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If you’re on your path of becoming nurse or doctor, then you may want to choose from one of these amazing medical cat names.

We came up with 100 ideas for males and females that we think are just amazing.

From names of famous surgeons to innovators in the field, you’re sure to find something fitting.

Let’s take a look!

Medical Cat Names For Females

female cat with medical name
  1. Alexis – after Alexis Carrell, transplant surgeon.
  2. Ali – Middle Ages physician and psychologist.
  3. Ambroise – after Ambroise Pare, the pioneer in the treatment of gunshot wounds.
  4. Ann – after Ann Preston.
  5. Astley – after Astley Cooper, English surgeon and anatomist.
  6. Averroes – also known as “The Commentator and Father of rationalism.”
  7. Avicenna – after the Persian physician.
  8. Benedictine – where the School of Salerno grew.
  9. Camillo – after Camillo Golgi.
  10. Charaka – after the ancient Indian medical system.
  11. Dominique – after Dominique Jean Larrey, Napoleon’s surgeon.
  12. Elizabeth – after the first woman to get a medical degree in the U.S., Elizabeth Blackwell.
  13. Elliott – after Elliott P. Joslin, a pioneer in the treatment of diabetes.
  14. Fabiola – the founder of the first Latin Christendom.
  15. Gabrielle – after Gabriele Falloppio.
  16. Garcia – after Garcia de Orta.
  17. Helen – after Helen Flanders Dunbar.
  18. Hess – Orvan Hess, the discoverer of the fetal heart monitor.
  19. Ignaz – after Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis, who introduced hand cleaning in medicine.
  20. Issel – after Kurt Julius Isselbacher.
  21. Jane – after physician and activist, Jane Addams.
  22. Janet – after Janet Asimov, an American psychiatrist.
  23. Jean – after researcher Jean Astruc.
  24. Jenner – after Edward Jenner, the physician who popularized vaccination.
  25. Kety – after Seymour Kety, American neurosurgeon.
  26. Kita – after Japanese Morio Kita, novelist and physician.
  27. Lall – after Lall Sawh, pioneer of kidney transplantation.
  28. Lane – after Janet Lane-Claypon, the pioneer of epidemiology.
  29. Maggi – after Bartholomeo Maggi.
  30. Margaret – after Margaret Chan the physician and director of WHO.
  31. Maria – after Maria Montessori.
  32. Marie – after Marie Curie.
  33. Mary – after Mary Edwards Walker.
  34. Mesue – Christian physician from the Middle Ages.
  35. Michelle – after the famous president and physician, Michelle Bachelet.
  36. Mildred – after Mildred Scheel, physician and wife of Walter Scheel.
  37. Misra – after B. K. Misra, the first neurosurgeon to perform an image-guided surgery.
  38. Mondino – after Maondino de Luzzi.
  39. Picotte – after Susan La Flesche Picotte
  40. Priscilla – after Priscilla White, the researcher of pregnancy diabetes.
  41. Rene – after René Gerónimo Favaloro.
  42. Rosalind – after Rosalind Ambrose, the one who introduced CAT scans.
  43. Scarpa – after Italian anatomist, Antonio Scarpa.
  44. Susan – after Susan Lynch, physician and first lady of New Hampshire.
  45. Sushruta – after the Indian father of surgery.
  46. Taslima – after Talisma Nasrin, Bangladeshi writer and physician.
  47. Taussig – after Helen B. Taussig, founder of pediatric cardiology.
  48. Ursula – after Ursula von der Leyen, physician and German Minister of Defence.
  49. Virginia – after Virginia Apgar, the famous neonatologist.
  50. White – after the one who classified pregnancy diabetes and its risks.

Where would the world be without Rosalind and her CT scan, or Marie Curie and her discovery of uranium?

Those both make fantastic names, especially if you’re going into the medical imagining field!

Medical Cat Names For Males

100 Outstanding Medical Names for Your Cat
  1. Alexander – after Alexander of Tralles.
  2. AlKindi – the writer of “De Gradibus.”
  3. Antonio – after Antonio Benivieni, the pioneer of pathological anatomy.
  4. Bacon – after the researcher of convex lenses.
  5. Baitar – after Ibn Ai-Batar, the first to study animals, humans, and plants.
  6. Basil – after Basil of Caesarea.
  7. Benedict – after Benedict of Nursia.
  8. Caelius – Sicca Veneria’s famous doctor.
  9. Carson – after James Carson.
  10. Chapman – after Graham Chapman.
  11. Charles – after Banting’s partner, Charles Best.
  12. Cheselden – after English surgeon and teacher, William Chelseden.
  13. Ephrem – after Ephrem the Syrian who built the first hospital in Edessa.
  14. Ernst – after surgeon and physician Ernst Haeckel.
  15. Frederick – after the co-discoverer of Insulin, Frederick Banting.
  16. Freud – after the most popular Sigmund Freud.
  17. Galen – after the most accomplished medical researcher of antiquity.
  18. George – after George Papanicolaou.
  19. Gerbrand – after Dutch physician, Gerbrand Bakker.
  20. Guy – after Guy de Chauliac, the famous French surgeon and physician.
  21. Hans – after Hans Asperger.
  22. Harvey – after the one who described the respiratory system, William Harvey.
  23. Hippocrates – the most popular figure in ancient medicine
  24. Hunayn – Sirian physician from the Middle Ages.
  25. Hunter – after Scottish surgeon John Hunter.
  26. Innocent – the founder of Santo Spirito in Rome.
  27. Isaac – one of the most important psychologists and physicians of the Middle Ages.
  28. Ishaq – the writer of the first Arabian biography of physicians’ translation.
  29. Isidore – after Isidore of Sevil, the last scholar of the ancient world.
  30. Johannes – the writer of the great Byzantine medicine compendium.
  31. Joseph – after the pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Joseph Lister.
  32. Jung – after famous Carl Jung.
  33. Leo – after Leo Itrosophist, the writer of “Epitome of Medicine.”
  34. Lister – after Joseph Lister.
  35. Louis – the establisher of Les Quinze-vingt.
  36. Martialis – after the ancient book “Medicines from Vegetables and Fruits.”
  37. Matthaeus – after Matthaeus Platearius, the creator of the Latin “Circa Instans.”
  38. Normal – after Norman Bethune, the pioneer of battlefield medicine.
  39. Paracelsus – Swiss physician, alchemist and philosopher.
  40. Paul – after Paul of Aegina.
  41. Peter – after surgeon Peter Lowe.
  42. Pietro – after Italy’s astrologer, philosopher, and professor of medicine.
  43. Ray – after John Ray, famous plant taxonomer.
  44. Rhazes – one of the first pediatricians in the world.
  45. Richard – after Richard Wiseman.
  46. Roger – after the researcher of long-sightedness.
  47. Sims – after James Marion Sims.
  48. Stephanus – after Stephanus of Athens.
  49. Stewart – after William Stewart Agras.
  50. William – after Italian surgeon William of Saliceto.


Hippocrates is the ultimate medical name for male cats, don’t you think? I also really love Normal, it’s just so unique.

I’m hoping that now you have at least a few ideas of some perfect medical names for cats, and maybe even learned a thing or two!

What are your favorite medical cat names? Share below!

If you're on your path of becoming nurse or doctor, then you may want to choose from one of these amazing medical name for your cat.
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