You are probably here researching Greek cat names because you’re as fascinated by Greek mythology as much as we are.

We must admit the gods and goddesses in the ancient legends have shaped a lot of our culture today.

Did you know, though that there are tons of other names beyond Mt. Olympus that would work great, too?

Read on to discover the perfect idea for your cat, both from the pages of mythology and the streets of Ionia (as Greece was once called).  

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Looking for the most epic Greek cat names for male & female kitties? Check out our list loaded with 60 brilliant ideas!

Male Greek Cat Names

For the males, we think of such powerful gods and demi-gods such as Zeus, Hercules, Hades, etc.

We want the names to represent a cat who is powerful, and strong and hopefully righteous as well

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You’re in luck, because Greece has more than their fair share of such names and we have a whole list for you to choose from.

Looking for the most epic Greek cat names for male & female kitties? Check out our list loaded with 60 brilliant ideas!
  1. Volos – A nice beautiful city on the coast.
  2. Santorini – Famed vacation area near the Aegean Sea.
  3. Hydra – An island in Greece, but also the villainous organization in Captain America/Avenger films.
  4. Alexander – Of Alexander the Great himself.
  5. Calix – Handsome
  6. Damarius – For the handsome kitty.
  7. Theron -Hunter. Like Charlize Theron’s last name.
  8. Zeus – This one goes without saying, the father of all gods, the Greek God of Thunder.
  9. Apollo – The smart God of Knowledge. If your cat is easily trained, this is a good option.
  10. Hermes – The fast messenger, for those lighting fast kitties.
  11. Ares – God of War.
  12. Tzatziki – A delicious Greek dip, and it’s fun to say, isn’t it?
  13. Gyro – More delicious Greek food.
  14. Chaos – Where all things came from, and for kittens who are masters of destruction.
  15. Achilles – A very strong and legendary warrior in Greek mythology. He was portrayed by Brad Pitt in Troy.
  16. Hades – If you have a black cat or simply feel your cat has evil powers.
  17. Adonis – The Greek God of Vegetation. It doesn’t hurt that he brings forth the image of a muscle-bound man.
  18. Aeolus – God of Winds. For those cats that zip by super fast and leave a gust of wind in their wake.
  19. Atlas – The titan charged with holding the heavens on his shoulders. If you feel your cat takes a lot of responsibility, this is a great choice.
  20. Charon – The one who ferries souls across the River of Styx. Basically the guy in the cloak taking souls to Hades.
  21. Cronus – A Titan, perhaps the most powerful, and the father of Zeus.
  22. Dionysus – The God of Wine and believe it or not, he’s often portrayed as wild (I wonder why).
  23. Eros – The personification of the word “attraction”.
  24. Gorgon – It’s a monster, but it’s also the name of a pretty cool Marvel’s Inhumans character.
  25. Helios – God of the Sun. This is perfect for those cats that bring a ray of sunshine into your life.
  26. Hephaestus – Not the most handsome of gods, in fact, he was considered ugly. However, it can be a loving name for your cat if you mean it in an ironic sort of way.
  27. Hyperion -Also the name of a DC superhero, he’s also God of the Sky.
  28. Hypnos – His names gives plenty of hints to what he is. He is sleep itself.
  29. Morpheus – God of Dreams. Yes, he is also the sensei of Neo, but in Greek mythology, he’s the son of Hypnos.
  30. Poseidon – God of the Seas. While cats don’t generally like water, if yours does, this is a good name.

Male cat names such as these really showcase your cat’s personality.

With heavy-hitters such as Zeus, Gorgon, Charon, Cronus himself and Poseidon, they’ll feel your cat’s power potential when they utter his name.

On the flip side, let’s take a look at Greek female names for the little girl kittens, shall we?

Female Greek Cat Names

Looking for the most epic Greek cat names for male & female kitties? Check out our list loaded with 60 brilliant ideas!
  1. Aphrodite – The obvious one, we can’t forget the Goddess of Love.
  2. Artemis – The Huntress. She’s so strong DC named a character after her.
  3. Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and War. Do you see a trend in strong Greek women?
  4. Cybele – Goddess of Wild Beasts. If your cat is named after her, she will dominate.
  5. Demeter – Goddess of Motherhood
  6. Medusa (the Gorgon) – If your cat has an evil streak in you.
  7. Gaia – The equivalent of Mother Nature.
  8. Thalia – The flowering one.
  9. Hecate – Goddess of the Moon. Cats always have a connection to the moon.
  10. Hera – Wife of Zeus and Queen of all Gods. She is as beautiful as she is powerful.
  11. Hestia – The oldest Olympian God.
  12. Iris – This is a more common English name we have now, with many ladies sharing the same name. In Greek mythology, however, she is the Goddess of the Rainbow.
  13. Leto – The Night Goddess.
  14. Nemesis – She sounds scary, but she’s just the Goddess of Destiny. She could very well be responsible for you getting your cat.
  15. Nike (Nyke) – This is where the big brand got their namesake, Nike is a winged goddess.
  16. Persephone – Wife of Hades, and Goddess of the Underworld, perfect if you have a cat named Hades

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  17. Rhea – The wife of Cronus, the Titan. So you know she was a powerful being.
  18. Selene- Another Goddess of the Moon.
  19. Kyra – Meaning “enthroned” for the regal cats.
  20. Damara – A gentle girl, a name fit for gentle cats.
  21. Petrina – For the “rock” of your existence.
  22. Feodora – Given by God, which you could say about your cat.
  23. Iyonna – A pretty name meaning “gracious”.
  24. Baklava – A sweet dessert for the sweetest little girl cat.
  25. Delphina- Literally means “little girl”.
  26. Callista – Like the actress, meaning “beautiful”.
  27. Feta – If you like cheese.
  28. Tyche – Goddess of Fortune. It’s probably due to her good graces that you got your cat.
  29. Olympia – Powerful, the female form of Olympus.
  30. Agatha – Meaning “good” and “kind”.

We must admit, the female names are so beautiful and graceful.

If we could, we might even think about changing our own names! Names such as Kyra, Thalia, Athena and Rhea are strong yet feminine.

So what names do you like? We shared our favorite girl names, and very powerful boy names.

Tell us below, what are your favorite Greek cat names?

Jess Lin
Jess Lin