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When it comes to emergency cat food options, it is important to know what to feed cats when they run out of cat food.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they require animal protein to survive. A diet of plant-based proteins will not provide the nutrients that a cat needs to stay healthy.

One of the cat food alternatives is raw meat. However, it is important to only feed your cat raw meat that is safe for human consumption.

Feeding your cat raw chicken or turkey that has not been properly handled can lead to food poisoning.

Another emergency cat food option is canned tuna, which is a high-quality protein source that is also easy to digest.

But stick to tuna in water, never tuna in oil. It should also be fed occasionally as a treat, not as a regular part of the diet.

Knowing healthy cat food alternatives when you run out of cat food is important to keeping your cats happy and healthy until your next supply arrives.

What to Feed Cats When Out of Cat Food

What Can Cats Eat From The Fridge? Cat Food Alternatives

If you’re a cat owner, then you know how important it is to keep your furry friend well fed.

But what happens when you run out? Do you know what to feed cats when you run out of cat food?

Don’t worry; there are plenty of options available to make sure your kitty stays happy and healthy. One option is to make your own emergency cat food with cooked chicken and rice.

This can be a great way to get some extra nutrition into your pet without having to buy more expensive store-bought food.

Just be sure that the chicken has been cooked thoroughly before feeding it to your feline friend! You can also add in some vegetables for added vitamins and minerals if desired.

Another option is to look for alternative sources of protein, such as canned tuna or hard-boiled eggs. These are both good sources of protein that cats love.

But do not feed them too much at once, as they can cause digestive issues in cats if eaten in large quantities. Additionally, avoid foods that are high in fat or sugar, as these can be harmful to cats.

Finally, consider making homemade treats with natural ingredients like oats and applesauce. This could be a fun activity while also providing some nutritious snacks for your pet.

If you don’t have the time or energy for baking, there are many pre-made treats available on the market specifically designed with cats’ nutritional needs in mind.

No matter which route you choose when faced with running out of cat food, always consult with a veterinarian first so they can provide advice tailored to the specific needs of your pet.

Cat Food Alternatives From the Fridge: How to Use Them

cat looking into fridge

So you’ve run out of cat food. There is no need to panic. There are always some good cat food alternatives from your fridge.

With just a few ingredients from your pantry and some basic kitchen equipment, you can make emergency cat food in no time.

What should I feed my cat when I run out of cat food? Try out this recipe.

  1. Gather Your Ingredients: You’ll need cooked chicken (boneless and skinless), rice, and a blender. If you don’t have any cooked chicken on hand, you can use canned tuna or salmon instead. You’ll also need some water to help with blending.
  2. Prepare the Chicken: If using raw chicken, cook it until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F before proceeding with this recipe. Once cooked thoroughly, shred or chop into small pieces for easier blending later on.
  3. Cook the Rice: Cook one cup of white rice according to the package instructions. Set it aside and let it cool.
  4. Blend Everything Together: In a blender or food processor, put all the ingredients together. Blend the chopped chicken, cooled rice, and 1-2 tablespoons of water until a smooth paste forms. This may take several minutes, depending on your machine’s power level, so be patient.
  5. Serve and Enjoy: Once blended together, serve immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to three days. With just a few simple ingredients, you can easily whip up a tasty meal for your furry friend in no time!

What NOT to Feed Your Cat

cat enjoying milk

As a cat owner, you know that your feline friend needs to be fed the right food at the right time. But what happens when you run out of cat food?

You may be tempted to feed your kitty something else, but it’s important to remember that cats have different dietary needs than humans.

Here are some things you should avoid feeding your cat and foods that are not good cat food alternatives:

  • Milk and Dairy Products: Cats are lactose intolerant, so milk and dairy products can cause digestive problems like vomiting or diarrhea. Stick with water instead for hydration.
  • Raw Eggs, Meat, or Fish: These foods need to be cooked properly before they can be safely consumed by cats. Raw eggs contain an enzyme called avidin, which blocks the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin), while raw meat and fish can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli, which could make your cat sick.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: While these may seem like healthy alternatives for humans, most fruits and vegetables don’t provide enough nutrients for cats and could even lead to nutritional deficiencies over time if eaten regularly without proper supplementation from a veterinarian-approved diet plan.
  • Processed Food: Human snacks like chips, candy bars, or ice cream are not suitable replacements for regular meals because they lack essential vitamins and minerals needed by cats on a daily basis.

Also, keep in mind that many human foods contain ingredients such as garlic or onions, which can actually be toxic for felines!

It’s best to stick with safe cat food alternatives like dry kibble or canned wet food until you can get more cat food at the store.

If you’re ever unsure about what kind of treats are safe for your furry friend, always consult with your vet first.

How to Avoid Running Out of Cat Food

cat looking at cat food

Unfortunately, running out of cat food can be an all-too-common occurrence.

To help ensure that your feline companion never goes hungry, here are some tips for avoiding running out of cat food.

1. Keep an Emergency Stash in Your Pantry or Cupboard

This way, if you ever find yourself in a pinch and need more kibble quickly, you’ll have something on hand to tide them over until the next grocery store run.

2. Purchase Cat Food in Bulk When It’s on Sale

Many pet stores offer discounts for large quantities of certain brands, so take advantage!

Buying large bags at once will save money and also give you peace of mind knowing that there’s plenty around for whenever your cats get hungry.

3. Sign Up for a Cat Food Delivery Service

Subscription services make it easy and convenient to stay stocked up with fresh kibble without having to remember every time the bag runs low. They’ll just show up at your doorstep each month!

Plus, many companies offer discounts for signing up as well as free shipping options, which makes this an even more attractive deal.


It’s important to remember that there are plenty of options available when it comes to feeding cats when they run out of cat food.

Making emergency meals from your fridge can serve as one of the best cat food alternatives.

Just don’t panic; use our recipe, and your cat will be well fed.


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