If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cat names for your winter-born kitty, you’re in luck!

I happen to LOVE the holidays in a totally over-the-top way, so I had a blast writing this list.

Along with some traditional Christmassy ideas (like Noel & Holly), I’ve included some unique picks from around the world.

I know you’ll find the perfect idea for your brand-new kitten.

You will love these 70 Winter cat names

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cat names for your winter-born kitty, you’re in luck! Check out 100 ideas, with 50 each for males & females!

What to Consider BEFORE Getting a Cat for Christmas

One very quick PSA before we dive into all these festive Christmas cat names.

Please, before you gift someone a kitten for the holidays, make sure they really really really want one.

That goes for you, too. Don’t give your kids a kitten unless you’re ready for the commitment.

Way too many pets end up in shelters after the holidays because people got caught up in the idea of sticking a bow on a cat or dog and calling it a gift.

Pets are gifts, for sure, but they’re not ones meant to be given on a whim.

I don’t mean to ruin the fun vibe that we had going, and I know you know better!

Now, back to the festivities! Let’s talk Christmas cat names, starting with boys! Don’t forget to take a look at this cute video below.

Christmas Cat Names for Boys

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cat names for your winter-born kitty, you’re in luck! Check out 100 ideas, with 50 each for males & females!

First, let me say that I now have oodles of holiday tunes running through my head, so don’t be surprised to see some of them make an appearance below!

I’ve also headed to one of my favorite resources, In Different Languages, to find some unique ideas. Let’s get started!

Most of them need no explanation, but for those that do I’ve included a brief definiont.

  1. Aralik- December in Turkish
  2. Ashe- “Holly” in Albanian
  3. Bailey – as in George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life
  4. Bright- as may your days be merry and…
  5. Buddy- from the funniest Christmas movie ever, Elf
  6. Burgermeister Meisterburger – you may want to shorten that one to Burger!
  7. Charlie- as in Charlie Brown
  8. Coal- great black cat name, don’t you think?
  9. Chestnut
  10. Comet
  11. Crosby- because Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Bing’s songs!
  12. Dash- for Dasher
  13. Drummer- as in “ba rump a pom pom”
  14. Ebenezer – Scrooge’s first name
  15. Eggnog- a funny food name for a Christmas kitty!
  16. Elf
  17. Feliz
  18. Frosty
  19. Gelido- Italian for “Frosty”
  20. Izar- Basque for “star”
  21. Jack- you know, the guy who nips at your nose
  22. Jingles
  23. Kiyik- Uzbek for “reindeer”
  24. Kris- as in Kringle
  25. Kristtorn- Danish for “holly”
  26. Leden- Slovenian for “Frosty”
  27. Marley- Jacob Marley was Scrooge’s business partner
  28. Masaya- Filipino for “jolly”
  29. Miser- snow or heat, take your pick!
  30. Misfit- from the Isle of Misfit Toys
  31. Mistletoe
  32. Myrrh
  33. Naughty
  34. Natale – “Christmas” in Italian
  35. Nick
  36. Pasko- means Christmas in Filipino
  37. Ralphie- from A Christmas Story
  38. Ren- Catalan for “reindeer”
  39. Rider- as in Red Rider “You’ll shoot your eye out!” BB gun from A Christmas Story
  40. Rudy- as in Rudolph
  41. Santa Claws
  42. Scrooge
  43. Silver
  44. Snowball
  45. Snowy
  46. Strom- means tree in Slovak
  47. Sven- the reindeer from Frozen
  48. Wenceslas
  49. Yule
  50. Yukon- as in Yukon Cornelius, Rudolph’s prospecting pal

While I included a good chunk of “traditional” names that are super cute (Rudy, Comet, Santa Claws- all adorable), my favorites are the ones that aren’t quite so obvious.

For example, rather than going with Ralphie from everyone’s favorite holiday movie, I love Rider!

Christmas Cat Names for Girls

Again, I took inspiration from songs, movies, and other languages to choose these female Christmas cat names.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cat names for your winter-born kitty, you’re in luck! Check out 100 ideas, with 50 each for males & females!
  1. Abby- from the movie The Star
  2. Angel
  3. Bauble- the fancy name of the balls you hang on the tree
  4. Beth- as in Bethlehem
  5. Belle- as in Christmas bells
  6. Candy- like candy cane!
  7. Carol – the happy songs that we sing
  8. Cesmina- means “Holly” in Czech
  9. Charity- the spirit of the season
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Clara- from The Nutcracker
  12. Clarice- Rudolph’s girlfriend
  13. Cocoa- goes great with the next one on the list!
  14. Cookie
  15. December- a unisex name, but I like it for a girl
  16. Dewdrop- a character from The Nutcracker
  17. Elsa- from Frozen
  18. Estrela- Galician for “star”
  19. Faith
  20. Fruitcake- another funny food name
  21. Ginger- as in Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker
  22. Glitter
  23. Gloria
  24. Goldie- as in “silver and gold”
  25. Harmony
  26. Holly
  27. Hope
  28. Ivy
  29. Jollie- a cute spin on Jolly
  30. Joy
  31. Jul- Christmas in Danish
  32. Krissy- a female version of Kris
  33. Merry
  34. Natalia- a girly variation of Christmas in Italian
  35. Noel
  36. North
  37. Olive- from the cute movie, Olive the Other Reindeer
  38. Peace
  39. Plum- as in plum pudding and sugar plums
  40. Rene- Albanian for “reindeer”
  41. Renna- Italian for “reindeer”
  42. Spirit
  43. Star – the North Star
  44. Tama- “Hope” in Maltese
  45. Tinsel
  46. Virginia- Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause!
  47. Vixen
  48. Winter
  49. Zima- means “winter” in Bosnian
  50. Zvezda – Slovenian for “star”

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It’s hard to choose a favorite here because they’re all cute! I really love Cesmina, though. It’s unique, so people don’t know right away that it’s a Christmas name.

Your turn! What are your favorite Christmas names for cats? Share below!

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

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