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A few months ago, I started looking for a better way to hide the cat litter box.

We have three cats and are using a large, covered litter box, but there is no place to put it in an out-of-way spot.

Our bathtub area is small, and placing it there didn’t appeal to me.

So I thought to myself, Why not try a DIY cat litter box enclosure to hide that litter box from prying eyes.

13 Cat Litter Box Enclosure You Can Make at Home

1. DIY Litter Box Enclosure

diy cat litter box enclosure

This DIY cat litter box enclosure is the perfect option if you are looking for a simple and easy way to hide your cat’s litter box. You can easily follow our tutorial at a success rate of 100%.

2. Hidden Cat Litter Box

Hidden Cat Litter Box - Full Unit

IKEA’s IVAR storage system is the perfect way to create your shelving units. You can choose how wide or tall you want them, and then add on different options like cabinets & shelves!

Making it perfect for hiding a litter box.

3. IKEA Cabinet Kitty Litter Box Hack

Turn the Ikea PS Cabinet into a giant kitty litter box so you never have to look at litter again! // Salty Canary

The IKEA Cabinet Kitty Litter Box Hack is a genius way to hide your cat’s litter box and keep it out of sight.

This mini cabinet can be placed in any room, making cleaning easy when you need access elsewhere!

4. DIY Litter Box Cabinet

diy cat litter box cabinet

Spruce up that thrifted cabinet or old cabinet in your basement.

5. DIY Kitty Litter Box

diy kitty litter box cabinet

If you want an enclosure that also works as a furniture piece, this is the DIY.

6. DIY Litter Box Furniture Cabinet

Litterbox Cabinet

Check out what this cat mom did with a Closetmaid cabinet from Home Depot.

7. Ikea Litter Box Hack 

ikea litter box

With only $59.99, you can get a boho-chic enclosure.

8. DIY Farmhouse Style Cat Litter Box Furniture 

We transformed two end tables into a DIY farmhouse style cat litter box furniture to conceal a litter box. #NutrishForCats #NutrishPets #catfurniture #diy #farmhousestyle -

Don’t know what to do with that old table? How about a DIY Farmhouse Style Cat Litter Box Furniture.

9. DIY Hidden Litter Box Cabinet 

Hide that ugly cat litter box with this DIY kitty litter cabinet! These free plans show how to make a stylish wooden enclosure that's perfect for any room.

Here’s a great idea for hiding that ugly cat litter box! This DIY kitty cabinet has open doors to reveal an attractive bathroom with enough space in the back for extra clumps.

Cute curtains also welcome cats on their way into this secret place where they can clean up before exploring again (and not track anything else around).

10. How to Make a DIY Hidden Litter Box from an IKEA Cabinet 

showing DIY hidden litter box

Have you ever looked at your IKEA cabinet and thought, “I could use a hidden litter box here?” Well, lucky for you, it’s actually pretty easy to turn an IKEA cabinet into a litter box!

11. Litter Box Hack

litter box inside a couch

You can pretty much use any piece of furniture for a DIY cat litter box enclosure. Here is a DIY with bench boxes.

12. Hidden Litterbox Furniture 

vat litter box inside an old furniture

Hidden litterbox furniture is the perfect solution for cat owners who want to keep their homes tidy and their cats happy.

There are a variety of hidden litterbox solutions available, from cabinets and chests to specially-designed pieces of furniture.


A litter box cover is a great way to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. Most commercially made covers are quite expensive, but it’s easy to make your own. 

Let us know in the comments section which DIY you tried out.

cat inside the DIY Cat Litter Box cabinet
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