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Midas the 4-eared cat, went viral when he was searching for her forever home.

One look at her sweet face and it’s easy to see why he took the internet by storm!

Read on to learn all about her, including the story of her happy ending (or rather, beginning).

Meet Midas – the 4-Eared Cat who is an overnight internet sensation!

Cats with nine lives are a dime a dozen, but a cat with four ears…now that is a rarity!

Midas is a stray who was born in a backyard in Turkey. Despite her appearance, she actually has the same two standard ear canals you’ll find on any feline.

What makes her ears different though is she also has two earflaps, which makes her look like she has FOUR ears.

midas 4 eared cat
Screenshot via @midas24 on Instagram

After her backyard birth alongside five other siblings, Midas began her search for her forever home.

The rescue group tried their best to make sure that whoever Midas ended up with would provide him with a home and that they would not be discouraged by Midas’ “strange” features.

It didn’t take long. She was quickly adopted by the Dosemeci family, who fell in love with her at first sight. Check her out in the video below and I bet you’ll fall for her just as quickly!

Midas’ human, Canis Dosemeci, told Reuters“We have never thought of buying a cat, we just wanted to rescue a cat from the street, and we wanted to adopt her,” Indeed, Midas is exactly what they had asked for.

Midas’ name comes from the king in Greek mythology whose touch turned everything into gold. He was said to be punished by the gods by giving him a pair of donkey ears.

Midas the cat, just like the Greek king, has apparently struck internet gold! As of today, she has more than 82000 followers on her Instagram account.

Dosemeci explains to Reuters, “Some people also find her scary, but generally people think her sympathetic.” Proof positive is her followers who consistently check out all her posts on social media.

As for temperament, Midas is all cuteness and even her attitude seems to say so.

According to Dosemeci, Midas is quite a playful and friendly cat who loves sleeping on her human’s chest or shoulder. She also is quite the life of the party and gets along great with the family dog!

A Harmless Mutation…

Cat lovers will be further pleased to hear that Midas’ connection does not affect her health at all. The “extra” ears are caused by a genetic mutation.

While that mutation has also affected the development of her jaw, fortunately, none of this has so far affected her lifestyle.

She’s not the only cat with this mutation, either. Check out this handsome fellow, Frankenkitten!

Or how about the beautiful Yoda:

Let’s not forget about Aslan:

While the mutation is rare, it does happen. But that doesn’t make Midas any less of a rare beauty! Each of these cats are special for more than just their extra set of ears!

Closeup image of a cat's ears

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