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Are you looking for the best cat Halloween costumes for your feline friends?

Then you won’t be disappointed because we’ve selected 38 of the most adorable costumes for cats to make your Halloween party special.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

15 Cat Halloween Costumes You’ll Like

Best Cat Halloween Costumes for Your Spooky Kitty!

Years ago, dressing your cat for Halloween would have been a crazy idea.

But nowadays, we can’t resist taking pictures of our cats in cute pet costumes or spoil them with luxurious products and designer cat collars

The recent study estimates that $15.11 billion was spent on items such as beds, collars, leashes, toys, travel items, clothing, food, and water bowls.

Fortunately, most cat Halloween costumes don’t cost a small fortune. So, nothing is stopping you from taking tons of adorable cat pictures.

1. Lion Mane Costume

Lion Mane Costume
  • 【Fits Cats and Dogs】– Available in small and large sizes, these...
  • 【Fluffy, Authentic Design】– Featuring the full, bushy mane just...
  • 【Holiday or Regular Wear】– Great for photo shoots, fun party...

Let your cat’s inner lion come to the surface and scare intruders on Halloween with this fluffy lion mane. It’s also so realistic it can give your friends a heart attack!


  • Authentic design with a fluffy mane resembling a real lion.
  • Made of a breathable, lightweight fabric blend of cotton and polyester.
  • Can be used for various occasions like photo shoots, parties, Halloween, or Christmas.


  • May not fit very small or very large cats.
  • Some cats may not like wearing costumes.

This costume is a fantastic choice for your cat because it transforms your feline friend into a majestic lion, the king of the jungle, making for some adorable and memorable photos.

2. Spider Costume

Spider Costume
  • 【UNIQUE VIVID SPIDER DESIGN】: Super realistic spider costume is an...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL】: This Halloween pet costume...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE PERFECT SIZE】: Chest girth: 32-42cm(12.6-16.5in), Neck...

Spiders might be scary, but there’s nothing terrifying about this spider kitty costume. Your cat will be so stunning they’re bound to be the eye-catcher at your Halloween party.


  • Unique and vivid spider design that’s perfect for Halloween.
  • Adjustable Velcro for a comfortable fit.
  • Made of soft felt cloth, which is lightweight and comfortable.


  • The legs may not hold their shape well.
  • Might be tricky to get on a pet who doesn’t like dressing up.

The spider costume is an excellent pick as it adds an element of spooky fun to your cat’s Halloween look, ensuring your pet stands out in the crowd.

3. Lobster Costume

Lobster Costume
  • S Size: 11.8" Neck Girth; 12.9" Chest Girth; 12.2" Back Length;...
  • Suitable for Winter or Autumn. Keeps your pet warm and cozy throughout...
  • Feature: cat dog adorable lobster costume hoodies,let your pet join...

Are you thinking about dressing your cat like another animal? Then nothing will be more adorable or hilarious than this incredible lobster outfit.


  • Cute and warm hoodie design, suitable for autumn and winter.
  • Easy to wear with button closure.
  • Made of high-quality soft fabrics, comfortable for pets.


  • Limited mobility for some pets due to the design.
  • May not fit properly on all cat sizes.

Opting for the lobster costume is a great idea because it’s not only humorous but also keeps your cat warm during the chilly Halloween evenings.

4. Bat Wings Costume

Bat Wings Costume
  • ♪ONE SIZE: Chest 36-42cm(14-17in), neck 24-36cm(9-14in), adjustable...
  • ♪Made of Black felt cloth,complete interpretation of the mysterious...
  • ♪Weight:1.1oz,Lightweight and had no sense of restraint for the cat...

These “scary” wings are the most adorable outfit for black cats. Use them to dress your furry friend as Batman, a vampire, or a bat. 


  • Lightweight and doesn’t restrict the pet’s movement.
  • Adjustable size to fit most cats.
  • Adds a mysterious and festive atmosphere to Halloween.


  • Some pets might try to take it off.
  • Wings may not stay upright on all cats.

The bat wings are a superb selection as they are simple yet effective, giving your cat a mysterious vibe without overwhelming them with a full-body outfit.

5. Cowboy Costume

Cowboy Costume
  • SUPER VALUE PACK. Super value of Halloween Role Play Party Costume....
  • PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN PARTY. Perfect for Halloween role play,...

Look! It’s the cutest cowcat in the world! Be quick and snap a picture before it hides under the sofa to plan your demise.


  • Includes a cowboy outfit, hat, and scarf for a complete look.
  • Easy to wear with Velcro closure.
  • Made of high-quality material and safe for pets.


  • Size may not be suitable for all pets.
  • The costume may shift if the pet moves a lot.

The cowboy costume is a top choice for its complete and detailed outfit that offers a humorous twist to your cat’s Halloween attire, perfect for a ‘wild west’ theme.

6. Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume
  • SUPER VALUE PACK. Super value of Halloween Role Play Party Costume....
  • PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN PARTY. There has Size : S, M. Perfect for...

Arrr! Here comes the “scariest” pirate in the world, ready to pillage your treat cabinets and steal your Halloween candy.


  • Adorable and humorous design that’s perfect for photo opportunities.
  • Easy to put on with a comfortable fit for most cats.
  • Made of soft fabric, ensuring comfort.


  • The hat may not stay on if the cat is very active.
  • Some cats may not like wearing full-body costumes.

This pirate costume is a treasure for any pet owner looking to add some swashbuckling fun to their cat’s wardrobe, making for unforgettable Halloween memories.

7. Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin Costume
  • Free Size(Adjustable): Hat fits pet's Head Girth 13 to 15 inches,...
  • Made for Cats and Small Sized Dogs
  • Made of polyester with adhesive hook and loop fastener, orange pumpkin...

Who’s the most charming pumpkin this year? That’s right. It’s your cat, thanks to this classical Halloween pumpkin outfit.


  • Bright and festive, ideal for Halloween.
  • Comes with a hat and outfit for a complete look.
  • Adjustable for a snug fit.


  • The outfit may be too warm if worn indoors for a long time.
  • Not suitable for larger cats.

The pumpkin costume is a classic Halloween choice that’s sure to be a hit, and its cozy design keeps your kitty in the autumn spirit.

8. Doctor Costume

Doctor Costume
  • The doctor dog cat costume fits amazingly for dog that doesn't have...
  • The pet doctor clothes has the stereoscope and the doctor scrubs,...
  • Made of cotton material, it is comfortable to wear.

It’s a good thing that there’s a doctor in the house because your Halloween guests might be overwhelmed by acute cuteness.


  • Unique and cute, perfect for a pet with a calm temperament.
  • Lightweight material that’s comfortable for the cat.
  • Easy to wear with a secure fit.


  • May not fit very small or very large cats.
  • Some cats may resist wearing costumes with sleeves.

This doctor costume is not only adorable but also gives your cat a look of sophistication and charm, perfect for the pet who’s always been the healer of your heart.

9. Vampire Costume

Vampire Costume
  • 🎃【Cute Gifts For Your Kitten】This fantastic vampire cape with...
  • 🎃【Proper Size】Cape:11.41 x 11.02 inches (LW), Neck 8.66...
  • 🎃【Quality Material】Both cloak and horns are made of soft and...

Your cat will be the talk of any costume party in this stunning devilish outfit! Must resist petting those “scary” devil horns.


  • Dark and mysterious, great for a spooky Halloween vibe.
  • Includes a cape and horns for a dramatic effect.
  • Soft and comfortable material.


  • The horns may require additional support to stay upright.
  • The cape may drag on the ground for smaller cats.

The vampire costume is a spook-tacular choice for night-time Halloween events, turning your cat into the count of the evening.

10. Octopus Costume

Octopus Costume
  • Yoption Dog Cat Octopus Costume, Christmas Halloween Pet Puppy Clothes...
  • Size L: Back Length: 12.2",Chest Girth:16.1",Neck girth: 12.6"....
  • Made of high-quality soft velet and polar fleece lining, keep your dog...

Look at this “spine-chilling” octopus! It’s about to engulf you with its fluffy tentacles and demand tuna for breakfast.


  • Whimsical and eye-catching with tentacle details.
  • Hoodie design keeps your cat warm.
  • Made from soft velvet and polar fleece lining.


  • More complex design may not be suitable for cats that dislike wearing clothes.
  • The tentacles may not stay in place during movement.

The octopus costume is an under-the-sea sensation that’s bound to make a splash at any costume party, offering a unique and fun option for your feline friend.

11. Bat Wings Witch Cloak Wizard Hat Costume

Bat Wings Witch Cloak Wizard Hat Costume
  • Upgraded Cat Bat Wings - The pet bat wings can easily help you...
  • Elaborate Sorcerer Cape Set - This magical pet costume set will make...
  • Occasion - These 2 pet cosplay costumes are not only perfect choices...

This sorcerer cape set is the perfect outfit for your familiar, especially if you’re dressing up as a witch or sorcerer for Halloween.


  • The set includes bat wings, a witch cloak, and a wizard hat, offering variety in one purchase.
  • Made of lightweight materials for comfort.
  • Adjustable features for a better fit.


  • The hat may not stay on if the cat is very active.
  • Some cats may not like wearing multiple accessories.

This costume set is versatile, allowing you to switch between a spooky bat and a magical wizard, giving your cat multiple looks for Halloween.

12. Dragon Wings Costume

Dragon Wings Costume
  • [AUTHENTIC PET DRAGON WINGS] What makes a good dragon? Is it having a...
  • [100% PREMIUM MATERIAL] Cute cat Halloween costumes dinosaur wings...
  • [SURPRISE HALLOWEEN GIFT] If you want to bring something interesting...

Turn your cat into a terrifying, fire-breathing dragon with these cute green dragon wings. Your feline will be the hit of the Halloween season.


  • Unique dragon wing design for a standout look.
  • Made of lightweight felt cloth, ensuring comfort.
  • Easy to wear with adjustable straps.


  • May not fit very large cats.
  • Wings may need readjustment during active play.

The dragon wings add a mythical touch to your cat’s Halloween costume, perfect for a pet that’s as mythical and majestic as a dragon.

13. Princess Costume with Lace Crown

Princess Costume with Lace Crown
  • SOFT LACE CAT PRINCESS COSTUME SET - The cat clothes is made of high...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASION - The pet costumes for cats is themed in...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - The cat bandana is three-tier lace design with...

Spoil your furry princess with this cute pink outfit for Halloween. It’s also the perfect costume to celebrate your kitty’s birthday.


  • Elegant princess-themed costume with a lace crown.
  • Soft and breathable materials used.
  • Suitable for various occasions beyond Halloween.


  • Size may not fit all cats.
  • The crown may require securing to stay in place.

This costume is ideal for the regal cat in your life, turning them into a feline princess for the night.

14. Wizard Pet Clothes with Glasses

Wizard Pet Clothes with Glasses
  • Medium size cloak Neck length:9 inches/23cm, Back length:9.5...
  • Our sizing chart image provides exact measurements by size. If you're...
  • Suitable for Halloween, costume party, photography, daily wear or any...

Meet the feline Harry Potter, who has come to make your Halloween truly magical! Isn’t he/she the most adorable wizard in the whole muggle world?


  • Includes a wizard cloak and glasses for a complete look.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Soft fabric for your pet’s comfort.


  • Glasses may not stay on during movement.
  • Cloak may shift if not secured properly.

This wizard costume is perfect for the wise and mysterious cat, ready to cast spells on all the Halloween treats.

15. Sailor Costume with Hat and Tie

Sailor Costume with Hat and Tie
  • NAMSAN focus on researching pet supplies, this pet costume is...
  • Our small pet outfit imitating sailor outfit, realistic hat and tie...
  • With slots for the ears and Velcro buckle would fix the hat on the...

Who’s ready to sail the seas and protect the ships from mice and pets? Your cat will look the part of the heroic sailor, thanks to this adorable marine outfit.


  • Adorable sailor outfit with a hat and tie.
  • Made of soft polycotton for comfort.
  • Velcro straps for easy adjustment.


  • Hat may not fit cats with larger heads.
  • Some cats may dislike wearing hats or ties.

The sailor costume is a cute and classic choice that’s sure to make waves at any Halloween event, perfect for the adventurous cat.


cat in the spider costume

What Can I Dress My Cat up as for Halloween?

These days you can dress your feline friend in whatever costume you want for Halloween. But the most popular ones are bat wings, witches, vampires, lions, etc. 

Is Halloween Safe for Cats?

You should keep your kitties indoors on Halloween, especially black cats because many go missing for nefarious reasons. Furthermore, you should ensure your cat can’t reach the candy because chocolate is toxic to felines. 

Do Cats mind wearing costumes?

Some cats don’t mind wearing a simple outfit and will tolerate being dressed. However, other cats go crazy, refuse to move, or roll around, trying to get the clothes off. Start with something simple to judge your cat’s reaction to being dressed in cat Halloween costumes


Cat costumes are a great way to include your pet in the Halloween celebration and take tons of unforgettable social media pictures.

However, you should never leave your kitty unsupervised because they can get in trouble. And don’t keep them dressed for very long because it can cause distress and anxiety.

What do you think about these cat Halloween costumes? Which animal costumes are your favorite? Tell us your cat costume ideas in the comment section!

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