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Are you scratching your head over what games to play with your cat when she wants your undivided attention?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, I’ll tell you all about eight super-fun games that will get your lazy cat moving!

Let’s check them out!

8 Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

8 Fun And Popular Games to Play with Your Cat

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, but they need attention and love as much as any other animal or child.

If you don’t spend quality time with your feline, Nala is going to get stressed, anxious, and bored.

And a bored cat equals scratched furniture, ruined curtains, and broken priceless heirlooms.

Fortunately, cats are easy to entertain if you know what they like.

1. Dive into a cardboard box

As you know, cats can’t say no to a cardboard box. When they see one, they have to check what’s inside.

So, if you want to engage Nala in play, a box might be all you need. Just place it on the floor and toss a toy in it. Your cat will entertain herself for hours.

You might create a cardboard box labyrinth by placing a couple of boxes next to one another.

If you feel like it, you might cut holes into the sides, make different pathways, and hide treats somewhere in the maze.

It’s a great toy when you have to work all day and want something to keep your cat occupied.

2. Play fetch

cat playing fetch

It might come as a surprise, but dogs are not the only pets that like to play fetch.

Cats are also known to indulge in this game when they feel like it. So, here is how to teach your cat to fetch:

  • Pick the right time, usually before meals or when the cat is in a playful mood.
  • Find a suitable toy, something small that your cat loves and can carry in her mouth.
  • Make sure that you have your cat’s attention, and then toss the toy to the other side of the room.
  • Watch as the cat springs after the toy.
  • Some cats will pick up the toy and bring it back so that you can throw it again. Reward this behavior with a treat to reinforce it.
  • If Nala doesn’t fetch the toy, you’ll have to get up and retrieve it. Throw it again, and encourage her to bring the toy back with treats.
  • Keep the game short, no more than 3 to 5 minutes or your cat will lose interest in the game.
  • Do not leave the “fetch” toy lying around.

3. Hide in a paper bag

I don’t know what it is about paper bags that cats find so irresistible. But put a paper bag on the floor, and your cat will sneak inside to investigate.

When Nala gets in the back, poke the sides with your fingers. Then step back and enjoy as your cat wiggles around in the bag.

However, do not leave your cat unsupervised around paper bags. While they make a great toy, they could also pose a risk because the handles can get wrapped around the head.

You might want to invest in a crinkle bag made just for kitties instead!

4. Toss a crumpled paper

cat playing on floor

Cats love to chase, and they love to shred paper. It’s no surprise that paper balls are so enticing.

Take a sheet of paper, crumble it, and toss it at your feline. She will happily leap after it and chase it around the house for hours.

Just keep an eye on Kitty so that she doesn’t accidentally eat the paper.

I sometimes use walnuts and hazelnuts (in a shell) that are too big to be swallowed. My cat loves to push them around because they make interesting sounds as they roll.

5. Tablet games

Do you know that there are apps specially created for cats that you can download on your tablet, phone, or computer?

Yes, we truly live in remarkable times.

These games involve fast-moving fish or mice to spark your cat’s hunting instincts. I’ve experimented with a few, and I can say that they are very well made.

However, my cats still prefer real toys to imaginary ones.

6. What’s under the blanket?

cat hiding under blanket

An old-time favorite cat game is what is hiding under the blanket. Get a toy mouse, put it under the blanket, and wiggle it around.

Once your cat notices the moving target, she will leap on it, trying to catch it and dig it up.

Make sure to move your hand away when the cat jumps, or you might end up with scratches.

7. A surprise in a box

Get an old shoe box and cut holes in it. Put your cat’s favorite toy inside and close the box.

Shake it to show your cat that there is something inside, and leave it on the ground.

Before you know it, your cat will be sticking her paws into the holes, trying to get the toy.

8. Chase the red dot

cat chasing laser

Last but not least, we come to every cat’s favorite game: catch the red dot. Turn on the laser toy, and observe as your cat pounces around trying to catch the fast-moving target.

It’s a perfect toy when you want to get your cat to be more active.

However, keep in mind that chasing something that can’t be caught can be frustrating.

So, at the end of the play session, you must give your cat something to “catch.” A stuffed toy, for example.

Also, watch for signs of exhaustion. A panting cat means that you’ve played too much and your kitty needs rest.


The most important thing about playing games with your cat is variety. Cats don’t like to do the same thing over and over again. So, experiment with new toys and new activities.

What do you think about these games you can play with your cat?

How do you entertain your cat? Share with us your games in the comment section.


Looking for some fun ways to get your lazy kitty moving? Check out these eight super engaging games to play with your cat!
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