
  31. Laki – Hawaiian name meaning “lucky.”
  32. Lalama – for your darling little one.
  33. Lanai – after the smallest Hawaiian island.
  34. Luana – for the cat who’s always happy.
  35. Makana – this Hawaiian cat name means “gift.”
  36. Malana – beautiful name meaning “light.”
  37. Mana  – for a powerful cat.
  38. Mau Loa – for the forever love you two carry.
  39. Meli – this name means “honey.”
  40. Miki – for a very fast cat.
  41. Mirena – Hawaiian name meaning “beloved.”
  42. Moana – perfect name for a blue-eyed cat.
  43. Noe – this Hawaiian name means “rainy.”
  44. Nohea – for the most beautiful cat out there.
  45. Ohana – this name means “family.”
  46. Olina – this Hawaiian name means “joyous.”
  47. Palila – this name is perfect for a free one.
  48. Poluna – cute name for a chubby cat.
  49. Roselani – for a cat that’s beautiful as a rose.
  50. Uilani – Hawaiian cat name meaning “beauty.”


Delving into the world of Hawaiian cat names reveals a treasure trove of uniqueness and charm, perfectly reflecting the beauty and allure of the islands.

Whether you choose a name that resonates with the aloha spirit or one that captures the essence of tropical paradise, your feline friend is sure to purr with delight.

Embrace the island vibes and let these exotic names weave a special bond between you and your beloved cat, creating unforgettable memories filled with warmth and affection.

Do you love everything as much as I do? But if I were to pick, I’d go for “Meli”. It’s just the sweetest! What’s your favorite?


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