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Looking for some creative ideas for cat beds that add a splash of style to your kitty’s nap space?

If you own a cat, you know that cats can fall asleep almost anywhere. It’s nice to give your cat a nice, soft place to take an afternoon nap, but cat beds can be pricey!

Thankfully, you can reuse and repurpose items you already own and make them into a unique DIY cat bed!

9 Creative Ideas for DIY Cat Beds

Here are creative ideas for DIY cat beds that are sure to keep your furry friend happy and well-rested!

1. An old suitcase

old suitcase cat bed

Do you have a suitcase that you don’t use anymore? Suitcases are the perfect place for cats to sleep!

They provide just enough space for your cat to snuggle up or stretch out!

Clean the suitcase to remove any dirt or dust.

Then put soft sheets inside of it for comfort!

2. A cat teepee

cat teepee cat bed

If your home has a nature theme throughout, a cat teepee is the perfect cat bed alternative.

Cat teepees give your cat a safe place to sleep without disruption. This cat bed is sure to look awesome in your living room!

A teepee could also be used outdoors for the same purpose.

3. Hanging cat bed

hanging cat bed on the chair

A hanging cat bed not only gives your pet a place to rest but also fulfills your cats need to climb!

Hanging cat beds are ideal for small homes that don’t have much space. A hanging cat bed can be made of a sheet and put anywhere.

4. A shoe box

a shoe box cat bed

This may sound silly, but if you have a small cat, a shoe box can double as a kitty bed!

Cats love climbing into boxes and making themselves at home. All you’ll have to add is a thin blanket to make sure your cat is comfortable as possible!

Plus, they’re small enough to “pretty up” without going nuts with craft supplies.

5. Shelves

shelve cat bed

Shelving can double as a piece of furniture for you and a place for your cat to take a nap.

Shelves take up very little space and remain functional, even if your cat decides to take a snooze there!

Curved shelves work best as they are a bit more comfortable for cats to sleep in.

6. A Milk Crate

a milk crate cat bed

If your home’s decor is rustic, a milk crate cat bed may be just what you need!

Milk crates provide just enough space for a cat to curl up and take a nap.

Stain the milk crate with a pet-safe stain and then add some blankets to keep your cat comfortable.

7. Old Sweater or Sweatshirt

old sweater cat bed

Sweaters can be folded and sewn into a nice soft cat bed. All you need for this bed is an old sweater and a small pillow.

The best thing about this upcycled cat bed is that it smells like you, which can be soothing for your pet.

8. Old TV or Computer Screen

TV cat bed

TVs and old computer screens, especially Macs, are the perfect size for a cat that is ready for an afternoon nap.

Remove everything inside of the TV or screen and you’ve got the shell of an awesome cat bed. All you need to add are legs and some bedding!

9. Basket Cat Bed

woven basket cat bed

A big woven basket is an ideal item to turn into a cat bed. Just add a soft blanket inside and raise the bed off the ground.

A basket could also be used as a hanging cat bed. Perfect for outdoors!


So many things can be turned into an DIY cat bed with a little imagination (and padding!). From bookshelves to boxes, chairs to old end tables, if you kitty likes curling up on it, it works!

Cat bed alternatives are a fun way to give your cat a safe place to sleep while also enhancing your home.

These alternatives keep money in your bank account! Who could complain about that?

Where does your cat like sleeping the most? Do you have any favorite creative cat beds? Would you consider any of the ideas on this list? Tell us all about it!

While cats will sleep just about anywhere, these creative ideas for cat beds are a lot prettier than a plain old box! Check them out!
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