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If you’re looking for a name that exudes power, strength, and a touch of rebellion for your feline companion, you’ve come to the right place.

Badass cat names can capture the fierce and independent spirit of your furry friend while adding a cool and edgy vibe to their persona.

We’ll explore a wide range of badass names for cats, from gangster names for your boy cats to tough “I am a woman, hear me roar” names for your girl cats. You’ll love these ideas!

Get ready to unleash your cat’s inner badass as we dive into the world of formidable feline names.

Badass Cat Names For Females

Badass Cat Names That Command Respect: Powerful and Fearless

When I think about badass names for girl cats, I think about super strong women throughout history and fiction, so that’s what inspired most of the names below. 

I’m also including some plain old “tough” sounding female names, just to give you a little more variety!

Some of the names require no introduction, but when necessary I’ve given you a bit of context.

  1. Amelia (as in Amelia Earhart)
  2. Anais (after Anais Nin)
  3. Annie (like Annie Oakley)
  4. Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt)
  5. Athena (goddess of war)
  6. Bastet (Egyptian cat goddess)
  7. Beatrix (after Beatrix Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies)
  8. Billie (as in Billie Holiday)
  9. Bonnie (from Bonnie and Clyde)
  10. Boudica (a Celtic warrior queen)
  11. Charlie (as in Charlie Baltimore from The Long Kiss Goodnight)
  12. Circe (from Greek mythology)
  13. Dakota
  14. Empress 
  15. Eowyn (from Lord of the Rings)
  16. Esther (Hebrew queen who stopped a genocide)
  17. Ethel (as in Ethel L. Payne, a badass journalist during the Civil Rights movement)
  18. Everdeen (a good alternative to Katniss for Hunger Game fans)
  19. Galadriel (most powerful elf in Middle Earth)
  20. Grizabella
  21. Harley (both Quinn and the motorcycle)
  22. Hatshepsut (Egyptian Pharaoh and all around badass woman)
  23. Hermione (from Harry Potter)
  24. Ivy (after Poison Ivy from Batman)
  25. Joan (of Arc)
  26. Katniss (from The Hunger Games)
  27. Lara (after Lara Croft from Tomb Raider)
  28. Lava
  29. Leeloo (from The Fifth Element)
  30. Lilian (after Lilian Bland)
  31. Lilith 
  32. Marie (Curie)
  33. Medusa
  34. Midnight
  35. Morticia (from The Addams Family)
  36. Mulan (Disney’s most kickass princess)
  37. Nikita
  38. Onyx
  39. Piper (from Charmed)
  40. Raven
  41. Ripley (from the Alien movies)
  42. Sacajawea
  43. Sheba
  44. Shikibu (after Murasaki Shikibu)
  45. Storm
  46. Trinity (from the Matrix movies)
  47. Valkyrie (warrior women from Norse mythology)
  48. Venus (after the volcanic planet, not the dainty goddess of love)
  49. Xena (warrior princess)
  50. Ziana (means brave and bold)

My favorite badass name for a cat has to be Piper, since I’m a huge fan of Charmed. She was definitely the toughest good witch on the show!

I also love Valkyrie, as they’re the original badass women from Norse mythology. They take the souls of warriors to Valhalla to await Ragnarok. 

If you prefer gangster cat names, Bonnie is a good pick! You can’t get much more gangster than Bonnie and Clyde! Of course, if you have a Bonnie, you definitely need a Clyde

Badass Cat Names for Males

badass male cat

From gangster cat names to historical badass men, these names for boy cats definitely say “don’t mess with me!”

Again, when the inspiration isn’t obvious, I provided a bit of context in the parenthesis. 

  1. Ace
  2. Ares (Greek god of war)
  3. Arson
  4. Atilla (the Hun)
  5. Bane (supervillain from Batman)
  6. Beast
  7. Boris
  8. Bruiser
  9. Cahal (means “battle ruler” in Gaelic) 
  10. Cain
  11. Capone (as in Al Capone, the original gangster)
  12. Carbon
  13. Clyde (Clyde Barrow)
  14. Dagger
  15. Damien
  16. Diablo (means devil in Spanish)
  17. Diesel
  18. Draco (after Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter)
  19. Einarr (means “lone warrior” in Norse)
  20. Falcon
  21. Goliath
  22. Gunnarr (Scandinavian word for “soldier warrior”)
  23. Hades
  24. Hannibal 
  25. Harley (as in Harley Davidson here, not Harley Quinn)
  26. Hector (leader of the Trojan army)
  27. Hondo (Egyptian word for “war”)
  28. Hulk
  29. Ivan (the Great)
  30. Jesse (after Jesse James)
  31. Joker (from the Batman comics)
  32. Khan (as in Ghengis Khan)
  33. Leonidas (king of Sparta and a lead character in the movie 300)
  34. Loki
  35. Lucifer
  36. Malachai
  37. Maximus
  38. Mufasa (Simba’s badass father in The Lion King)
  39. Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead)
  40. Panther
  41. Perseus (from Greek mythology)
  42. Reaper
  43. Rocky
  44. Scar 
  45. Takeo (a Japanese warrior name)
  46. Thanos (from Avengers Infinity War)
  47. Titan
  48. Thor
  49. Wraith
  50. Zeus

It’s hard to choose a favorite badass male cat name, but I love Loki. I am a big fan of Norse mythology, and it’s a fitting name for a trickster cat. 

Then again, you can’t get much scarier than Osiris. After all, the Egyptian god decides where you spend your afterlife!

Or how about Thanos? One snap from that cat and half the world is gone in a flash.

Tough Cat Names For Males

male cat with tough name

This one’s easy, as there are a lot of tough feline characters throughout history and in folklore as well as cartoons that we can draw inspiration from.

  1. Admiral
  2. Arnold
  3. Aslan
  4. Ares
  5. Atlas
  6. Balboa
  7. Bane
  8. Boss
  9. Bruiser
  10. Bronson
  11. Bugsy
  12. Bullet
  13. Cheshire
  14. Chief
  15. Doyle
  16. Fang
  17. Felix
  18. Hades
  19. Han
  20. Harry
  21. Heathcliff
  22. Hercules
  23. Hulk
  24. Khan
  25. Kong
  26. Kova
  27. Lion
  28. Loki
  29. Lucifer
  30. McClane
  31. Mufasa
  32. Odin
  33. Oliver
  34. Rebel
  35. Rocky
  36. Rowdy
  37. Samson
  38. Scat the Cat
  39. Scratchy
  40. Salem
  41. Simba
  42. Snake
  43. Scar
  44. Tarantino
  45. Tiberius
  46. Tiger
  47. Thor
  48. Walker
  49. Vulcan

Whether it be from movies or deities, there are a few very fitting names, with Ares as one of our favorites.

Some of the names speak for themselves, like Tiger and Lion, the big cats have so much power they can take down most other animals.

Hulk, referred to as the strongest Avenger, can definitely live up to your tough cat.

Tough Cat Names For Females

female cat with tough name
  1. Andromeda
  2. Aphrodite
  3. Artemis
  4. Astra
  5. Athena
  6. Cersei
  7. Clarice
  8. Diva
  9. Domino
  10. Duchess
  11. Eowyn
  12. Gaia
  13. Gamora
  14. Hera
  15. Harley
  16. Hermione
  17. Katniss
  18. Jinx
  19. Leia
  20. Liberty
  21. Lynx
  22. Matilida
  23. Medusa
  24. Minx
  25. Mystique
  26. Nala
  27. Nikita
  28. Puma
  29. Sarah
  30. Ripley
  31. Rogue
  32. Queenie
  33. Sabriel
  34. Sarabi
  35. Selena
  36. Sassy
  37. Savannah
  38. Sheba
  39. Shuri
  40. Stormy
  41. Trinity
  42. Valkyrie
  43. Venus
  44. Vixen
  45. Xena

Gangster Cat Names For Males

gangster male cat
  1. Capone
  2. Baby Face
  3. Siegel
  4. Danger
  5. Mad Cat
  6. Dillinger
  7. Angelo
  8. Mickey
  9. Mario
  10. Joe or Joey
  11. Gambino
  12. Gotti
  13. Corleone
  14. Kingpin
  15. Don
  16. King
  17. Prophet
  18. Satan
  19. Ice

Gangster Cat Names For Females

gangster female cat
  1. Bonnie
  2. Belle
  3. Kelly
  4. Ma
  5. Rebel
  6. Flamingo
  7. Queen
  8. Angel Face
  9. Diamond
  10. Cougar
  11. Dollface
  12. Cadillac
  13. Black Widow
  14. Bandit
  15. Bandana
  16. Wicked
  17. Hatchet
  18. Pistol
  19. Warrior
  20. Calypso

Adventurous Cat Names For Females

female cat on adventure
  1. Aurora – Aurora borealis or Northern Lights. It is quite the sight to see with the sky being lit up and is something that inspires people to go on adventures.
  2. Brooke – When hiking through the countryside, people will often come across little streams with fresh water and these can also be known as brooks.
  3. Dove – When I think of adventure, I think of seeing the world whenever you want and creatures that can do this are birds.
  4. Fern – A Fern is a small, green plant that prefers to be in the shade, so if you have an indoor cat, this is a great name.
  5. Alice – The book is actually called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, after all. If you don’t adore this name, you can also go with Alice’s cat: Dinah!
  6. Amelia – after Amelia Earhart, is the perfect name for an adventurous female cat! She was one of the first female pilots and the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Luna – Works perfectly if you have a white or pale grey cat to match the color of the moon. Luna is also the name of a brave and adventurous Harry Potter character!
  8. Raven – We have a name for a white cat on this list, so how about one for a black cat? Raven is such a mysterious name, which I think is great for a cat as you never know what they are going to do next.
  9. Sky – When most people want to travel to another country, they will go via a plane that soars through the sky. Whether you choose Sky or Skye as the name, you will always be reminded of adventures to be had.
  10. Star – Before people had satellite maps to guide them to their destination, travelers would use the stars to help them along the way.

Adventurous Cat Names For Males

male cat on adventure
  1. Cliff – Cliff is the perfect name for the male kitten that likes to climb on things.
  2. Diesel – Cars sometimes need diesel oil if they want to go on an adventure and it just so happens to make a great name for a playful kitten.
  3. Forrest – When you read an adventure book, the hero will nearly always have to travel through a forest of some kind.
  4. Hunter – Hunter is a great name for the adventurous kitten who sometimes likes to bring back unwanted presents.
  5. Indiana – Indiana Jones is the most adventurous movie character, so it only makes sense that his name has a spot on this list.
  6. Leaf (or Lief) – Leif, as in the Viking adventurer, Lief Eriksson.
  7. Maverick – A Maverick is often seen as being independent, which is definitely something that cats are.
  8. Phoenix – This mythological creature has a truly unique name that you can use as inspiration for your fiery little kitten.
  9. Ranger – Rangers keep woodland or forests in check, but it can also be a name for your kitten that is rugged and adventurous.
  10. Scout – Scouts were often sent out to gather information about a place or person.


Choosing a badass name for your cat is a perfect way to celebrate their fearless and independent nature.

From names inspired by warriors and superheroes to those that draw inspiration from mythology and the wild, badass cat names bring out the fierce spirit that resides within your feline companion.

Whether you have a daring female cat or a bold male cat, there are plenty of options to choose from to match their personality and create an aura of strength and confidence.

Your turn! Tell me your favorite badass cat names! Share below!


Badass Cat Names That Command Respect: Powerful and Fearless
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