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Every cat owner has asked themselves, “Why are cat trees so expensive?”

Honestly, I rarely come across a cat tree at an affordable price.

But what are the reasons behind these expensive prices?

I’ll help you solve the mystery by diving deep into this topic and a few more!

What Makes Cat Trees So Costly?

Cat lovers are never overly excited to buy new cat condos or trees. After all, these products will take up a significant portion of your savings.

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But what makes these products such expensive ones? Well, it boils down to six factors behind these products, which provide them with a higher price tag. 

1- They are Built with Sturdy and Durable Materials

One of the biggest reasons behind these high prices is the materials. It’s an issue that comes from manufacturers needing to make the trees steady and secure.

In other words, these companies have to use high-quality materials when creating their cat trees. It often leads them to use sturdy wood boards rather than cheaper cardboard.  

The sturdy base made from wood rewards them by offering better performance. For instance, this heavier base can handle the wear and tear of regular usage, plus all the scratching.

So cat owners are paying a higher price for more reliable materials. As a result, spending a little extra on these trees and towers makes more sense than settling for something unsafe.

2- They have a solid structure

Reliable materials won’t make much difference without a solid structure. These materials need a foundation to hold them up and bind the entire tree together. 

Sadly, there needs to be a lot of thought and money to create these foundations. The tree’s base will likely consist of steel or other robust building components. 

It’s the only way to ensure your tree can withstand multiple cats without wobbling. It never scares a cat away from these trees quicker than when it wobbles or falls over onto them. 

Furthermore, some cat towers feature other elements in their construction. You’ll often see heavy-duty tubing or perch areas that also need to be quality.

It’s easy to see how all of these construction elements lead to those outrageous prices—no wonder why many cat owners are making their cat towers and trees.

3- They Require a Stylish DESIGN

The ciner and tree marketplaces are a lot more competitive than pet parents realize. Each manufacturer continues to top their rivals by making more stylish, more modern cat trees. 

As these battles continue, the prices of these stylish options keep rising. So the marketplace ends up flooded with expensive options.

In fact, the increase in the number of pets has led to a boom in the pet industry. Finding a practical, affordable option then becomes almost impossible.

Cat parents are left with only high-quality, stylish choices at outrageous prices. 

4- They come with High-Level Accessories

Each cat tree will have included accessories, ranging from scratching posts to hanging toys. In some cases, these aspects can become rather extravagant.

You’ll find options with multiple cat condos, scratching platforms, and various built-in toys. It allows owners to pamper their kitties like they’re kings and queens.

But it also makes the cat trees themselves very expensive. After all, the manufacturer won’t add on these features without raising the price. 

5- Safety Precautions

Many people don’t seem to realize that constructing a safe, usable cat tree isn’t easy. It becomes even more complicated when designing one for multi-cat households.

One of the main issues behind this difficulty is the safety standards. After all, manufacturers have to ensure their product won’t fall when your cat’s using it. 

It’s a massive factor in why most people gravitate toward an expensive cat tree. Those products are much more well-put-together and secure.

In fact, it’s why I spent so much money on mine. I’m always more than willing to pay a few additional funds to ensure my cat remains safe. We’ll talk more about whether it’s worth it for everybody later.

6- Bulky Designs with Multiple Pieces

Cat owners don’t think about shipping and distribution fees when looking at these products. But it has a massive impact on each option’s price tag. 

For instance, most options are bulky and require more than one package. It makes them significantly more costly for manufacturers to ship and distribute. 

Manufacturers will then try to make up for these fees with a higher price tag. 

How Expensive Are Cat Trees?

So I’ve now talked about what makes these trees expensive at length. However, it leads to the question of how expensive they are for buyers?

A basic cat tree with two or three platforms can cost between $100 and $200.  But things get even more pricey when you start looking at more involved or taller cat tree options. 

Modern cat trees, cat condos, and towers with scratching posts made with sisal rope and multiple perches will cost $300 or more. They’ll often be larger cat trees made from high-quality wood. 

On the more affordable side, budget cat trees like a cardboard cat house will range from $50 to $150. They’ll be considerably less durable than your more expensive cat furniture. 

Are Cat Trees Worth it?

Cat trees are worth it because they provide our kitties with a place of their own. It gives them a safe space for scratching and napping and is “a good way to reduce feline conflicts in your home.

I’d recommend trying to stick with a simple design when buying a cat tower or tree. It’ll help make sure the price doesn’t end up being way too much.

For instance, make sure it has a sleek design with the necessary features to keep your feline companions happy. Honestly, a cat-scratching post and some platform levels should do the trick.

Any additional aspects like multiple scratching posts, a climbing ladder, or a cat hammock should be seen as a bonus. But please, place this cat tree in an area with plenty of floor space. 


Is it cheaper to buy or make a cat tree?

It’s cheaper to make a cat tree than to buy one. But only people with significant experience crafting cat furniture and dealing with materials like natural sisal rope should give it a shot.

Will my cat use a cat tree?

Your cat using a cat tree depends on their personality. Some cats won’t take to these structures right away, while others will be on them as soon as they’re constructed. 


I hope our discussions about why are cat trees so expensive answer all your questions. But if you have any more, please let me know in our comment section. Thanks for reading!


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