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If you are looking for interesting nautical cat names for your new kitty, you are in the right place.

Even though most cats don’t like water (some cat breeds like water), there is no reason not to call them after the sea-related stuff.

Therefore, when they have a new cat, they are searching for nautical pet names suitable to cats and their personalities.

If you are one of those people, besides the obvious and most common Skipper or Captain, check out our top picks for nautical cat names.

Unique Nautical Cat Names for Your Seafaring Kitty

Top 10 Nautical Cat Names for Your New Kitten

How many times have you heard that humans don’t choose cats, but cats are the ones who choose their humans?

Well, they give us the small privilege of choosing their names, which we are thankful for.

When we choose the name for our beloved cat, we tend to find a name that is unique, but it should also be a reflection of the cat’s personality.

Usually, people find pet names connected to other passions in their lives; for example, if you like history, you will most likely name your pet after a person who has made an impact in history.

A lot of people like nautical stuff—anything related to sailors, ships, or navigation.

1. Blue

Let’s start with the most simple name, which is at the same time the color of the sea: blue.

If your cat has beautiful blue-hypnotizing eyes or gorgeous blue-gray hair, this name is perfect.

2. Stormy

If your kitty has a temper, is often grumpy, and does not hesitate to scratch a little from time to time, this name suits her perfectly.

Cats are known for not being patient, and they always show their true emotions. So, Stormy could be a great name if your cat fits that description.

3. Arthur

cat sailing

We are not thinking of King Arthur, the legendary British king.

This name is actually the name of Aquaman, the very popular movie about an heir of Atlantis, an underwater kingdom.

This powerful name could be suitable for a strong, brave, large male cat, just like Aquaman himself.

4. Magellan

It is the name of the famous Portuguese explorer, so it is a great name for a cat that likes exploring its surroundings.

If your cat likes to wander around (and hopefully always return home), this is a name for you.

5. Cruise

At first, you might think that we are referring to the actor Tom Cruise, but actually, we are thinking of the real cruise across the sea.

If your cat likes lying around in the sun all day doing nothing, this might be a good name, if we disregard the fact that cats don’t really like the water.

6. Marina

cat on the boat

You might know some humans named Marina, but it is also a cute and unique name for a female cat.

Marina is the name for a cat who likes to be static, doesn’t like to leave the house, and could lay all day staring through the window.

7. Poseidon

Or the Roman equivalent Neptune was the god of the sea.

So, similar to Arthur, this name is suitable for a strong male cat.

8. Atlanna

This is also a reference to the movie Aquaman. Atlanna is the queen of Atlantis and the mother of Aquaman.

Atlanna is a name for a strong-minded, independent cat that rules the space she lives in and defends it by any means possible.

If you have a cat that is a leader among your other cats or other pets, it seems that you have one Atlanna.

9. Pearl

cat sitting on boat

Pearls can differ in color or shape, but they are usually round, white, and glistening.

Pearl is a cute name for a white cat and also a compliment to the beauty and value it brings to your life.

10. Knots

Last, but not least, is the name Knots. This could be a nice way to name a clumsy cat.

Since the sea is very unpredictable, it is no wonder that there are a lot of nautical names suitable for cats.

The same goes for boats or ships when they are cruising the sea.

They need to be steered, and let’s face it, the cats steer our lives in some way, regardless of their color, size, or personality.

Well, at least they think they are entitled to, and we let them, no matter if they are grumpy or cheerful, explorers or static, lazy or diligent.


Nautical cat names offer a charming and unique way to honor the maritime spirit and your feline companion.

Whether your cat is a fearless captain or a gentle mermaid of the home, these names bring a touch of the sea’s magic to your household.

Set sail with one of these names, and you’ll have a perfectly named first mate by your side on every adventure.

Do you have any other favorite nautical cat names that aren’t on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are looking for interesting nautical cat names for your new  kitty, you are in the right place. Read on for our top 10 favorite seafaring monikers!
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