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If you’re looking for the best Persian cat names for your kitty, you’re going to love our list.

One of the most beautiful cat breeds deserves a beautiful name to match it, don’t you think?

Below, you’ll find 100 ideas, 50 each for male and female kitties, inspired by traditional names and other beautiful words from Persia.

Persian Cat Names Origin

Before we get into the top Persian cat names, it helps if we know a bit more about the region.

Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be a long history lesson on the Persian Empire, I promise!

In short, Persia was located in what we now call Iran when the Parsua tribe settled there.

The name was actually given to them by the Greeks, who called their region “Persis.”

However, the people of the land pretty much always called their country “Iran,” and that name was made official back in 1935, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Persian cats, which are believed to be the oldest breed of feline, likely originated there (hence the name), although their exact origin story is still one of great debate.

So, now you know a little about the Persian region, let’s talk cat names!

Unique Persian Cat Names

  1. Arastoo – “Aristotle the philosopher”
  2. Karkadann – “A huge mythological creature”
  3. Arashan – “Hero cat”
  4. Anubis – “Royal”
  5. Bala – “Being naughty”
  6. Cyrus– “Honored and respected”
  7. Sheeva – “A charming woman”
  8. Omid –“Hope”
  9. Mirzeta – “Princess”
  10. Eisha –“Desire”

Persian Cat Names For Males

adopting a persian kitten

The Persian (Iranian) language is filled with so many beautiful names for male kitties. Check out 50 that we adore!

  1. Arastoo – “Aristotle the philosopher”
  2. Arash – “Bright”
  3. Abner – “Name suitable for elderly cats”
  4. Adeleh – “Righteous cats”
  5. Abtin –“One with good thoughts”
  6. Afrin –“One who is ready to accept praise”
  7. Aistan –“Tiger”
  8. Aftaab –“The sun”
  9. Alborz- “The highest one”
  10. Amir– “Prince”
  11. Anaar –“ Pomegranate”
  12. Anvar – “Bright and attractive”
  13. Anzor – “Noble”
  14. Anubis – “Royal”
  15. Armaghan – “A precious gift”
  16. Atal – “Guide, leader”
  17. Ayas –“Morning breeze”
  18. Azar – “Fire”
  19. Bahadur – “Fighters”
  20. Baraz – “Exalted”
  21. Cade- “Circular”
  22. Cadmun- “Warrior”
  23. Cyrus– “Honored and respected”
  24. Damian -“A gentle cat that let others control”
  25. Dante –“One that has overcome many trying situations in life”
  26. Dasha –“Gift from God”
  27. Dilshad –“Happy”
  28. Eskander –“Persian version of the Alexander the Great”
  29. Faas- “Your fate is good”
  30. Faddey- “Gift given by God”
  31. Farang – “European”
  32. Forouzan – “One who has a shining fur”
  33. Karkadann – “A huge mythological creature”
  34. Kermit -“Free to express themselves”
  35. Keegan – “Son of Aodhagan”
  36. Khwaja – “One who owns”
  37. Malus – “Lovable”
  38. Maloos – Also Malus. It means “Lovable” (It’s a name for an affectionate cat)
  39. Miau – “Meow”
  40. Mirza –“Prince”
  41. Moosh – “Mouse”
  42. Morvarid –“Pearl”
  43. Narin – “Fresh, tender, gentle”
  44. Omid –“Hope”
  45. Osman – “Protection, godly”
  46. Palang – “Leopard”
  47. Pambeh – “Cotton ball”
  48. Rostam – “Hero”
  49. Sergeant –“One who is ready for activity”
  50. Sheitoon – “Player”

As a fan of the TV show “Bones,” I have to say that Arastoo is definitely one of my top 3 favorite male Persian cat names.

I also really like Moosh, mostly for the irony of naming a cat after a mouse!

Persian Cat Names For Females

persian cat personality
  1. Anahita – “Persian Goddess of water and fertility”
  2. Ava – “Voice”
  3. Bala – “Being naughty”
  4. Delbar – “Sweetheart”
  5. Eisha –“Desire”
  6. Golshan – “Rosegarden”
  7. Heer – “Riches, pure”
  8. Homa –“Phoenix”
  9. Macy – “Bright and bubbly”
  10. Mahsa – “One who appears like the moon”
  11. Meesha – “A marigold flower
  12. Meg– “Child of light”
  13. Mina – “Azure”
  14. Minoo –“ Heaven, paradise”
  15. Mirzeta – “Princess”
  16. Misty
  17. Moosh – “Perfect for a small-sized cat”
  18. Nasrin –“Wild rose”
  19. Nijaza –“Wish”
  20. Negina –“The gemstone”
  21. Nousha – “Honeyed”
  22. Orang – “Wisdom”
  23. Parastoo –“A bird”
  24. Parsa – “Pure”
  25. Parand –“Silk”
  26. Pari –“Fairy”
  27. Parisa – also “Fairy”
  28. Paniz – “Sugar”
  29. Payam – Message”
  30. Raha – “Free”
  31. Sahar – “Dawn”
  32. Sanaz –“Full of grace”
  33. Sanaz – “Full of grace”
  34. Sefidi –“Snow White”
  35. Sepehr – “Sky”
  36. Shadman -“A happy woman”
  37. Shahlah – “One who blushes”
  38. Shahnaz– “King’s Beloved”
  39. Sheeva – “A charming woman”
  40. Shideh –“Bright”
  41. Shirin – “Sweet” in Farsi
  42. Tabinda – “Shining and bright”
  43. Tarja – “Upholder of good”
  44. Tawana – “A capable woman”
  45. Vardo – “Rose”
  46. Vida –“ Visible”
  47. Yasmin – “Jasmine”
  48. Yegane – “A woman with pristine beauty”
  49. Ziba –“Beautiful”
  50. Zinat –“Jewel”

Along with the favorites I shared in the “top picks” section, I really adore Bala, especially since my own cats are often so very naughty!

Pari or Parisa are both also super cute, as I adore fairies!


With their luxurious coats and regal presence, Persian cats deserve a name that reflects their beauty and elegance.

Choosing a Persian cat name can be a fun and meaningful way to give your feline friend a name that reflects their beauty and elegance.

Whether you have a male or female Persian cat, you’re sure to find a name that is both unique and meaningful.

Your turn! Tell us your favorite Persian cat names in the comment section below!

If you're looking for the best Persian cat names for your kitty, you're going to love our list. Check out 100 ideas for males & females!
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