When it comes to devices which are designed to help you with your pets, especially the automatic ones, people can often be skeptical at how useful they can be.

However, one type of product which is becoming more and more popular are automatic litter machines which are usually designed for cats.

Is The Litter Robot 4 Worth It? - Review

One brand which has become quite popular is the Litter Robot brand and the brand has actually been around for about 20 years. The Litter Robot 4 is the newest iteration.

So, if you are considering getting the Litter Robot 4 but you are unsure whether it is worth an upgrade, or if you have never bought a Litter Robot before and this is the first one which you are getting, then this review is where you should be!

We will be going over everything you need to know before buying the Litter Robot 4 and any potential drawbacks you might need to know, so keep reading if this is something you are interested in!

Unboxing The Litter Robot 4

If you do not know exactly what a Litter Robot is, the Litter Robot line is a series of self-cleaning litter boxes which are fully automated.

As mentioned in the introduction, while the brand has been established for over 20 years, this is only their fourth model.

Setting up the Litter Robot 4 does not take as much effort as you would imagine for a device like this and all you need to do is unpack it from the box and plug it in.

There is absolutely no construction required and everything is done for you on that front.

The only thing which you need to add in is the carbon filter, but since this needs to be replaced eventually, it is good to know how to take it off, and add it in from the get go.

Standard Features Of The Litter Robot 4

While of course the Litter Robot 4 comes with some upgrades from the previous model, of course it still keeps some of the same features which made the previous models so successful. 

The main draw of the Litter Robot is that it is a self cleaning system, and it deposits all of the waste which is in it into a drawer which is easy to empty and get rid of.

The system can also be used with multiple cats, the Litter Robot 4 is specifically designed for this being suitable for up to 4 separate cats.

The device is actually connected to your Wi-Fi, and this is so it can stay connected to your mobile with a compatible app used to give you notifications.

The app can also be used to remotely control the unit and change certain features. The device also has a nightlight built in which can be controlled.

This device is also pretty economical in how it uses litter using less than a normal litter box, it is worth noting that you will need to use a clumping litter for the device to work.

New Features Of The Litter Robot 4

So, now you know what a standard Litter Robot does, what makes the Litter Robot 4 different and unique from this.

Our favorite addition which helps the Litter Robot 4 stand out is that it features weight sensors which work as scales every time your cat uses the Litter Robot 4.

This is great especially when you have multiple cats using the Litter Robot 4.

You will be able to see the weight of the cat after they have used the Litter Robot 4 which means that you will be able to discern which cat has been using the Litter Robot 4 when.

This will not work amazingly if all your cats have a similar weight, but this is not super likely.

One other new feature which helps the Litter Robot 4 stand out is that the rotating globe which is the main part of the device has a sift which is now located inside of the unit and this makes it a lot safer for your cat to use.

The device also has the SafeCat system which uses omnisense sensors in conjunction with the optical and weight sensors to ensure that the system knows what your cats are doing. 

This SafeCat system has plenty of practical uses. For example, it lets the device know when cats are inside the globe to ensure that it will stop rotating when they try to enter the device.

It is also used to display when something has pinched while rotating and it will then stop the cycle.

These sensors will also track how full the waste drawer is, as well as being used to track how much litter you have and when you will need to add more.

The sensors are also used with the nightlight so it knows when to turn it on.

Waste Drawer Of The Litter Robot 4

The waste drawer on the Litter Robot 4 does come with some liners, but you can use a standard trash bag with it if this is what you want, and this can save you some money even if they are sometimes a bit large.

The waste drawer also seals quite tightly and uses carbon filters so very little odor will escape making this device a lot more pleasant to have in the house.

Is The Litter Robot 4 Worth It? - Review

Whisker App

Something which elevates the functionality of the Litter Robot 4 is the Whisker app which is used with the device.

This app has been used with previous Litter Robots, but it has some extra functionality specifically for the Litter Robot 4.

For example, the Litter Robot 4 gives the Whisker app live updates on just how full the waste drawer is, and also lets you know if you will need to add litter too.

These features make using the Litter Robot 4 a lot easier.

The Whisker app will also let you look at the usage history which is where you can see just how often the device has been used and the weight of the cat using it each time.

This can let you discern which cat has been using it where. This is great for monitoring the health of your different cats and you can tell if there is one specific cat which is not using the device.

You can download the app for iOS here, and for Android here.

Compared To The Litter Robot 3

A lot of people who are considering buying the Litter Robot 4, are of course users of the previous Litter Robot 3, so you are likely wondering if this device is worth the upgrade.

Different Size

These products are actually quite similar in their size, but the main difference is how much larger the entryway is for the Litter Robot 4 which makes it a bit roomier.

The Litter Robot 4 is also designed to be appropriate for up to 4 cats, while the Litter Robot 3 is only designed for 3.

Waste Drawers

The waste drawer for the Litter Robot 3 looks bigger because of how much longer it is, however, the drawer for the Litter Robot 4 is a lot deeper and this means that it has a noticeably larger capacity meaning you will not have to be emptying it as often.

It also seals a lot tighter and lets less odor escape with a more strategically placed carbon filter.

There were also common complaints that the waste in the Litter Robot 3 would gather at the sides, but this is not an issue for the Litter Robot 4.

Control Panel

The control panel for the Litter Robot 4 has been moved a lot higher than where it was on the Litter Robot 3 and this makes it a lot easier to view the status indicator as well.

The Litter Robot 3 uses smaller lights on the bottom to indicate the status of the device.

In contrast, the Litter Robot 4 has a light bar which changes colors and flashes to indicate different things.

It is much easier for you to read, unfortunately though, it only uses signals and no words, so you will need to learn what these mean, but there are not that many, so this is not too difficult to learn.

Noise Level

The Litter Robot 3 is not a super loud device, but in comparison to the Litter Robot 4 it definitely feels like it is.

This comparison is especially apparent when the device is rotating where the Litter Robot 4 is designed to be a lot quieter where the Litter Robot 3 makes a noticeable amount of noise.

Worth The Upgrade?

If the issues mentioned about the Litter Robot 3 are bothering you, then yes you should, but if you can live with them, maybe wait until you need to upgrade.

Where To Buy The Litter Robot 4?


As you can see from this review, the Litter Robot 4 has plenty of features which make it super useful!

If you are tired of a manual litter box, then the Litter Robot 4 is a great device to invest in!


Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a locum veterinary surgeon who has worked in London for the past 8 years. She graduated top of her class in small animal medicine from UCD, Dublin. She is currently a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Linda is the resident vet for Woman magazine and a frequent contributor to People’s Friend Magazine, the Dogzone website, Vet Help Direct and Wag! Linda also writes content for the CVS veterinary group, Vetwriter and a number of other establishments.