Are you scratching your head “How can I deal with a spoiled cat?”

While it’s fun to indulge kitty with luxurious beds and fun toys, there is such a thing as loving your cat a little too much!

It definitely stops being fun when your cat picks up some bad behaviors along the way.

So keep on reading to find out 5 tips for dealing with spoiled felines.

How can I deal with a spoiled cat? If you over-indulged kitty to the point of bad behavior, read on for 5 ways to undo the damage!

5 Ways to Deal with a Spoiled Cat

Naturally, cat owners live for the simple joy of spoiling their fluffy furbabies. You can’t say no when Kitty looks at you with pleading eyes.

So you reach for the bag of treats and feed your cat as much as she wants. Before you know it, you have a cat with a weight problem.

Besides food, some owners spoil their cats by doting on them too much.

As a result, you can’t do much work because Kitty constantly meows for your attention or gets destructive when she doesn’t get her way.

So, what can you do to prevent your cat from getting spoiled or deal with already spoiled ones? Let’s find out together.

How can I deal with a spoiled cat? If you over-indulged kitty to the point of bad behavior, read on for 5 ways to undo the damage!

#1 Set Boundaries

Before you bring a cat or a kitten into your household, you should decide what rules you’re going to enforce. That’s because once your cat gets comfortable doing something, it will be twice as hard to break the habit.

Think about where your cat will be allowed to go inside the house and what the acceptable sleeping places are going to be.

While cats hate closed doors, they hate it more when they’re suddenly denied access to their favorite closet or cupboard.

In such cases, they will do almost anything to get back inside and act like spoiled brats.

As such, it’s better to discourage your cat in the beginning from such behavior by locking closets, cabinets, wardrobes, or your bedroom door.

You also have to make rules about walking on the table, sleeping in your bed, and chewing on plants/wires, etc.

Once you decide what your cat is allowed to do and what not, it’s twice as important that you don’t give into your cat’s pleadings.

#2 Stop Encouraging Your Spoiled Cat

You’re sleeping deeply when a persistent meowing brings you back to the land of the living. Since you can’t sleep with all that noise, you get up and feed the cat at 5 a.m.

Sound familiar?

What you don’t know is that you’re establishing a precedent. Your cat now knows that meowing long enough will get you out of bed and make you feed her.

Rewarding your cat’s meowing during the day also teaches her that you’re at her beck and call. As such, the cat won’t take no for an answer when you’re too busy to pay her attention.

What you have to do is painful and will take time. I’m talking about ignoring your meowing cat in the morning or whenever she is making noise for attention. Only reward your kitty with food and petting when she is silent.

In the first few weeks, your cat will probably cry as loud as possible to make you comply. But as long as you don’t give in, Kitty will understand that silence is what gets her food and attention.

In addition to this, to stop your cat from meowing during the night, you should exhaust her during the day. That’s the only way to ensure that she will sleep until you’re ready to get up.

#3 Learn How to Discipline Your Cat

Does your cat often do things she is not supposed to do? For example, jumping on kitchen counters or pushing things off the table.

Physical punishment is out of the question, of course, but you can still disciple your cat whenever you catch her misbehaving:

  • Make sudden loud noises when the cat jumps somewhere she isn’t supposed to be. A can with coins in it works perfectly.
  • Give your cat a timeout by placing her in a room with no people for half an hour.
  • Get a water spray bottle, but ensure that your cat can’t see that you’re the only spraying her.
  • Use spray deterrents to keep the cat away from places or objects that are dangerous for her, for example, cords. Placing aluminum foil on furniture also works because cats don’t like the texture.

I’ve heard cat owners say that it’s impossible to disciple cats and that they continue to do as they please no matter what you do. I think it’s a matter of who is more stubborn – you or the cat.

#4 Train Your Cat

Another way to deal with a spoiled cat is to train the cat to behave the way you want her to. Sounds impossible, right?

Training a cat is challenging because they’re not pleasers by nature. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t very motivated by praises, toys, or attention.

However, they can be bribed to do your bidding with enough tasty treats and a lot of patience.

Choose something irresistible, such as canned tuna or shrimp. Use this treat only for training because that will make your cat more likely to respond to whatever you’re teaching her.

Focus on one behavior that you want to change. For example, your spoiled cat is ruining all the good furniture. Get a scratching post and train your cat to use it. Keep your training sessions short, and be patient with your feline.

#5 Don’t Feed Table Scraps

A lot of owners think it’s all right to feed their cat table scraps. While a piece of chicken or turkey breast won’t harm your cat, giving table scraps to cats has its risks.

For once, not all human food is safe for cats.

Garlic, onions, caffeine, chocolate are a few of the most dangerous food. While you might think that your cat will stay away from these, some cats have strange eating habits and will chew on everything.

In addition to this, what we eat often has a lot of ingredients that don’t agree with your feline’s tummy. Not to mention that we often salt everything, and the extra salt is not good for your cat’s kidneys.

Health issues aside, feeding table scraps encourages bad behavior such as begging for food or jumping right into the plate.

While it might be cute to watch as your cat sprints away with your chicken wing, it’s not going to be funny when it prevents you from eating in peace.

To avoid such behavior, you should never feed your cat around the table. Instead, give Kitty suitable table scraps in her bowl or try some homemade treat recipes.

Want to try your hand at making your own kitty treats? Start with this easy homemade salmon cat treats recipe! Check it out!

It’s easy to spoil a cat, but it’s not easy to live with a cat that thinks herself the boss. So, avoid teaching your cat that she can get away with anything thanks to her cuteness, and you’ll save yourself a lot of future troubles.

What do you think about these 5 tips on how to deal with a spoiled cat? Share your stories with us in the comment section.


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