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If you have watched the Trailer Park Boys Series, you should be familiar with a few bubbles cats’ names.

His cat names are not only unique. They are funny, crazy, and crafty – you should be able to find a few great names for your newly-adopted feline friend at home.

In this article, I will mention all the funny cat names that appear in some episodes.

So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy some hilarious cat names bubbles has given his pets!

Best Bubble Cat Names
Conway Kitty
Donald Cunt
Limp Biscuit
Muhammad Meowe
Ronnie Pumpkin
Scratch Bastard

33 Funny Bubbles Cat Names

If you are a cat lover, you can find inspiration for good names anywhere. It could be notable cat names from movies or even unique cartoon cat names. But the name should be memorable and meaningful.

All cats [1] like being the focus of attention. So, finding a unique name for your cat is the first step to giving your cat attention.

But do they know their names?

According to Ken Lambrecht, DVM from petmd, (2) cats recognize and respond to voice commands. So, it is a great idea to give your cat a name.

Here are some funny names from one of the most popular (Soft Plush – Series), Trailer Park Boys.

If you are keen, you will hear most of these nice kitty names in Episode 4 of Season 2. This is a can’t-miss episode if you want to hear more kitty names.

Feel free to check out this short video of a few kitties from Season 2, Episode 4. This was after his shed (bubbles mansion) burned down.
  1. Bing Clawsby
  2. Cat Benatar
  3. Conway Kitty
  4. Donald Cunt
  5. Drew Hairy-more
  6. Felipe Sanchez
  7. Furnando Valensuello
  8. Gary Laser Eyes
  9. Grumpy-face
  10. Henry Hissinger
  11. Limp Biscuit
  12. Luke Skywhiskers
  13. Muhammad Meowe
  14. Neapolitan Charlie
  15. Ner Ner
  16. Orange Thunder
  17. Paw McCatny
  18. Reggie Donaldson
  19. Ronnie Fuckster
  20. Ronnie Pumpkin
  21. Scratch Bastard
  22. Meowenstein
  23. Shit-rock
  24. Steve Austin
  25. Steve French (cougar)
  26. Steve French, the mountain lion.
  27. Stinkster
  28. Ten Toes
  29. The Purr Monster
  30. Timmy Nipples
  31. Twinkly Dink
  32. Vince the Pince
  33. Wayne Newton

5 decent bubbles cats names

A few trailer park boys cats have simple yet beautiful names.

Here is a list of 5 cat names you might consider giving your nice kitty – no matter the breed.

  1. Daisy
  2. Duke
  3. Snappy 
  4. Catsy Kline
  5. Snapjacks

This is the best stressed-out bubbles scene from the Trailer Park Series.

Apart from this scene, you can also read and enjoy some funny bubbles quotes that Trailer Park Boys Series fans love.

“I’m not running over a kitty to save…Ricky!”

“What did you call me?! You… Mustard Tiger!”

“With your whiskers, you look kinda French, I’m gonna name you Steve-French.”


What are the names of Bubbles cats?

Bubbles has many cats living in his trailer. The Purr Monster, Snapjacks, Scratch Bastard, and Gary Laser Eyes are the most common names you will hear in the series.

How many cats do Bubbles have?

You will hear over 35 funny cat names in this series, with a few of the names mentioned behind the scenes.

How funny are some Bubble cats names?

The Purr Monster, shit-rock, Limp Biscuit, Grumpy-Face, and Ronnie Pumpkin are five hilarious cat names on the show.


Bubbles from the Trailer Park Series give all his stray pet cats unique names. But most of the names are hilarious.

Also, these cats have names that match their unique personality and physical appearance.

So, you should now be able to pick a unique name from the above list of bubbles cat names.

Adorable patched cat under title bubbles cats names


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