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If you’re looking for an easy way to make sure your kitty always has fresh water, you’ll love these best automatic and motion-sensor cat water fountains.

Each one on our list keeps fresh water flowing for your cat with minimal effort on your part.

We’ll cover our top picks from both Amazon and Chewy, as well as some tips for choosing the best fountain.

Then, since it’s so hard to find motion-sensor cat water fountains, we’ll check out a few great tutorials on turning any automatic fountain into one!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Top Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountains at a Glance

10 Best Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountains

1. AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain

AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain
  • The AquaPurr eC has been replaced by the AquaPurr 4
  • The AquaPurr 4 is only 3.5" in diameter
  • The AquaPurr 4 is battery powered!

If you want an automatic motion sensor cat fountain that requires zero effort on your part beyond installing it, the AquaPurr is the way to go!

While the countertop fountain is among the most expensive to buy, read the features and pros to see why it’s actually among the cheaper in the long run!


  • Never needs to be cleaned or filled. Ever.
  • No filters are necessary, so the initial purchase is the only purchase.
  • Motion-sensor technology triggers the fountain when your cat is ready to drink.
  • Since it only runs when needed, you save both water and energy.
  • It connects to your faucet and doesn’t interfere with your own use of the sink.


  • Although relatively easy to install, you will need some basic plumbing skills.
  • You’ll need the “right”-shaped sink. If it’s too narrow, you may run into issues with water spritzing on your counter.
  • Some feel that the stream isn’t very powerful. I liken it to the stream from a water flosser on about medium or high (so not a river, but not a dribble either).
  • The sensor may be a bit oversensitive (not all users had this issue), so it could turn on every time you walk in the bathroom.


If your cat loves drinking from the faucet like my Zoe, this isn’t just a good choice; it’s the best choice.

In fact, if I didn’t have cruddy sulfur water, I’d buy it right this second. We use filtered water for our cats, so it wouldn’t work for me.

While it’s among the priciest purchases, remember that you never have to buy filters for it. Ever. So what you pay right now is all you ever pay.

2. PetSafe Drinkwell Automatic Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Automatic Drinking Fountain
  • LED NIGHTLIGHT: An LED light illuminates the water reservoir with an...
  • LARGE WATER RESERVOIR: 168 oz. / 1. 3-gallon water capacity is great...
  • FILTERED WATER: Includes replaceable carbon water filter that...

The Petsafe Drinkwell line of automatic cat water fountains is among the most popular brands.

While they have a huge line of fountains, I prefer the platinum above all of the others because it has more features. Let’s take a look.


  • 168 ounce Water Capacity means you fill it a lot less often.
  • Adjustable water flow so you can set it just right for your cat.
  • Uses a replaceable carbon water filter to remove odors and nasty tastes.
  • The built-in LED nightlight makes it easy for both you and your cat to see at night (so you won’t trip over it).
  • Made with BPA-Free plastic.
  • Top dishwasher rack safe
  • Replacement filters are cheap (price-wise, not quality-wise)


  • NOT good for homes with dogs, too, as the bowl is too small.
  • The pump isn’t installed, and it’s tricky to put it in yourself.
  • Petsafe doesn’t have the best warranty and I notice a lot of customers complaining that they take a long time to respond to issues.
  • The cord placement is a little awkward, so read the directions very closely.


While I’ve heard some not-so-stellar things about PetSafe’s customer service on Amazon, the brand has been around for a while and has an overall good reputation.

If you do have issues contacting the seller through Amazon, I recommend going through support on their website (call or email).

I like this one because the filters are so cheap (less than $5 for a 3-pack) and the water is neatly tucked away all nice in neat where I won’t knock it over.

The water reservoir reminds me of the one on my Keurig, which is pretty simple to fill up.


Despite the totally unpronounceable name, this one ranks high on my list because it’s one of the very few motion sensor cat water fountains that don’t need to be attached to your sink.


  • Three different modes, including a motion-sensing mode that runs when your cat enters the scope and stops when he leaves.
  • The quietest pet fountain shockproof pump won’t keep you up all night.
  • Made from BPA-free non-toxic materials.
  • Multiple-filtration system includes a double layer of activated carbon to keep odors out of the water.
  • Holds 2.5 liters in the removable bucket. It’s also easy to clean since the bucket comes right out.
  • Fantastic warranty (30-day full refund, 12 months replacement, 24/7 customer service).


  • It is made of plastic, which I know a lot of people aren’t fans of.
  • You have to buy replacement filters, so you have an ongoing added cost.
  • Those filters aren’t always in stock, ship from overseas, and can take a long time to arrive.
  • The 3rd setting is a little weird and useless. It runs for 30 seconds when it senses the cat, so it could turn off mid-drink.


Aside from that weird last setting (which you don’t have to use) and the filter issues, this is a great buy.

I’d recommend it for those who want a motion sensor cat water fountain but don’t want to attach anything to their sink.

Just make sure you stock up on filters rather than waiting until the last minute, otherwise you won’t be able to get them in time.

4. Wonder Creature Cupcake Cat Water Fountain

Wonder Creature Cupcake Cat Water Fountain
  • Safe and durable: Porcelain cat fountain are durable and resistant to...
  • Extremely quiet: the sound of the falling water is whisper-quiet....
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: Aurora porcelain pet fountain only...

The Aurora is a beautiful option for those who want a plastic-free automatic cat fountain and are willing to forgo motion-sensing technology.

Simple and sleek, it has an unassuming design that works well in any home. Let’s take a look.


  • Made of durable and hygienic porcelain that’s stain and rust resistant.
  • Whisper-quiet while running (it stays below 40 decibels) thanks to the submersible pump.
  • Includes cleaning brushes for both the intake tube and the motor cavity.
  • Easily comes apart for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The dual filtration includes a carbon filter as well as a foam filter to remove hair and dirt.
  • 360° multi-directional streams help add more oxygen to your cat’s water.


  • Replaceable filters mean added long-term costs (they’re not terribly expensive, though).
  • Water tends to splash, which may deter some cats from using it.
  • Filters need frequent replacement otherwise the flow trickles down to almost nothing.


Aside from the filter replacements, the cons mentioned were only experienced by a few customers, so this is still an excellent choice.

I like it because it’s not “in your face,” meaning it’s classy and blends with your decor.

I also prefer pretty much anything except plastic, so the porcelain materials are a plus for me.

5. Bio Bidet Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Bio Bidet Sprayer Kitchen Faucet
  • Hands-free motion sensor turns the water on and off with the wave of a...
  • Exclusive SmartLatch technology turns water on when the sprayer is...
  • Retractable pull-down hose and dual function head with spray and...

While the FLOW isn’t exactly a cat-specific product, I’m including it for those who want motion sensor cat water fountains that don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Yes, you’ll need to replace your entire sink faucet, but hear me out on why this is probably the 2nd best pick (after the Aquapurr).


  • The handfree motion sensor isn’t just great for cats who want to drink out of the faucet, but for you as well!
  • It’s easy enough to install on your own. No hardwiring and no plumber needed.
  • Includes both the faucet and a retractable sprayer (located IN the faucet head, so you don’t need a sprayer section on your sink)
  • Switch between two different spray modes just by tapping a button.
  • The beautiful chrome finish stays clean and polished-looking.
  • Since the motion sensor runs on rechargeable batteries, it won’t add anything to your electric bill.
  • You can switch from manual to motion-sensor and back any time you want.


  • You’ll actually have to remember to recharge the batteries in the motion sensor (about once a month).
  • The battery pack is a little awkward and hard to reach, and there is no AC option.
  • Customer service seems to be so-so based on feedback from other users.


If your cat prefers to drink out of the faucet and you want something that’s practical for you as well, the Flow is your best bet.

I like that you can easily switch it over to a manual faucet as needed (like during the night).

I’m also loving the internal spray attachment! While your cats won’t care about that, it’ll make life easier for you when you in the kitchen.

While I do have some concerns about customer service complaints, the faucet has a 5-year warranty, so that’s a major plus!


Now we’ll head over to Chewy, where we won’t find any motion sensor cat water fountains but we WILL find some great deals on automatic fountains.


The Catit Flower Fountain is as functional as it is cute, which is probably why it’s earned 4.5/5 stars among users!


  • 3 different water settings from a gentle flow to a calm stream.
  • With no bowl, the water flows right back into the chamber, so it doesn’t sit and get stagnant.
  • Flower easily removes and re-attaches to help strengthen or weaken the flow.
  • Easy to put together and take apart for cleaning.
  • Made of non-toxic BPA-free plastic materials.
  • A replaceable filter helps keep the water fresh for your cat.
  • Filters are relatively cheap ($5.99 for a 3-pack on Chewy, and a little cheaper if you use Autoship.


  • Although the filters are cheap, they’re still an added ongoing expense.
  • Some customers complain that it starts to grow mold in the crevices after a few months of use.
  • It’s one of the noisier automatic cat water fountains on our list.


If you want an inexpensive fountain that doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain, this Catit flower cat water fountain is a great option.

I like that the water doesn’t sit in a bowl but rather cycles back through the filter so that it’s always fresh.

The potential for mold bothers me but it’s not exclusive to the Catit. In fact, just about any plastic fountain is capable of growing mold.


Don’t let the super simple style fool you, the Cat Mate is a 5-star fountain that describes itself as a “reliable option for keeping your sidekick hydrated all day long.”

You’ll soon see why that “all day long” deserves emphasis!


  • Holds 100 ounces of water (just over 3/4 of a gallon) so the water will definitely last all day long!
  • Runs very quiet and won’t keep you up all night (or make you have to run to the bathroom every five minutes!)
  • Multiple heights make it easy for cats of all sizes to use.
  • The shell attachment creates a naturally oxygenated waterfall.
  • 3-stage filtration to prevent odors or harmful scaling deposits.
  • Easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe bowls
  • 10-foot-long power cord makes it easy to place where ever you need it most.


  • At just over $6 for two, the replacement filters are a bit pricey.
  • Only one water flow strength.
  • You’ll need to take the pump apart and clean it monthly, which is kind of a pain.


While the upkeep on this one is a bit more irksome than some of the other models, I do like the adjustable heights. I also like that it has an extra-long cord.

Although I wish these fountains would come with a battery option, a long cord is the next best thing since we don’t all have outlets every two feet!

Heads up: as of right now, it’s just over 50% off the MSRP over on Chewy ($28.45 vs. $57.60)


Want a super cute water fountain that’s good for cats and dogs? Let’s check out the Pet Fit for Life! With a 4-star rating by Chewy customers, it has to be good!


  • The raised design makes it easy for cats and small dogs to reach the bowl without straining their necks.
  • 4 different flow settings, including two with and two without the flower.
  • A charcoal-activated filter helps to remove impurities and keep the water fresh.
  • Whisper-quiet Low-power, submersible pump
  • Comes with a cute bonus non-skid rubber mat to protect your floor from splashes and spills.
  • They even toss in a fun feather cat toy, just because!


  • Filters are pretty pricey at $14.95 for a 6-pack (that’s almost $2.50 each)
  • It’s a bit on the small side, so not the best option for large-breed cats.
  • Water tends to splash around a lot (hence the free mat)


I’m not loving the price of the filters, either.

However, I do like that it offers four water speeds and that the flower is removable.

Also, although it’s designed for both cats and dogs, I’d stick to using it for petite kitties and toy-size pups since it’s not really all that big.


Since Drinkwell is one of the most popular brands of automatic cat water fountains, you should be surprised to see another model appear on this list.

I personally love the style of this one! It has a very Zen shape to it, don’t you think?


  • It is made from ceramic materials, making it more hygienic than plastic water fountains.
  • The water constantly circulates to keep it fresh and oxygenated.
  • Uses a replaceable carbon, coconut shell filter to remove bad odors and tastes.
  • Two drinking areas for cats with the upper and lower dish.
  • The elevated design of the upper dish is great for older cats with arthritis.
  • Very inexpensive replacement filters ($4.46 for a 4-pack)


  • Kind of a pain to disassemble and clean.
  • A bit on the noisy side.
  • Water splashes around quite a bit.


I have to say that aesthetics-wise, this is one of my top overall picks. It’s simply a beautiful fountain.

It’s also a great pick for senior cats who can’t really bend down too far.

That said, I wish you had a bit more control over the water flow. Still, if you want something that’s both functional and pretty, it’s worth a try!


This last one on our list is the best choice for those who prefer stainless steel automatic cat water fountains.

The Pioneer has an average of 4/5 stars from over 250 reviews, so it’s definitely very well-liked among users. Let’s see why!


  • Extra-large drinking area makes it great for multiple pets.
  • Holds 1 full gallon (128 oz) of water
  • Stainless steel naturally resists bacteria, mold and other nasties.
  • Uses a replaceable charcoal filter for added cleanliness.
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleaning.
  • Can run without the filter, although you’ll need to change the water more often.


  • The pump needs to be cleaned regularly and it’s a bit of a pain to get apart & back together.
  • Doesn’t do a great job of filtering dirt and debris that gets into the bowl.
  • You need to watch closely because if the water gets too low it will burn out the pump.


I looked at a few different stainless steel options and chose this one because it has such a large water capacity.

While I wish it offered a bit more control over water flow, I like that it can run without a filter. Should it? Probably not, but it won’t damage the fountain.

It’s a great option for multiple pet households, especially if you have both cats and dogs.


It’s surprisingly hard to find motion sensor cat water fountains on Amazon, Chewy, or pretty much anywhere else.

Don’t worry, though, you can always make a DIY motion sensor fountain out of pretty much any automatic model.

Not sure how?

This video shows you how to turn pretty much any fountain into a motion sensor version.


Before we dive into our top picks for automatic and motion sensor cat water fountains, let’s just very quickly go over some questions to ask yourself before hitting the “buy now” button.


This is always the first question to ask about any pet product, from cat water fountains to litter boxes to cat trees!

After all, if your cat won’t even go near it, even the fanciest fountain quickly becomes little more than a paperweight.

So, consider your cat’s personality.

  • Is she skitzy around things that make noise? If so, you’ll want the quietest fountain possible.
  • Does he prefer drinking from the faucet? Then you’ll want something that attaches to your kitchen sink.
  • Will she only drink from a standing bowl of water (or the toilet)? In that case, water fountains really aren’t for you.


This would be the next most important question to ask, as an unhygienic fountain can lead to health issues.

Look for fountains with at least one type of filter (although more than one is preferable, but also more expensive to maintain), and something that’s easy to clean.

While we’ll talk about some good plastic filters below, keep in mind that things like stainless steel and ceramic are a lot easier to keep clean.


Unless you’re hooking something up right to your water supply, like with the sink faucets, you’re going to have to remember to add water regularly to your fountain.

Just like a fountain becomes useless if your cat won’t use it, it also becomes a waste of space and money if you constantly forget to fill it.

Not only that but your cat will suffer if you don’t keep up with giving her fresh water! Like humans, cats can only live a very short time without hydration, after all.

All of these are equally important questions to consider as you shop. Choosing the wrong one can end up costing you money in more ways than one!

Final Word

While many of these work great as an automatic fountain, if you have your heart set on a motion sensor cat water fountain and don’t want to DIY one, your best bet is the Aquapurr or the Flow.

The Aquapurr is great for those who just want something for their cats, while the Flow is a fantastic replacement for your existing faucet.

Your turn! Do you have any of these automatic and motion sensor cat water fountains? Share your thoughts below!

cat touching a water fountain
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