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Why does my cat sleep in the bathroom?

Cats are notorious for their habit of following their owners everywhere, but it’s quite a sight when you find your cat asleep in the bathroom.

Fortunately, I’m here to talk about all the reasons why your cat is sleeping in the bathroom.

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7 Reasons Why Cats Sleep in the Bathroom

cute kitten in a bathroom sink

Cats are one of those animals that can fall asleep almost anywhere. I’ve often found my kitty asleep on top of the bookshelf, inside a cupboard, or buried in the laundry basket.

And it’s not strange for cats to change sleeping locations. As a study on indoor cat housing conditions says, “The average cat could use 34 m2 of the living space and had five different resting places.”

So, why is my cat sleeping in the bathroom?

Most felines decide to nap in the bathroom because they’re curious or are looking for a cold spot to cool down.

But let’s talk in detail about this strange cat behavior.

#1 Bathrooms Are Interesting

Most indoor cats are fascinated with toilets and bathroom sinks to the point where they yowl, begging you to let them in.

That’s because you usually keep bathroom doors closed, not allowing your cat to enter. And that’s a smart move because felines are so curious they can get into the cleaning supplies or medicine cabinet.

However, cats don’t like it when they don’t have access to a room and will do anything in their power to get inside and check it out.

So, it’s not so strange that your feline friend will take a nap in the bathroom from time to time when you forget to close the door. And shred the toilet paper, of course!

#2 Cats Like The Sound of Water Running

Have you ever noticed your cat drinking from the faucet or bathing in the sink? That’s not such an uncommon cat behavior as you think.

Many cats like the sound of moving water better than the stagnant liquid in their bowl. As Dr. Carlo Siracusa explains, “Moving water is more likely to be fresh and uncontaminated.”

Even cats who don’t like getting wet will be fascinated by a running faucet and play with water. And some breeds are so fond of water, they will jump in the shower with you.

So, whenever your cat sneaks into the bathroom for a drink, it might get tired and decide to take a nap in the sink. After all, there’s no reason to move from this comfortable spot.

Just be careful not to allow your kitty to drink from the toilet. It’s gross, and it can be bad for their health. Think about providing a cat water fountain to increase your pet’s water intake.

#3 The Sink Is a Great Sleeping Spot

The bathroom sink will be far down the list when you think about the most comfortable sleeping spot for cats.

However, from your cat’s point of view, the cool sink is the perfect cat bed, especially during hot summer days.

Think about it! A rounded bathroom sink is small, easy to defend, and offers excellent visibility to the rest of the room. 

The bathroom sink is also a great hiding place in times of stress and anxiety because you’ll rarely look for your cat there.

And as you can see from this video, cats are very comfortable in the sink!

#4 Your Cat Is Looking for a Quiet Spot

Usually, the house is full of noise when the whole family is around. Cats have an excellent sense of hearing, and the common bustle and hustle of the house can be a real pain to endure.

Whenever your cat gets overwhelmed by these sounds, it can retreat to the bathroom because it’s one of the few quiet locations around the house.

#5 Your Cat Is Hot

Felines often love to occupy sunny spots around the house, but your kitty can be too hot and seek a colder place to nap.

As vets from PetMD explain, “Cats do not tolerate heat any better than people.” As such, temperatures over 100 Fahrenheit are too hot for your kitty.

During such hot summer days, it’s normal to find your cat stretching on the cool linoleum floor of the bathroom to chill.

#6 Your Cat Likes Strange Sleeping Spots

Some cats like nothing more than to sprawl on your bed and cuddle with you at night. But other felines have strange sleeping habits and prefer to nap in the bathtub or the sink.

In this case, you shouldn’t be bothered by your cat’s unusual sleeping location and let your cat have its beauty sleep.

#7 Your Cat Is Ill

Usually, there’s nothing to be worried about if your cat suddenly starts sleeping in the sink. However, sometimes sudden behavior changes can be a sign of an illness or signs of stress.

Sick cat with icepack and thermometer

When cats don’t feel well, they hide where people can’t bother them. Sometimes, it’s the bathroom because it’s quiet, small, and safe.

Moreover, some cats may also often hide in the bathroom when they’re stressed, anxious, or depressed because they feel safer.

As such, you should observe your cat’s body language and talk to your vet if you notice any weight loss, excessive drinking, or loss of appetite.

Check out this cute video!

Should I Let My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Why does my cat sleep in the bathroom?” you probably wonder if you should indulge your feline’s behavior.

In general, there’s nothing wrong with your cat sleeping in the bathroom as long as you don’t mind it and take a few precautions to keep your indoor kitty happy.

#1 Provide a Comfortable Sleeping Spot

Ginger cat sleeping under title Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom

It’s true that cats will be happy to nap on the bathroom floor, but they can get cold, especially during the night. And these rooms are usually drafty.

So, you should provide a comfortable cat bed or a pet carrier if you plan on letting your cat sleep there for long periods of time.

#2 Food and Water

You never know when you might accidentally lock your cat inside the quiet bathroom without realizing it. Some cats are so stealthy you never notice when they slip through your feet.

As such, you should have provided a water bowl and a food bowl so that your cat won’t go hungry or try to drink from the toilet.

#3 Cat-Proof the Bathroom

If you’re thinking about indulging your cat’s fascination with bathrooms, you should cat-proof the room. (4)

Remove or lock any cleaning supplies that could be dangerous for cats and ensure your kitty can’t open the medicine cabinet.

Moreover, put down the toilet seat to prevent your cat from drinking water or falling inside the toilet.

#4 Provide a Litter Box

black cat in a pink litter box

Unless you want your cat to pee or poop in your bathtub or shower when nature calls, it’s a good idea to provide a litter box.

In general, the bathroom is a great place to put the litter box because it’s quiet, and your cat can have privacy to do its business. So, you’d be killing two birds with one stone.

#5 Leave Toys and Puzzles

Since you don’t want your cat to tear apart the bathroom, it’s an excellent idea to leave some safe toys around to entertain your kitty when they wake up.

How to Stop My Cat From Sleeping in the Bathroom?

If you’re not comfortable with your cat sleeping in your bedroom, here are five tips to help you keep your cat away.

#1 Don’t Give In

Once your cat starts yowling in front of closed doors, the biggest mistake you can make is open the door. Your cat learns that they can get their way as long as they cry hard and long enough.

So, leave your cat outside the bathroom, no matter how much they protest or scratch the door.

#2 Use Certain Smells

Cats hate certain smells because they’re too intense for their sensitive noses. As such, they will avoid any room that doesn’t smell right.

Use this to your advantage to keep the cat out of the bathroom. Purchase a cat repellent spray or use citrus scents.

#3 Fill the Sink with Water

If you don’t want your cat to nap in the sink, the easiest way to deter your crafty feline is to fill the sink with water.

Only a few cats will dare to submerge their bodies in the water to take a nap.

#4 Make the Bathroom Unappealing

Your cat will stop sleeping in the bathroom if the room is too noisy or there’s nothing interesting to do inside.

You can also place a barrier in front of the door, but that’s not going to keep most cats out if they’re really determined.

#5 Create an Alternative Spot

Another way to keep the cat out of the bathroom is to give your cat an alternative location to sleep—somewhere they won’t be able to resist.


Is It Normal For a Cat to Sleep in the Bathtub?

Yes, it’s normal for cats to sleep in bathtubs. In your cat’s eye, the bathtub is perfect because it’s enclosed, easy to defend, and comfortable. 

Why Is My Cat Sleeping on the Bathroom Floor? 

Some cats sleep on the bathroom floor because it’s too hot, and they want to cool down. Other felines prefer hard surfaces to soft beds, so they can’t resist rolling on the bathroom floor and napping there. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom Sink?

Cats love sleeping in sinks because they have similar shapes to cat beds. Sinks are also a great place to play with water and give your cat a good view of their surroundings. 


Why does my cat sleep in the bathroom?

Cats love to be around their owners, so it’s not surprising that your cat insists on being with you in the bathroom.

And it’s not so strange for your kitty to take a nap while waiting for you to finish your business. 

However, if you think your cat is acting strange or there’s a change in your kitty’s activity levels, you should talk to your vet.


cute grey cat in a white sink

What do you think about this topic? Why is your cat sleeping in the bathroom? Share your guesses in the comment section. 

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