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All cat owners love to spoil their furry friends, but have you turned into a slave to your cat?

You might, if all you think about is how to make your cat happy.

But if you’re not sure who the boss is in the house, keep reading to find out about cat slaves.

We will unveil the seven unmistakable signs that reveal you’ve entered the esteemed realm of cat slavery.

7 Signs You Are a Slave to Your Cat

cat owner being slave

Do you know that Egyptians used to worship cats and mummify them after their dead?

It was also a capital offense to kill a cat in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Cats earned such a high status because they kept rodents and pests at bay and protected people’s food sources.

Egyptians also worshiped Bastet, depicted as a woman with a cat head. She was the goddess of pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth.

People also called upon Bastet to protect them against contagious diseases and evil spirits.

Let me tell you that cats haven’t forgotten that they’ve been treated as gods. So, it’s natural that they act as if we’re their slaves from time to time.

1. You Always Get Your Cat the Best

Let’s be honest. Cheap cat food isn’t going to do it for your precious kitty.

You always choose the best of the best to satisfy your cat’s capricious taste, and you spend hours researching potential new brands that might be to your cat’s liking.

Moreover, whenever your cat turns its nose at the bowl, you don’t even think about letting your fluffy friend starve.

That’s unacceptable because you can’t take those pleading eyes.

You keep trying until you find something that Kitty likes.

It doesn’t matter if you have to go to the pet store in the middle of a vicious storm or miles away.

2. You Don’t Care About Cat Hair That Much

holding cat in arms

The first few months after you acquire a cat, you make tons of efforts to remove all cat hair from your home.

But as time goes on, you realize that it’s a battle you can’t win.

It seems no matter what you do, your cat finds a way to shed their hair everywhere.

You’re not even sure how such a tiny creature can lose so much fur without getting bald.

You aren’t convinced anymore that cats that don’t shed much exist.

So, you accept that your cat is a miniature shedding monster and try not to cry whenever you find your freshly washed clothes covered in fur.

3. You’ve Got Lots of Toys

How many cat toys do you have? I’ve got mice, feather toys, several catnip ones, lasers, and bell toys, among few.

I never know what my cat will want to play with, and I want to be prepared.

It doesn’t matter that Ronnie prefers to play with the carpet or a cardboard box instead.

I’m always looking for new, exciting toys to make her happy and games that we can play together.

But I try not to be disappointed when my efforts are rewarded with a lack of interest.

4. You Don’t Move Your Cat

lap cat

What do you do when you find your cat sleeping on your chair or laptop?

You leave them alone because they’re too cute to move, right?

Moreover, you know that even if you move your cat, they will be back with a vengeance.

If your cat has stretched on the bed, you don’t mind it. What’s that sofa for, after all?

Instead, you let your cat sleep everywhere, even in the weirdest places, and take cute pictures of them.

Well, these are certain signs that you’re truly a slave to your cat.

5. You Accept Their Gifts

All cats bring gifts to their owners. But some of these “presents” might make you want to scream and jump from the balcony.

But you learn to fake delight and congratulate your cat on a job well done.

After all, you don’t want your cat to feel offended and give you the cold shoulder for days.

I’ve had cats for more than 15 years, so I can tell you that there’s nothing worse than stepping on a dead mouse left on the doorstep.

The funny thing is that they leave it in such a way that you will step on it before you see it.

The other horrifying moment is when your cat demands to carry their half-dead mouse in the house so that they can play with it.

And then she has the nerve to lose it and go to sleep.

6. You Give up Having Nice Furniture

cat using a scratching post

Cats seem to be attracted by the smell of new things.

The moment you unpack your sofa or armchair, your feline comes to investigate what’s happening.

Suddenly, the old couch is no longer an acceptable scratching place.

Your kitty seems fascinated by your new piece of furniture and can’t keep their paws from it.

You keep looking for tips on how to teach your cat to stop scratching, but you know that it’s hopeless.

So, you give up having nice, scratch-free furniture. The same goes for expensive, breakable stuff because it ends up on the ground before you know it.

If you want to stop being a slave to your cat, you might try teaching your fluffy ball how to use scratch posts.

7. You Love Your Cat Unconditionally

The last sign that you’re a slave to your cat is that you love them unconditionally.

You accept all their quirky behavior, mischievous deeds, and crazy shedding because you live for the moments when your kitty purrs in your lap.

Guests and family members come after your cat, and you don’t accept them being disrespectful to your fluffy baby.

You’re ready to take allergy medication and make sacrifices so that you can keep your cat with you no matter what.

Whenever you have to be away, you worry about them all the time and wonder if your cat misses you.

You’re miserable and unhappy when you’re separated from your cat, and you do the impossible to get home as soon as possible so that you can pet and cuddle them.

Cat Slaves: Summary

As we wrap up our journey through the delightful signs of cat slavery, take pride in the unique bond you share with your feline overlords.

When you think about it, we still worship cats today. Open any social media or YouTube, and you’ll drown in funny cat videos, cute cat pictures, and memes.

We seem to be unable to get enough of these adorable fluffy creatures, and we don’t mind catering to their every whim.

What do you think about these 7 signs that you’re a slave to your cat? Do you dote on and spoil your cat? Tell us in the comment section.


All cat owners love to spoil their furry friends, but have you turned into a slave to your cat? If you’re not sure who is the boss in the house, keep on reading to find out.
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