cat lying on the floor but why won't my cat sleep in her bed?

Are you wondering, “Why won’t my cat sleep in her bed?”

As you’ll learn, your kitty has good reasons to avoid the comfortable, trendy bed you’ve provided. 

So, keep reading to discover more about your feline’s sleeping behavior and how to get a cat to use a cat bed.

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Why Won’t My Cat Sleep in Her Bed? 7 Reasons To Know  

Cats spend so much time napping in various strange places and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Yet, many felines avoid the cozy cat bed, which you’ve spent hours picking up.

So, why won’t my cat sleep in her bed? Likely, your cat won’t sleep in her bed because something is bothering them – texture, scent, material, etc.

So, let’s talk in detail about all the reasons why your cat avoids their cool bed. 

#1 Wrong Shape

Cats can be picky not only about eating the best dry food but also where they sleep. If the cat bed is the wrong shape, it won’t become your cat’s favorite spot to snooze.

maine coon inside a box

Some felines prefer close spaces, and that’s why you find them in the laundry basket, wardrobes, and cardboard boxes. Others like to sprawl as much as possible on sofas, armchairs, and carpets.

So, if the cat bed is too spacious/too confining, your feline will find another sleeping spot to spend their day.

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#2 Wrong Material

Sometimes cats won’t sleep in their bed because they don’t like the material. It can be too thin to provide enough comfort and keep your kitty sufficiently warm—more about why cats don’t like the cold in a bit.

a cat kneading a pink blanket

Moreover, cats like to knead the bed’s surface to mark it. So, when the material doesn’t feel right on claws, the cat will ignore the bed, no matter how soft and cozy it looks to you.

#3 Too Cold

In general, cats prefer to nap in the warmest part of the house because it makes it easy to regulate their body temperature and preserve body heat.

cute black cat sleeping deeply in a blanket

So, if your cat won’t sleep in the cozy nest you’ve prepared, think about where you have placed the bed and if it’s warm enough.

#4 Unsafe Location

ginger cat on top of a cabinet

Cats won’t sleep in a place where they feel too exposed and vulnerable to predator attacks. That’s why most felines seek shelter in high and hard-to-reach places, where no one can bother them.

So, if the bed is too out in the open or a noisy part of the house, your kitty won’t sleep in it.

#5 Bed is Dirty

Why won’t my cat sleep in her bed anymore? In most cases, cats stop sleeping in their usual bed because it’s too dirty and smelly for their taste.

Sometimes cats will also refuse to use the bed if it smells wrong to them – for example if another animal has marked it.

#6 It’s Time for Change

cat in her enclosed bed

As specialists from Cats Protection explain, “You’ll find that cats often rotate their preferred sleeping area.” [1]

That’s because, in the wild, cats rarely sleep in one place for too long. It makes them vulnerable to attacks and easy to discover by predators.

Domestic cats also change their napping spots from time to time, even if they have nothing to fear, and the rotation keeps fleas and parasites in check.

#7 Health Issues

In rare cases, a cat who stops sleeping in its bed might have a health problem, such as joint pains and it may result to a crying cat in bed. So, if you notice any other unusual behavior and signs of illness, you should schedule a vet visit.

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How to Train a Cat to Use His/Her Bed in 8 Steps

Looking for ready-to-order braided cat bed? Prefer to make your own with a crochet pattern? Either way, we've got you covered!

You’ve spent hours searching on the web for the perfect cat bed. And your furry friend still refuses to go anywhere near it. Can you do something to change your cat’s mind?

Well, while cats are a little bit harder to train than dogs, I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve on how to get a cat to sleep in the bed.

But keep in mind that cats are cats, and they’ll sleep wherever and whenever they feel like it.

#1 Choose a Suitable Location

  • Observe your cat’s daily routine to determine where they like to nap and move the bed to this location.
  • Place the bed in a warm, secure spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Ensure the area has a good view, so your cat can keep an eye on you.

#2 Pick the Right Bed

black cat comfortably lying on her bed

Consider your cat’s personality to choose the best cat bed. If your kitty prefers to be up high, opt for a cat tree with a perch.

#3 Lure the Cat with Treats

Treats are vital when we’re talking about how to get a cat to use a cat bed. Choose something you know your cat can’t resist, or prepare homemade treats. 

Then use the tasty rewards to lure your cat inside the bed. Once your kitty connects the bed with pleasant things, the cat should start sleeping in it.

#5 Use Catnip

If you have a hard time luring your cat to the bed with treats, you should consider catnip. Most cats are sensitive to this herb and go crazy for it.

#6 Place Something Yours Inside

Do you know why some cats like to sleep on dirty laundry? Because it smells like you, and your scent is comforting for your cat.

So, put a sock or an old T-shirt in the bed to lure your kitty inside. Placing your cat’s toys inside can also entice the cat to use the bed for sleeping.

#7 Don’t Force the Cat

It’s easy to get frustrated if your cat doesn’t use her/his bed. But never force your cat in the bed, or your kitty will avoid it forever.

#8 Make Other Spots Undesirable

My last tip on how to get your cat to sleep in their bed is to make other locations undesirable.

Consider one of the many products for cats that keeps feline away from specific stops or choose a smell that cats hate. 

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep in Her Bed: FAQs 

Why Do Cats Abandon Their Beds?

cat comfortably lying on the floor

If your cat abandons its bed, the bed likely is far too dirty for your kitty’s taste. Or your cat has found a better spot to snooze. 

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep in His New Bed?

A new bed can smell like the factory or store it comes from, which can prevent your cat from using it. To get your cat to sleep in the bed, you can wash it and leave it to dry.

How Do I Get My Cat to Sleep in Her Bed? 

Use treats to reward your cat every time they use the bed. In time, cats will develop a positive assassination with the bed and start sleeping in it. 


You’re not the only pet owner whose cat refuses to sleep in their luxurious cat bed. Cats are cats, and they’ll sleep wherever they like. 

As long as your kitty doesn’t nap in a dangerous location, you shouldn’t be concerned about them not using the bed. Just place the bed in a suitable area, and sooner or later, your cat will give it a try. 

What do you think about the topic? Why won’t your cat sleep in their fancy bed, and how do you get your cat to use the bed? Tell us in the comments. 


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