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If you’re looking for an easy way to offer your cat safe water, the Uahpet wireless and battery-operated cat water fountain is well worth considering.

We bought one because our cat kept splashing and tipping over his water bowl, which was not only messy but a bit frustrating!

The need for a solid and sturdy water bowl or fountain appeared to be the clear answer to this weird behavior.

After some trial and error, we found that a standard water bowl was not going to solve the problem.

That’s when we found and tried the Uahpet cat water fountain. This freshwater source really came to our rescue!

What Makes it Unique

uahpet Cat Water Fountain review

What makes it better?

  • Superior filtration system for cleaner water.
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful environment.
  • Large water capacity reduces frequent refills.
  • Transparent window to easily monitor the water level.
  • Rechargeable battery option for cordless operation.

The Uahpet cat water fountain is cool, and it has some great features that make it stand out from the rest.

The capacity is excellent, so you can be comfortable filling it with water in advance, knowing that your cat won’t run out during the day.

This automated fountain operation greatly appreciated preventing water splatter on the floor.

This fountain also has an anti-tipping bracket. It has completely eliminated the weird cat’s habit of tipping over objects effortlessly.

This water fountain is a winner for us because you don’t plug it in when it’s in use! A 5000 AH rechargeable battery powers it with a long battery life. This is a fantastic safety feature that avoids the risk of your pet chewing the cable.

We also love how you can have this automatic pet water fountain set to different flow modes. It can run in a timed mode, cycling every 15 minutes to keep the water fresh. Or you can turn on the sensor. 

Additionally, it has an infrared sensor that will activate when it detects movement from pets within the sensor area. When activated, it will release 30–35 seconds of free-flowing water.

We also really like the eco-friendly replacement filters for the filtration system in this automatic cat water fountain.

They keep cats from drinking unclean water. In fact, this system will keep the water clean from food particles and heavy metals.

What’s Included in the Package

  • Drinking water tray
  • Water storage bucket set
  • External wireless water pump. This is the same type of pump found in a coffee machine
  • Filter or filters
  • Filter sponge
  • 6-inch TYPE-C USB cable
  • User manual
  • Rechargeable battery

Features of Uahpet Cat Water Fountain

uahpet Cat Water Fountain
  • EASIER—Wireless & Rechargeable Battery Operated: It is total no need...
  • SMARTER—Designed To Entice Their Natural Instinct To Drink: uahpet...
  • SAFER—Eliminate Electric Shock By Leaking: uahpet dog water fountain...
  • There are three buying options available (Fountain+1pcs Filter, Fountain+2pcs Filter, and Fountain+6pcs Filter).
  • Wireless, battery-operated design
  • Large 2000-ml transparent water tray (5.5 inches wide)
  • 5000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Retractable anti-tipping bracket
  • 120-degree thermal image sensor mode with a 7-inch perimeter
  • Timed mode by button (add to the water level every 15 minutes)
  • 6-layer filtration system with eco-friendly shell filters
  • Water and electricity are separate, preventing electric shock.


    • Pets can use it without having to be plugged into power. 
    • Comes with replacement filters. 
    • Water fountain capacity is excellent.
    • Durable construction for long-term use
    • Ultra-quiet pet water fountain; ideal for light sleepers
    • When running, do not splatter outside of the dish.
    • There are two convenient flow modes for adequate water capacity.
    • 30-day return policy


    • It does not come with a USB adaptor.
    • There are no directions on how to put it together (it has a book that tells you the parts but does not say how to put it together or how long to charge before using).
    • Does not come with replacement batteries.
    • Spare filters are hard to find.

    How to Assemble It

    We found that putting the Uahpet cat water fountain together is pretty easy.

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Rinse The Parts

    Specifically, the first step is to rinse the tray and bucket with fresh water. Giving it a good rinse will remove any dirt that has built up during packaging and shipping.

    Step 2: Soak The Filter

    Next, soak the filter and the pre-filter sponge for 15 or 20 minutes before use. You’ll then want to insert the filter into this pet water fountain’s bucket. 

    Step 3: Assemble The Cat Water Fountain

    After you’ve inserted the filter, put the water tray on the top rim of the bucket. Proceed to slide in the wireless water pump, but make sure you hear a snap. If there isn’t one, it’ll be loose.

    How to Use It

    • Find a comfortable place to set it down for your cat. For instance, I found that my cat seems to enjoy having his water fountain in the living room.
    • If your cat’s a bit shy, try putting the fountain in an area with less traffic. It’ll provide them with some privacy when drinking their water.
    • Select between the dual working modes. The timed mode will add water every 15 minutes, while the sensor mode will offer water when it detects your cat. The main goal of the setting you choose is to prevent pet dehydration. Did you know that “studies show that many cats exist in a state of chronic dehydration”?
    • For this cat water dispenser, I’d recommend using the timed mode in a smaller area. I found that using this mode with one cat in an open environment only results in a waste of water.
    • But the sensor mode was more suitable for an open environment. Multi-pet households would enjoy having this ultra-quiet cat water dispenser in sensor mode. 
    • I also must mention that you’ll need to replace the filters and filter sponges. It’ll need to beto be di both parts reparts removedreplaced.

    Maintenance Tips

    cat drinking from uahpet cat water fountain

    The Uahpet wireless cat water fountain is easy to maintain! We can’t say the same about many other pet products.

    Uahpet was smart enough to make its design different than other cat water fountain options. They did this by providing a separation between water and electric parts. 

    This separation of water and electricity ensures a simple cleaning process, plus it makes the fountain much safer for your pet to use. After using the fountain for a while, I turned caring for it into an art.

    Here are some tips to keep the product usable for many years:

    • Start by cleaning the water tank, tray, filter, and filter head before even putting them together. 
    • After the initial assembly, the fountain does need a little upkeep. But the cleaning process only requires a clean cloth to wipe down the pump’s external body. 
    • You’ll then need to cut the power and shut off the fountain. This is an important, necessary step to take before cleaning out the water bucket with a clean cloth.
    • The filers and filter sponge will need replacement around every 3 to 4 weeks. It’s essential to ensure the water remains clean and healthy. 


    We really love this product, and after using it, we’re happy to recommend the Uahpet water drinking fountain to other cat parents.

    The anti-tipping bracket and heavy water tank design have made an enormous difference. 

    Honestly, it’s among the best cat fountains for single or multi-cat households.

    We’d recommend it to any cat owner who wants to keep their cats healthy.

    Let us know your opinion on this product below!

    Uahpet Wireless & Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain
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