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Are you wondering how to spoil your cat and show your pet you love them?

Cats, the regal rulers of our homes, deserve nothing but the best.

Indulging in the joy of spoiling your beloved cat is an art, and in our comprehensive guide, we’ve curated 12 expert tips to make it a truly regal experience.

From gourmet treats to plush comforts, join us as we explore creative ways to pamper your feline companion and enhance their royal lifestyle.

Let the journey begin to turn your home into a haven of delight for your cherished furball.

12 Amazing Tips on How to Spoil Your Cat

When you think about it, it’s strange that we want to spoil your cats so much.

After all, cats make you work for every little gesture of affection and are often not crazy about your gifts.

But you can’t stop yourself from getting your cat the newest toy or spending money on expensive stuff that your cat will never use.

What you don’t know is that there’s a right way to dote on your favorite kitty and a wrong way that encourages bad behavior.

So, let’s see some creative and old-fashioned ways to spoil a cat.

1. Give Your Cat Healthy Treats

Want to try your hand at making your own kitty treats? Start with this easy homemade salmon cat treats recipe! Check it out!

If you want to spoil your cat, there’s no better way to do it than to feed them something delicious and mouthwatering.

Even the most capricious cats go nuts for the right treat, such as salmon, chicken, or chicken liver.

However, many commercial treats often contain artificial ingredients that aren’t beneficial for your pet and have little to no nutritional value.

It’s better to prepare the treats yourself to ensure that your cat is getting the very best.

Don’t spoil your cat by giving them leftovers from the table. We season our food with salt and other ingredients that might irritate your cat’s stomach.

Moreover, garlic and onions are toxic to cats and might make your pet ill.

No matter what treats you get to spoil your cat, you should give them sparingly and as a reward for good behavior.

Feeding your cat too many treats might make them go off their regular food. It can also lead to feline obesity.

2. Add Vertical Space to Your House

cat climber

Most cat breeds love to climb and perch somewhere high where they can stalk what you’re doing.

Being high also gives your cat a feeling of security because they can’t be surprised by “predators.”

Here are a couple of ways you can spoil your cats by adding vertical space:

  • Buy a window perch to allow your cat to bathe in the sun. Place some bird feeders in front of the window so your cat can watch the birds.
  • Get cat trees. They’re available in different heights and shapes to suit even the most hard-to-please felines.
  • Put cat shelves on the walls or get a climbing wall for cats.

When you’re adding vertical space, consider your cat’s size and preferences, or you might end up with a cat tree that your kitty ignores.

3. Provide Multiple Sleeping Spots

cat sleeping on pillow

In general, cats don’t like to sleep in one location and often change spots throughout the day.

That’s because staying in one area makes cats feel vulnerable to predators, even in the safety of your home.

Since cats sleep so much during the day, an excellent way to spoil your cat is to provide several sleeping spaces throughout the house.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Place several boxes with comfy padding in quiet and hidden places around the house. Then let your cats have their beauty sleep.

You can also allow your cat access to wardrobes and closets if you don’t mind getting cat hair all over your clothes.

Just make sure that your cat doesn’t sneak into the washing machine or dryer.

4. Have Plenty of Toys

cat playing with toys

All cats need toys to keep them occupied and prevent them from destroying your house.

However, if you want to spoil your cat, a toy or two won’t suffice. You need toys of different textures, shapes, and sizes that will appeal to your cat’s taste.

Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on cat toys. Instead, you need a couple of good-quality toys that you’re going to rotate.

Rotation keeps things interesting for the cat and prevents them from getting bored with a toy too quickly. You can also hide the toys around the house and make your cat search for them.

Besides rotating the toys, here are some other ideas on how to spoil your cat with toys:

  • Download games for cats on your tablet and let your cat bat at virtual fish or mice.
  • Play some bird videos for cats to watch.
  • Try interactive toys, such as moving mice, puzzles, and whirling toys.
  • Make DIY toys from cork or paper.
  • Play fun games with your cat.

You can even get the kids involved in spoiling Kitty!

5. Get Scratching Posts

cat using a scratching post

You probably already have a scratching post to prevent your cat from destroying your furniture and walls.

However, to ultimately spoil your cat, you should have several scratching posts with different textures and orientations.

Place the posts around the house so that your pampered pet doesn’t have to travel far to sharpen their claws.

Just make sure that the scratching post is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to extend their bodies.

Moreover, don’t throw the post away when it gets all torn because your cat likes it that way.

6. Think About a Catio

cat in a catio

Unfortunately, it’s far too dangerous for cats to be outdoor pets. But it doesn’t mean that your cat has to be locked up in the house all day long.

So, if you want to spoil your cat rotten, all you have to do is build them a catio!

In this way, your kitty will have access to fresh air, have space to stretch their paws, and observe what’s happening in the neighborhood.

If you have a backyard, you can also kitty-proof it so that your cat can’t roam and have fun climbing trees and chasing birds.

Catios are also an excellent solution to get your cat to be more active and enrich your cat’s environment.

7. Give Your Kitty a Massage

giving cat a massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? It relaxes your body, releases tension, and improves your mood.

Animals aren’t that different, and your cat will appreciate a good massage.

It’s also an excellent way to bond with your cat if you do it right.

  • Observe your cat’s mood to determine when your pet would be in a good mood for a massage.
  • Sit by your cat and talk to them gently. You can also try singing.
  • Start the massage at a point where your cat likes to be touched. It might be under the chin, behind the ears, or near the tail.
  • Stroke your cat’s body with gentle but firm motions.
  • Keep an eye on your cat’s reactions. If your cat is purring, drooling, or kneading, they’re happy.

8. Brush Your Cat

using a cat brush

Brushing is necessary to keep your cat’s silky coat shiny and reduce the shedding around the house. But grooming can be an excellent way to spoil your cat.

In general, brushing is pleasant for cats because it removes dead hair from their coat, scratches itches, and untangles matted fur.

The brush’s rhythmic motions can also be relaxing for your pet and put them in a good mood.

However, you have to be gentle and make sure that you deal with mats and tangles carefully.

If you hurt your cat, they won’t enjoy the experience and hide when they see the brush.

If you can afford it, you can also spoil your cat by taking them to a professional groomer. But brushing your cat by yourself is an excellent way to bond and establish trust.

9. Indulge Your Cat’s Water Preferences

cat eating from slow feeder cat bowl

Have you ever caught your cat drinking from your cup or the sink? I would be surprised if you haven’t.

Many cats prefer cold water from glasses to the one in their bowls.

So, if you want to spoil your cat, let them have a personal cup. You can also get a water fountain.

Many cats are fascinated by moving water and more likely to drink it than the stale water in their bowls.

Some breeds also like playing in the water and would be very happy to splash in a bathtub or a pool.

10. Plant Grass

cat on fake grass

Owners often freak out when they notice that their cats are munching on grass. However, that’s normal feline behavior and helps your cat cleanse their stomachs.

So, if you want to spoil your cat, you can plant a little green garden.

Your cat will love it if there’s fresh grass to snack on when they’ve got tummy problems.

Planting grass might also distract your cat from biting the other plants in the house and destroying them.

11. Try Catnip

cat and catnip

Do you know why cats love catnip so much? They react to oils in the stems and leaves of the plant.

While your cat might seem drugged, catnip is harmless for cats and an excellent way to spoil your cat and improve their mood.

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to take countless adorable pictures of your cat rolling on the floor with a blissful expression on their faces. Catnipped cats rule!

However, you should know that not all cats react to catnip and that young kittens aren’t sensitive to this plant.

12. Do Things With Your Cat

kid playing with cat

My last advice on spoiling your cat is to do things with your cat and involve them in your daily routine.

Talking or singing to your cat isn’t a crazy cat lady thing, but a way to bond with your pet and show your cat that they’re part of the family.

Be an active participant in your cat’s games. Hide behind furniture to get your cat to stalk you and sharpen their hunting skills.

Teach your kitty to fetch or train them to run an agility course. Also, avoid doing things that your cat hates.

If your cat doesn’t like it when you hold them, you shouldn’t force your attention on them. The same goes for scratching the belly.

Is It Bad to Spoil Your Cat?

Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t spoil your cat because they’ll become needy and capricious.

I would say that it depends on how you’re “‘spoiling” your cat. Buying expensive cat food because you care what your cat eats isn’t spoiling.

You want to ensure that your cat gets all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life. But giving in to your cat’s demand for treats or feeding them table scraps is spoiling.

That’s how you end up with a capricious cat that turns their nose at the best cat food possible. Always give food in moderation!

Spending quality time with your cat is a “good” spoiling because it keeps your cat happy and entertained.

But letting your cat bossy you for attention is bad and reinforces the idea that you’re your cat’s slave.

So, can you spoil your cat too much? Yes, you can if you fail to establish rules and allow your cat to do as they please.

Cats need to have boundaries, or you will have to cater to your cat’s whims all day long. If you’ve already spoiled your cat rotten, don’t worry.

What do you think about these tips on how to spoil a cat? How do you pamper your kitty? Share your experience in the comment section.

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