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If you’re looking for some amazingly spectacular sporty cat names, you’re in the right place!

I whipped up a huge list of ideas for your active furball!

From Olympic medalists to famous boxers to epic soccer players, there’s something for every sports fan below.

Let’s take a look!

Sporty Cat Names For Males

If you're looking for some amazingly spectacular sporty cat names, check out our list! We have 100 inspired by athletes across every sport!
  1. Ace – English name for the one who comes in first. Unity.
  2. Agassi – Hebrew name for the winner.
  3. Ali – Muslim name, after one of the most famous fighters.
  4. Andre – English name, meaning ‘manly.’
  5. Armstrong – after Lance Armstrong.
  6. Arnold – after Arnold Schwarzenegger who’s a professional bodybuilder.
  7. August – beautiful name for the one who’s venerable.
  8. Austin -English name meaning ‘exalted one.’
  9. Barkley – after Charles Barkley.
  10. Beckham – after the famous soccer player.
  11. Ben – after Ben Affleck who went though amazing transformations for movies.
  12. Blade – cool sporty name meaning ‘glory.’
  13. Blitz – perfect name for a very fast cat.
  14. Boris – Slavic name meaning ‘fighter.’
  15. Bradshaw – after famous football player Terry Bradshaw.
  16. Brady – Irish name for a powerful one.
  17. Brett – after American football player Brett Favre.
  18. Bronson – after Australia’s professional wrestler Bronson Reed.
  19. Brooks – after the famous running shoes brand.
  20. Cal – Latin name for a bald one.
  21. Calvin – after the Calvin Knights team.
  22. Cassius – after Muhammad Ali’s birth name.
  23. Champion – for the little champion you have.
  24. Colt – English name from The Dark Town.
  25. Cooper – after the famous Bradley Cooper.
  26. Cornelius – after American athlete Cornelius Johnson.
  27. Crosby – after Canadian ice hockey player Sidney Crosby.
  28. Delvin – after American football cornerback Delvin Breaux.
  29. Dempsey – after American football player Clint Dempsey.
  30. Denton – after Peter Denton, the Australian pole vaulter.
  31. Derek – after British athlete Derek Redmond.
  32. Desmond – after Jamaican athlete Desmond Morris.
  33. Dexter – after American bodybuilder Dexter Jackson.
  34. Dodger – inspired from the famous Dodger Stadium in LA.
  35. Dublin – Hebrew name for the winner.
  36. Duke – English name for an always winning cat.
  37. Earnest – after 1920’s legend Ernest Glover.
  38. Edwin – after Edwin Moses, the American athlete.
  39. Emmett – after famous Tim Emmett.
  40. Ernie – after American basketball player Ernie Grunfeld.
  41. Evander – after professional boxer Evander Holyfield.
  42. Falcon – English name for a very fast cat.
  43. Fortney – Latin name meaning the strong one.’
  44. Franco – after bodybuilder Franco Columbu.
  45. Frankie – after Namibian athlete Frankie Fredericks.
  46. Frazier – after American boxer Joe Frazier.
  47. Gabriel – after Brazilian hurdler Gabriel Constantino.
  48. Garfield – great name for a cat who should be sporty, but isn’t.
  49. Grant – after Australian athlete Bob Grant
  50. Kobe – after famous late and great Kobe Bryant.

It’s hard to choose a favorite, especially since everyone loves different sports. I like “Blitz” or “Blade” as general sporty cat names, though!

Sporty Cat Names For Females

If you're looking for some amazingly spectacular sporty cat names, check out our list! We have 100 inspired by athletes across every sport!
  1. Althea – after American tennis player Althea Gibson.
  2. Anna – after Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.
  3. Annika – after professional golfer Annika Sörenstam.
  4. Babe – after Babe Ruth.
  5. Blue – one of the sportiest names ever!
  6. Bo – after professional baseball player Bo Jackson.
  7. Bonnie – a very elegant and sporty name.
  8. Brandi – after athlete Brandi Cross.
  9. Candace – after professional basketball player Candace Parker.
  10. Cy – after baseball player Cy Young.
  11. Dara – after famous Dara Torres.
  12. Deanna – after DeAnna Price.
  13. Demi – after trainer Demi Bagby.
  14. Devi – after Indian athlete Anjali Devi.
  15. Dominique – after Dominique Blake.
  16. Fatima – after Spanish athlete Fátima Diame.
  17. Flora – after Greek hurdler Flora Redoumi.
  18. Florence – after Florence Griffith Joyner.
  19. Francesca – after Italian soccer player Francesca Penasso.
  20. Fu – after Chinese athlete Fu Baolu.
  21. Gabriella – after Gabriella Papadakis, the French ice dancer.
  22. Gail – after Canadian professional wrestler Gail Kim.
  23. Heather – after Canadian athlete Heather Moyse.
  24. Jackie – After American athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee.
  25. Janet – after Janet Simpson.
  26. Jennie – after British athlete Jenny Meadows.
  27. Jesse – after athlete Jesse Owens.
  28. Kara – after American track and field athlete Kara Winger.
  29. Katarina – after German ice skater Katarina Witt.
  30. Kendra – after American hurdler Kendra Harrison.
  31. Laila – after runner Laila Traby.
  32. Lana – after American professional wrestler.
  33. London – after British athlete Jack London.
  34. Maeve – after Irish Olympic athlete Maeve Kyle.
  35. Marlene – after famous Olympic athlete Marlene Mathews.
  36. Martina – after Tennis player Martina Hingis.
  37. Mia – after professional soccer player Mia Hamm.
  38. Misty – after ballerina Misty Copeland.
  39. Nadia – after Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci.
  40. Paula – after famous Paula Radcliffe.
  41. Rita – after Indian athlete Rita Sen.
  42. Rochelle – after Brazilian Rochele Nunes.
  43. Serena – after Serena Williams.
  44. Sheila – after American athlete Sheila Taormina.
  45. Silken – after Canadian rower Silken Laumann.
  46. Sonya – after athlete Sonia Lannaman.
  47. Svetlana – after Russian ballerina Svetlana Zakharova.
  48. Tatyana – after American-Russian athlete Tatyana McFadden.
  49. Victoria – Latin name meaning ‘victory.’
  50. Yolanda – after Russian athlete Yolanda Chen.

In my opinion, Althea is a beautiful, sporty name for a female cat! I also really love Maeve.

How about you? What are your favorite sporty cat names? Share below!

If you're looking for some amazingly spectacular sporty cat names, check out our list! We have 100 inspired by athletes across every sport!
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