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From frosty weather to seasonal holidays, we took inspiration from all things winter to bring you this list.

With the skies darkening and the temperature dropping, you know we’re nearing that time of year again.

Soon we’ll officially be in the dead of winter in weather that makes each breath visible. Cats have always been associated with the yin in yin yang and colder weather.

With their striking amber, blue, and/or green eyes, a cat can peer into your very soul.

If you are bringing home a brand new kitten during the season of mittens, we have a list of winter cat names befitting this time of year.

Check out 70 ideas that we adore for both males and females!

Winter Cat Names For Males

Looking for the best winter cat names for your newest feline friend? We’ve got you covered! Check out 35 hat we adore for both males, then keep reading for female names.

Cats do well indoors and away from cold weather.

Imagine snuggling up to the fireplace with your kitty in your lap with a cup of hot chocolate and good ol’ Christmas tunes playing in the background.

Let’s commemorate the season when you brought your male kitten home by choosing a name from the list below.

  1. Alba – A white kitten during Xmas is perfect. It also means bright white.
  2. Alaska – A unisex name, what better name to give than the state that boasts snow all year round?
  3. Aspen – Famous skiing municipality in Colorado, USA.
  4. Cypress – The evergreen tree that graces the northern regions of the earth.
  5. Dark – Sounds a bit on the evil side but hear me out. The weather and skies sure do get darker during winter months.
  6. Ebenezer – It’s Ebenezer Scrooge to you. The fictional character that is visited by the ghosts of Christmas. A very famous Charles Dickens novel that has several film adaptations.
  7. Frost – There are lots in the wintertime.
  8. Frosty – The snowman.
  9. Ice – You might see every form of water on our list.
  10. Snow
  11. Storm (stormy) – No, not Kylie Jenner’s daughter.
  12. December – The main month of winter.
  13. Neve – Meaning “snow” in Latin.
  14. North – No, not Kim and Kanye’s daughter, but the region of the world where winter is dominant.
  15. Santa – Who can forget the big jolly mascot of Christmas? His name is literally father Christmas.
  16. Saint Nick – Santa’s real name.
  17. Snowball – Basic, but still adorable.
  18. Spruce – Another coniferous evergreen tree.
  19. Stocking – Where little presents are found. Your cat might even find one to be a nice snuggle space.
  20. Winter – Obvious and straight to the point.
  21. Amethyst
  22. Zircon – One of December’s birthstones.
  23. Turquoise – Another December birthstone.
  24. Sagittarius – December birth sign.
  25. Avalanche – The destructive force caused by the winter snow.
  26. Blizzard
  27. Christian – Since Xmas is mainly a Christian holiday.
  28. Kringle – For Kris Kringle, another one of Santa’s names.
  29. Hemlock – A type of pine tree.
  30. Klaus – Pronounced clouse. The German variation of the Claus for Santa Claus.
  31. Penguin – Winter animal
  32. Polar
  33. Prancer
  34. Rudolph
  35. Fog

After reading this list we just noticed that a lot of celebrities like to name their children after climate conditions.

A lot of the names above are deeply linked to the holidays and cold weather. Let’s take a look at names on the other side of the coin.

Winter Cat Names For Females

Looking for the best winter cat names for your newest feline friend? We’ve got you covered! Check out 35 that we love for girls, then keep reading for boy names, too!

Naming little girls always seems to be easier. We can draw inspiration from colors, weather, stars and places.

Some of the names above can be suited for little girl kittens as well. If you didn’t find one you like, our next list will surely present some desired choices.

  1. Bianca – White
  2. Blanche – White
  3. Carol – It’s a human name, but why not? It’s also for all the caroling you will be doing during this time of year.
  4. Coco (Cocoa) – Regarding the picture we painted above, sitting in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa is the picturesque image of Xmas.
  5. Crystal
  6. Ember
  7. Frostine – Female version of Frost or Frosty.
  8. Holly – The plant that we see decorating wreaths.
  9. January – Another cold winter month.
  10. Noel
  11. Vixen – For one of Santa’s reindeer.
  12. Sparkle – How the snow sparkles under the sun.
  13. Aquarius – January zodiac sign.
  14. Candy – Something we get a lot of during the Xmas season too.
  15. Ginger – For gingerbread.
  16. Scarlett – A shade of red, and a Christmas color.
  17. Evergreen
  18. Evangeline – Like an angel. Your cat arriving to your house during this season is just that.
  19. Eve – For Christmas Eve, the day the whole family gets together.
  20. Fluffy
  21. Juniper – Another tree that remains green during the cold season.
  22. Mist
  23. Snowflake – Remember, every form of precipitation will be named.
  24. Slush
  25. Solstice – For the Winter solstice.
  26. Vail – Another municipality in Colorado famous for ski resorts.
  27. White – Simple yet subtle.
  28. Wren – A bird in the wintertime.
  29. Mittens – Because they are needed in the wintertime, and the name can be even more fitting for cats with different colored paws.
  30. Elsa – Have you seen Frozen?
  31. Burr – The sound we make when it’s cold outside.
  32. Parka – Your fuzzy little cat will keep you warm just like a parka will.
  33. Icicle
  34. Sleet
  35. Chill

With names that celebrate both Christmas and wintertime such as Eve, Scarlett and Coco, you can really capture your love of the season!


Winter cat names offer a delightful way to capture the spirit of the season and celebrate our feline companions.

From frosty-inspired monikers to whimsical references to winter wonders, these names add a touch of charm and uniqueness to our beloved pets.

Whether you choose a name inspired by snowy landscapes, cozy festivities, or mystical characters, there is no shortage of options to suit every cat’s personality and appearance.

Embracing the magic of winter through naming our feline friends not only reflects our love for them but also allows us to revel in the enchantment of the coldest season.

As the snowflakes fall and the air turns crisp, consider giving your furry companion a winter-themed name to make the season even more special.

Which of our winter cat names did you like the most? Let us know down below!

Looking for the best winter cat names for your newest feline friend? We’ve got you covered! Check out 70 that we adore for both males and females!
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