If you think distinguishing between the different types of Siamese cats is quite a tough job, you are probably right.

Many cat owners, breeders, and animal lovers struggle to identify a Siamese cat properly.

To simplify the identification process and make your life easier, below we’ll go over everything you need to know about the origin of the Siamese and their distinct type, along with healthcare considerations for each.

Truly, there are only two types of Siamese cats; Traditional Siamese and The Modern Siamese. We see several more kinds, but each one is a further classification of the two officially recognized types.

#1 Traditional Siamese

super cute young Siamese cat with plain brown background

The Traditional version of these cats especially the pure native Siamese from Thailand has a rounded head and round blue eyes.

Their body shape is similar to that of a common Asian domestic cat.

However, their dark almost black ears, faces, and tail signify their Siamese heritage.

These cats have short-haired cream coats, large triangular ears, and kinked tails.

#2 Classic Siamese

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Very similar to the traditional Siamese cat, a classic Siamese has a slightly longer yet muscular body.

They have a circular head and their pointy ears and tail are a striking shade of brown or black.

These blue-eyed felines are amongst the most popular exotic cat breeds in the US.

#3 Apple head Siamese

apple head siamese cat, one of the

Yes! These kitties literally have a head shaped like an apple.

These Siamese are on the healthier side and have ears a little smaller compared to their heads and body.

Their fur is white or light cream-colored. With brownish paws and dark-brown ears and tail.

These cats have the famous cross-eye of the Siamese. While their tail is a bit shorter than a Classic Siamese cat, this athletic ball of fur is a great pet!

#4 Modern Siamese Cats

modern siamese cat covered by a blanket

The modern Siamese is a result of selective and clever breeding. The wedge Siamese was created to enhance certain features of a traditional Siamese cat.

This modern improvisation has a triangular face and almond-shaped eyes. Their body is a bit lean and elongated, and their ears are significantly longer than a traditional version of this kitty.

The head-shape of this feline gives it its alternative name; The Wedge Siamese cat!

These cats are pretty expressive. If you plan on getting one, remember he may meow all day and follow you everywhere.

They are quite active and love to keep their human’s company. Modern Siamese is more prominently known for their intelligence and talkative nature.

#5 Blue Point Siamese

blue point Siamese cat

Bluepoint Siamese cats have dark grey fur with a tint of blue.

These Siamese kittens have deep aquamarine almond-shaped eyes, that complement their fur and sleek bodies.

Blue Point Siamese like other dark-colored Siamese types has an outgoing personality. They relish in the spotlight and are friendly with other pets.

#6 Seal Point Siamese

seal point siamese cat breed

These felines have their face shaped like a seal, or so it appears. A few shades are darker than the chocolate Siamese, a seal point Siamese cat have coat color variations from dark brown to pitch black.

These cats have the same shade of dark fur on their paws face ears, tail, and sometimes on their back.

However, unlike its other sister Siamese cats, a seal point is a bit lazy and will treat their human-like personal assistant!

#7 Red Point Siamese

red point siamese cat

Siamese cats with a unique coloration of orange and slightly crimson fur are called red point Siamese.

These unusual creatures are rare and hard to find in the Siamese bloodline.

Their body structure is similar to Modern Siamese. However, their red-shaded fur is distinctive.

#8 Chocolate Point Siamese

adorable Chocolate-Point Siamese kitten

Siamese felines with a very light shade of brown are called Chocolate point Siamese. These cats have fur resembling the color of milk chocolate.

Physically they look like just any Wedge Siamese but their brownish fur sets them apart. They have dark nose leather and the fur on their legs and tail usually has a slightly darker shade of brown.

#9 Lilac Point Siamese

Lilac Point Siamese

These cute Lilac Point Siamese kitties have greyish/blue fur and a mild mix of lilac or sometimes pink color in their coats. This justifies their names.

Their cobalt blue eyes paired with a grey face, ears and tail make this cat looks adorable. These cats tend to have silky and soft short fur which they personally love to clean and groom.

#10 Cream Point Siamese

cream point siamese

Siamese with cream or orangish fur is widely known as Cream point Siamese cats. However, cream fur is more common than orange in Siamese.

The kittens born are stark white but start to show coloring after three to four months. These Siamese have shiny fur which makes them look pretty. The nose color is a bit lighter too.

#11 Balinese

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All the Siamese cats so far were short-haired. A Balinese cat has Siamese features of cream fur, pointed triangular ears, and dark brown or almost black face, ears, feet, and tail.

However, this domesticated breed of felines has longer fur.

The long fur may seem like a gift of selective breeding with another long-haired breed. In turn, it’s a genetic mutation seen in pure breed Siamese over the years, which gave rise to longer coats.


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