Looking for a cat name that is gender neutral?

We’ve got you covered with this list of unique & adorable cat names!

Coming up with unisex cat names is a lot harder than it seems, right

Sure, there are a million darling male cat names and even more sweet female cat names, but what if you are looking for a name that is gender neutral?

Look no further because here are some unisex names for your cat, along with their origins and facts about the names.

Read on to learn all about them! Don’t forget to get a name tag for your cat!

We’ve got you covered with this list of unique & adorable cat names!”]

15 Unisex Cat Names for Your New Kitten

1. Butterscotch

This sweet confection comes from combining melted butter with brown sugar, making it perfect for a beige to light-brown kitty!

I don’t know of any famous cats named Butterscotch, so maybe your kitty will be the first!

2. Charlie

Charlie is a great unisex cat name because it can be short for Charles or Charlotte, or you can just go with Charlie and let people guess what it’s short for!

3. Galaxy

The name Galaxy is derived from English origin and means galaxy, universe.

Galaxy is an astronomical area that features dark matter, dust, interstellar gas and stars.

4. Harper

The name Harper is derived from English origin and means harp player.

Harper is the family last name of two popular TV series.

Mama’s Family includes Thelma, Vinton, Ellen and Naomi Harper and Two and a Half Men includes Charlie, Evelyn, Alan and Jake Harper.

5. Lennox

While the meaning of the name Lennox doesn’t really scream “cat,” the name sure is adorable! It means “with many elm trees.” Told you it was kind of eh.

The most famous Lennox that I can think of is singer Annie Lennox.

6. Logan

The name Logan is derived from Scottish origin and means little hollow.

Logan Browning is a female actress, most known for her roles as Brianna Ortiz in the television series, Meet the Browns and as Jelena Howard in the television series, Hit the Floor.

Logan Lerman is a male actor, most known for his role as Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson film series.

7. Morgan

The name Morgan is derived from Irish origin and means fighter of the sea.

There are several cities and towns in the United States named Morgan, including Morgan, Georgia; Morgan, Minnesota; Morgan, Texas and Morgan, Vermont.

8. Neptune

The name Neptune is derived from Latin origin and means God of water.

Neptune is not only the 8th planet from the sun in the solar system, but is also the God of freshwater and the sea in Roman mythology.

9. Panda

The name Panda is derived from Australian origin and means knowledge, learning, wisdom.

There are two types of panda- the Giant Panda, which is native to South Central China and the Red Panda, which is native to the Eastern area of the Himalayas, as well as the Southwestern area of China.

10. Riley

The name Riley is derived from Irish origin and means courageous.

Riley Finn is a character from the television series- Buffy the Vampire Slayer- played by actor Marc Blucas.

Riley Matthews is a character from the television series- Girl Meets World- played by actress Rowan Blanchard.

11. Sage

The name Sage is derived from French origin and means wise one. Sage is an herb that is used in culinary dishes and is also a color that is a greenish-grey shade.

12. Sammy

The name Sammy is derived from Hebrew origin and means sun child, bright sun. Sammy is often a nickname for either Samuel- male or Samantha- female.

13. Shadow

The name Shadow is derived from English origin and means shade.

Shadow is the name of a few video game characters, including Shadow, the undead creature from Dungeons & Dragons; Shadow, the assassin/mercenary from Final Fantasy VI and Shadow, the hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog.

14. Snowball

The name Snowball is derived from Middle English origin and means ball of snow. Snowball, a white rabbit, is a character from the 2016 movie – The Secret Life of Pets- voiced by Kevin Hart.

15. Taffy

Another super sweet name, taffy isn’t just a sticky candy! It also stands from “totally affectionate kitty!”

If you have a super snuggler on your hand but don’t really love the name “Snuggles,” Taffy is one of the most clever unisex cat names you could use!

Do you have any favorite unisex cat names? Tell me below!

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