The Siamese cat is a unique and distinctive breed.

They have an eye-catching appearance that is different from many other cat breeds.

Not to mention, Siamese cats tend to have larger-than-life personalities.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat

If you like Siamese cats, you will likely adore the Lynx Point Siamese cat.

This cat breed is a combination of a Siamese cat with a tabby cat, another adorable type of feline.

If you are interested in getting a Lynx Point Siamese Point, also known as a Tabby Point, here is everything you need to know about this brilliant breed.

What Is The Lynx Point Siamese Cat?

This is a breed that was made by humans.

Breeders experimented with Siamese cats and Tabby cats to make this breed, which emerged in the US during the 1940s.

Consequently, the Lynx Point Siamese cat has become popular since the 1960s.

Referring to the Lynx Point Siamese cat can be quite confusing, as it is known by different names, such as the colorpoint or tabby point.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat: A Description

Like the two breeds that combine to make this breed, the Lynx Point Siamese cat has a distinctive appearance.

In terms of its build and appearance, this breed is also very comparable to other Siamese variations.

In terms of size, Lynx Point Siamese cats tend to weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. They tend to be around 9 to 10 inches tall.

As a consequence, this breed is fairly dainty.

As with most cats, the male tends to be larger than the female, though this disparity is not overly noticeable.

The breed comes in a wide assortment of colors, such as caramel, lilac, apricot, and red.

This assortment of colors only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the Lynx Point Siamese cat. One can identify this breed by its markings.

Most prominently, this breed has a marking on their foreheads that looks akin to an “M”.

These markings are also found on the outline of the cat’s ear and around the whiskers.

It is these markings on the tip of the ear that results in this breed being comparable to lynxes.

The older the cat gets, the darker these markings become. These cats are also renowned for their stunning eyes.

This cat breed is famous for having beautiful blue eyes.

However, they can have an assortment of different eye colors, including pale green.

The breed of this lifespan is quite typical for cat breeds, often living for 15 to 20 years.

This gives you plenty of time to get to know this beloved pet, though this lifespan will vary depending on the health of the Lynx Point Siamese cat.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat: The Personality

Every cat is different and so will have a slightly different personality.

Yet, many cats of the same bread tend to share personality traits. Lynx Point Siamese cats tend to be loyal, affectionate, and curious.

They are also quite sociable creatures.

So if you are looking for a cat that you can bond with, the Lynx Point Siamese Cat is an outstanding option.

They tend to enjoy playing with humans, which is a great opportunity to have some fun with your fantastic feline.

Additionally, these tend to be quite curious and inquisitive creatures.

Though these are good qualities to have in a cat, they can pose problems for cat owners.

Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that your home has been fully cat-proofed.

Otherwise, this type of cat can get into danger because of its curious nature.

These qualities tend to be particularly strong when your Lynx Point Siamese is a kitten.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic refers to breeds of cats that are unlikely to set off allergic reactions.

It is important to search for a breed that is hypoallergenic if you have allergies.

The good news is that Lynx Point Siamese cats are often considered hypoallergenic.

The bad news is that no cat is completely hypoallergenic.

So even if you get a cat breed that is considered safe for people with allergies, you could still suffer from reactions.

Though the Lynx Point Siamese cat tends to shed much less than different cat breeds, this fur shedding can still be problematic for allergy sufferers.

Not to mention, allergens can also be released through saliva.

So before you adopt a Lynx Point Siamese cat, it is important to consider whether the breed will be suitable for your allergies.

If you believe that this cat may pose a threat to your health, it is best to avoid getting one.

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How Much Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Cost?

The price that you pay for a Lynx Point Siamese cat will range massively depending on where you source this cat.

They do not tend to be overly expensive, often costing between $200 and $400 for a kitten.

However, when you buy one of these cats, it’s a good idea to go through a breeder.

It is especially advised that you opt for an ethical breeder, as this will ensure that the cat has been kept in a good condition.

Another important consideration is the pedigree, as this can raise the price of this cat breed.

Luckily, as a mixed breed, the cost of a Lynx Point Siamese cat will not be overly impacted by the pedigree.

You should also try to locate a breeder who has microchipped the Lynx Point Siamese and ensured that it has had all of the necessary shots.

You can also get cats from local adoption centers.

These cats tend to be a little older, thus giving you the opportunity to rehome a Lynx Point Siamese cat that has been left without one.

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Get On With Other Cats?

Cat On Cardboard Box

When introducing a cat to a home with other cats, you will need to ensure that these cats can get along with one another.

If not, your home can soon become a breeding ground of feline rivalry!

Fortunately, the Lynx Point Siamese cat breed tends to get along well with other cats.

This is due to their sociable and playful personalities. They get along with cats of the same breed.

Furthermore, you can pair this breed with Siberian and Maine Coon cats, as they tend to match especially successfully with these cats.

Most Lynx Point Siamese cats also effectively cohabit with dogs and children.

So if you are a parent or you are a dog lover, you can still introduce a Lynx Point, Siamese cat into your home with minimal conflict.

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Is The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Rare?

This cat breed is not especially rare. Though they are less common than standard Siamese cats, the Lynx Point is still fairly common.

As a result, it should not be too strenuous to find a breeder or an adoption center for one of these cats.

The Tortie Point Siamese is a similar breed that is significantly rarer.

This breed was given this name because of its distinctive tortoiseshell pattern. It can be hard to get your hands on this Siamese variation.

Does The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Meow A Lot?

This breed tends to be quite talkative.

Though they are quieter than typical Siamese cats, which are renowned for their demanding natures, many Lynx Point Siamese cats tend to enjoy attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need To Know When Caring For A Lynx Point Siamese Cat?

This breed is famously quite active and energetic. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give your cat plenty of protein.

This way, the Lynx Point Siamese cat will have enough energy to run around for as long as it wants.

Luckily, most cat food brands are high in protein, so it should be easy to ensure that your furry friend reaches its daily intake.

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Like Going Outside?

Yes, the majority of Lynx Point Siamese cats appreciate spending some time outdoors.

This is due to their inherently curious nature, which means that they leap at the opportunity to go exploring outside.

If your cat is new to an area, it is a good idea to pay close attention to it.

Otherwise, curiosity may get the better of this breed, resulting in it straying too far from home.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Suitable For Families?

You needn’t worry about a Lynx Point Siamese cat being a problem for your family.

This is because these friendly cats get on fantastically with adults and children alike.

Just make sure that you watch young children when they interact with this breed.

As with all cats, it could become defensive if a child tries to play with it.

Final Thoughts

Lynx Point Siamese cats make fantastic feline companions. So if you are interested in getting a cat, why not consider this breed?

It not only looks super cute and has a remarkable aesthetic, but the Lynx Point Siamese cat also tends to be very sociable and loving, making it a perfect breed for cat lovers!


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