Are you in love with black cat breeds and can’t get enough of them?

Then I’ve got something special prepared for all black cats lovers.

Keep on reading to discover the 10 most adorable ebony kitties that will steal your heart.

Are you in love with black cat breeds and can’t get enough of them? Then you’re going to love this list! We rounded up the most stunning ebony kitties! Take a look!

10 Black Cat Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With

There’s something about black cats that makes you think about witches and spooky houses.

It might be their bright yellow eyes, the air of mystery they carry, or the way black cats look at you as if they’ll reveal the secrets of the universe.

Black cats are common in all breeds and come in all sizes and temperaments. So, we’ll take a look at some of our favorites that look stunning in black.

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#1 Bombay

Are you in love with black cat breeds and can’t get enough of them? Then you’re going to love this list! We rounded up the most stunning ebony kitties!

Are you looking for black cat breeds with green eyes? Then you can’t go wrong with the adorable and mysterious Bombay, the only cat exclusively in black.

Being a mix between American Shorthair and Burmese, Bombay cats have a deep black coat, similar to the black Indian leopard.

Interestingly, even their paw pads are black, something uncommon in other black cats.

As a whole, Bombay cats are easy-going, affectionate, and bond strongly to their owner.

Since they’re a black cat breed with short hair, they shed very little and require minimal grooming.

But Bombay cats are so playful and mischievous that some people consider these black beauties an aggressive breed.

#2 York Chocolate Cat

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard about the York Chocolate cat. It’s a rare cat breed that was developed from a black and white farm cat in the 80s.

While they aren’t as black as other cats in this list, they’re far too cute to leave them out.

Unlike most farm cats, the York has a lustrous coat, medium-long fur, fluffy tail, and piercing gold, green, or hazel eyes.

Their silky hair is soft to the touch and mat-resistant, so grooming is minimal.

Most York cats are chocolate brown, lavender, or a mix of these two colors.

They are affectionate, love to cuddle and get along with other pets/children. But they can be clingy because they crave human attention and don’t like to be alone.

#3 Oriental

With their long heads, tall ears, and slender legs, black Oriental cats can seem quite spooky.

However, they are one of the best cat breeds for children despite their tendency to talk in a loud, raspy voice.

Oriental cats come in more than 300 colors and patterns, unlike the Siamese from which people developed the breed.

But we can all agree that black Oriental cats are stunning with their short black coat and cheerful disposition.

#4 Maine Coon

Are you in love with black cat breeds and can’t get enough of them? Then you’re going to love this list! We rounded up the most stunning ebony kitties!

Maine Coons are remarkable with their weight of 9-18 pounds and length of 30-40 inches and hold a lot of records when it comes to size.

They’re one of the heaviest and biggest cats that won’t try to eat you but will happily purr while you pet them.

Like most breeds, Maine Coons come in a variety of colors and tabby patterns.

However, black fluffy Maine Coons are magnificent with their lustrous coats, plumed tails, and big paws.

Maine Coons are also one of the best cat breeds for kids, single people, and families with dogs. They’re laid-back, calm, and affectionate without being too demanding.

#5 Persian

This gorgeous ebony Persian proves they're among the most beautiful black cat breeds.

Still one of the most popular cat breeds, we can’t miss mentioning the cute Persian when we talk about black cats. They are easy to recognize with their flat faces, plumed tails, and long fur that requires daily brushing.

While these fluffy cats come in all colors, black ones are astonishing and never fail to impress with their silky fur, intelligent eyes, and mysterious facial expressions.

Interestingly, black Persians almost always have copper eyes that seem to pierce your soul.

Despite their witchy vibes, black Persians are such laid-back felines that people often consider them dumb cats. However, they are capable of learning tricks. They just don’t see the point.

#6 Chantilly-Tiffany

Often described as a moderate cat with no extremes, the Chantilly-Tiffany is another amazing black cat breed with yellow eyes that will melt your heart. Common colors besides black include blue, chocolate, lilac, platinum, and silver.

Tiffany, for short, has semi-long fur with little or no undercoat that is silky and soft to the touch. It’s an affectionate and sweet cat breed that thrives on human attention without being overly demanding.

However, these fluffy black cats can be a bit “talkative” when you ignore them for too long.

#7 Russian Black

Most of you probably are familiar with Russian Blues and their unusual coat color and soul-piercing green eyes. But you probably don’t know that there’s such thing as a Russian Black, developed from a Russian Blue.

Some cat clubs don’t recognize Russian Blues in any other colors, but some do accept Russian Blues in black and white.

Accepted or not, Russian Blacks are magnificent cats that can enchant you with their striking green eyes and mellow temperament.

They also have a soft, dense coat and don’t shed much fur, which makes them a hypoallergenic cat breed.

So, if you’re looking for black cat breeds with short hair, the Russian Black is an excellent choice.

#8 American Shorthair

Are you in love with black cat breeds and can’t get enough of them? Then you’re going to love this list! We rounded up the most stunning ebony kitties! Take a look!
black domestic shorthair cat standing in the garden in front of autumn leaves sticking out tongue

One of the most famous United State’s black cat breeds is probably the sweet American Shorthair.

While most people think about tabby cats when you say American Shorthair, these cats come in a variety of colors, including black.

Known for their placid temperament, the American Shorthair is one of the calmest cats you can find.

They aren’t overly energetic, prefer to play on their terms, and are good at finding ways to amuse themselves.

Moreover, the black American Shorthair cat is one of the most trainable breeds. You can easily bribe these beauties to do your biddings with enough treats and love.

#9 American Curl

Another popular United State’s black cat breed that we have to mention is the adorable American Curl with their unique backward ears.

While American Curls are common in many colors and patterns, black ones never stop to amaze you with their long tails and walnut-shaped eyes. They’ve also got a silky coat with long or short hair that’s perfect for petting.

Unfortunately, you’ll rarely hear people describing the American Curl as a lap cat. They like to be around people, but prefer interactive play, jumping, and climbing more than sitting still.

#10 American Bobtail

While American Bobtails often resemble wild cats with stripes, they come in all colors and patterns. So, we can’t leave them out when we’re discussing favorite breeds or United State’s black cat breeds.

What makes the American Bobtail so popular (besides their stunning color and short tail) is also their dog-like personality.

They’re completely devoted to their owners and can follow you around the house all day.

Moreover, Bobtails like to play fetch, can be trained to walk on a leash, and enjoy puzzles.

Interestingly, while the American Bobtails look similar to Japanese ones, they’re two distinctive breeds with unrelated breeding programs and different genetic mutations.

Unlike other breeds, American Bobtails make excellent travel companions because they’re highly adaptable cats with a strong love for adventures.

In the past, people considered black cats to be witches’ familiars, which didn’t end well for the cats. While we know better these days, black cats still have one of the lowest adoption rates.

Probably because people still consider them bad luck.

Fortunately, we, cat lovers, know that black cats are one of the sweetest felines. So, you won’t regret it if you decide to get one of these top 10 black cat breeds.

I can also vouch that black and white cat breeds are also equally fun.

What do you think about these to 10 black cat breeds? Which black cats are your favorite? How about black and white cat breeds? Tell us in the comments.

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