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Have you seen the viral TikTok video of Tilly the Hero and her daring rescue, yet?

It’s like a clip from The Lion King — but in reverse!

Check it out below, along with some of the other cant-miss funny cat videos from this week!

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Tilly the Hero Cat & the “Tail” of Her Daring Rescue

The world this week has once again gone to the cats!

Tilly, the hero cat, has been making the headlines all over the internet showing her rescuing her bestie Tom after he had fallen in a deep chasm that was located in between the living room sofa.

Their hooman, who goes by the username Liv, uploaded a short vid over on Tiktok on November 16 and since then, it’s garnered over 7 million views – and counting!

Check it out:

The 22-second vid starts off with the caption, “Tom decided it would be a good idea to squeeze under the couch today”.

It then proceeds with Tom, the cat, trying to squeeze in between a narrow opening under the living room sofa.

Tom seemingly figures out that he is in trouble and starts to reach out for help with his stretched paws.

Just like in the movies, heroic background music accompanies the scene as Tilly proceeds to pull her bestie, Tom, from under the sofa in this heroic rescue attempt.

Like all happy endings, Tilly succeeds! Of course, these great moments deserve slow-mo recaps, which their hooman happily includes in the clip.

The clip ends with Tom recovering from the ordeal, pride intact, as he walks around the living room without injury –except probably for some hurt pride.

Tiktok users were amazed by the bravery that Tilly displayed with one user comparing this to a scene from Lion King – the one where Scar pushes Mufasa off a cliff – but in reverse.

Tilly and Tom, (aka @TillyandTom over on TikTok), have over 39,000 followers and rising as of today.

More can’t-miss Funny cat Videos from this week

And yet, in other catty news, a ginger cat and a black cat have also made internet headlines with their “brawl”. Take a look:

Hooman Vanessa Cowan had uploaded the vid showing the two cats in a gentle spar, probably to add excitement to an otherwise boring day.

There also was another viral video out on Reddit, which showed a fluffy white cat enjoying spa treatments as part of her recovery from a recent bout with the cold.

Then there’s this short little gem, over on Twitter. If this isn’t the cutest little bunny-cat you’ve ever seen, well, I don’t know what is!

Last, but oh so far from least, there’s this guy who finally managed to catch that elusive fluffy worm…but now finds himself in a bit of a pickle!

I hope the tale of Tilly the hero cat and these other funny videos brought a smile to your face. I know they brightened up my day!

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Have you watched Tilly the Hero Cat rescue her brother yet? What are some of your favorite funny cat videos this week? Share below!

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