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Curious to know if there are any cat breeds that like water?

Cats are well-known for disliking water so much that they won’t even place their paws on a tiny puddle.

That’s why the few breeds that do love it are such an incredible sight to see.

Let’s find out which breeds they are and what makes them stand out from the rest!

What Cat Breed Likes Water?

Are there any cat breeds that like water? You betcha! In fact, these 5 kitties don't just like it, they're practically obsessed! Take a look!

You can often identify a breed that likes water from the feline’s physical characteristics.

A cats that likes water tends to have water-repellent hair that dries relatively fast after soaking in water.

They may also have short-hair, although certain types have longer locks. 

Let’s look at a few varieties to help you identify a cat breed that loves water!

#1 Bengal Cats

bengal cat names f

Bengal cats originated from crossing domestic cats with the Asian leopard. That means the breed possesses several similar characteristics as the leopard.

No wonder the cat is highly energetic, has distinct leopard-looking spots and loves water. In fact, this cat’s love of water borders on obsession!

When going to take a shower, your pet will likely follow right behind you. The cat will even jump into the tub and swim in the water.

For this reason, a vet recommended cat water fountain would be great entertainment for the Bengal.

But this love of water comes with its potential downsides. You’ll have to keep a watchful eye if you also have aquarium fish in the house.

Your curious feline will likely dip its paws in the water to play with the fish. And, when hunger strikes, she can take a bite of the delicious fish.

Therefore, cover your aquarium and secure small fish bowls, so they don’t get knocked over.

Another thing to watch out for is the Bengal’s high prey drive. Small hamsters and rabbits may not be safe around your feline pet.

#2 Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat breed

The Turkish Van is another breed of cats that like water. The popularity of the Turkish Van dates back to 1955.

See, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism contracted Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington, two British photographers, to promote Turkey’s tourism and publicize the country.

When the photographers were cooling off in a pond, they were amazed that their Turkish Van kittens jumped right in with them.

That initiated the promotion of the breed as ‘swimming cats.’ If you have a Turkish Van, you certainly know that she won’t hesitate to explore any water body she comes across.

She can get into your bathtub, and shower, play with your kitchen sink tap, paw around your toilet, and even jump into your swimming pool.

But remember, just because they love water doesn’t necessarily mean they can swim. Swimming isn’t always a natural skill.

Therefore, you have to provide safe water areas like a child’s pool, which they’ll love to lie in during the summer heat. You can also train them to swim.

If your pet spends time outdoors, keep note of any nearby ponds. Horse troughs around farmhouses are another key attraction for these felines. Fortunately, these cats don’t stay wet for too long.

Since they don’t have undercoats, the Turkish Van’s coat dries out faster compared to other breeds. Besides, the coat is water-repellent, making it hard for dirt to cling to it.

#3 Siberian Cats

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Siberian cats originate from Russia, which gives them various unique features.

This natural breed possesses features that allow them to adapt to the climate of their place of origin.

They have a very dense triple coat that ranges from medium to long, and it’s water repellant.

Three key features that make it stand out:

All those features make this breed capable of withstanding cold and wet climates.

For instance, the bushy tail can wrap around and keep the feline’s face and paws warm.

What’s more, Siberians like to play in the water.

That means you won’t have much trouble bathing your fluffy pet once in a while.

Even if you don’t bathe her, she will likely jump into the shower with you.

Or even play with a running tap. Fortunately, the cat’s thick coat remains tangle-free, reducing the need for vigorous brushing after getting soaked in water.

#4 American Bobtail

black American bobtail cat

The American Bobtail’s coat plays a useful role during exposure to water.

This breed may have either short, medium, semi-dense hair or semi-long, shaggy hair.

Either type of coat is both resilient and resistant to water.

Plus, it has a hard top coat and an insulating downy undercoat that safeguards the American Bobtail from extreme weather.

Just like dogs, these lovely kitties enjoy playing in the water and are easy to train.

They are so obedient that you can walk them on a leash.

But, being very social, they will demand your attention if you don’t give them enough of it.

They are also quite intelligent, so don’t be surprised to find them turning on the faucet to splash around.

#5 Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll cat breed

The Ragdoll is definitely among cats that like water!

If you have one, you’ve likely seen her leaping into a full bathtub or sitting on the edge while you bathe.

And they love running water just as much as deep pools of water.

Even the sound of running water excites Ragdolls.

Your kitty will probably come running when you turn on the bath tap or shower. Once she gets in the water, she can play in it for hours.

Just don’t leave her there because she might drown in the water.

Do Tabby Cats Like Water?

tabby cat grooming his self, one of the tabby cats personality

A Tabby cat isn’t really a breed at all.  Instead, it’s a range of breeds with a specific coat pattern.

The appearance of a Tabby cat may include stripes, spots, whorls, and other features.

Most importantly, they typically have an “M” shaped marking on the head, just above the eyes. This applies to various pure and mixed breeds.

Unlike the other cats that like water, Tabby cats have short hair coats that absorb water. Due to the absorbed water, the coat takes hours to dry.

That’s unpleasant for your pet, and the water weight is a relatively heavy load to carry.

What’s more, Tabby cats may experience a temperature drop and start shivering after a bath.

Longhair cats will have a more intense experience, especially double or triple coated varieties. A Tabby won’t be too fond of water. Fortunately, baths aren’t required for most Tabby cats.

They can stay clean through self-grooming unless they shed excessively, get too dirty, or aren’t well-groomed.

To keep them clean, brush their fur, and maintain a clean litter box and sleeping area. Occasional baths may still be necessary.


There you have it! Five incredible cat breeds that actually like water (Tabby cats aren’t a breed, so we didn’t include them when counting!).

Of course, it’s entirely possible to have a kitty outside these breeds who enjoys a good swim.

Likewise, you could end up with a Bengal who just isn’t fond of it, perhaps because of a bad experience.

Can you think of any other cats that like water? Share below!


Are there any cat breeds that like water? You betcha! In fact, these 5 kitties don't just like it, they're practically obsessed! Take a look!
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