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If you’re looking for the best cat names that mean survivor, you’ve come to the right place!

These names are perfect for a rescue kitty who has been through a rough time or for a cat that celebrates your own triumph over life’s darker side.

From an underdog to a fighter to finally being a survivor! Your little feline friend has simply amazed you by pulling through hard times after having a difficult start in life.

Now, you want to honor the overwhelming trials and tribulations that your cat has endured and choose the perfect moniker for them, one that showcases their strength and survival story.

Why not name your tough cat Survivor? The name is bound to make people curious and give you a chance to proudly share your little champion’s story.

Don’t love that name, but want something that means the same thing? Looking for something catchy, unique, or even exotic?

Here are 35 fabulous names for cats! The list has some great options for both male and female kitties!

To make things simpler, we’re breaking down the list into similar categories.

10 Simple Cat Names That Mean Survivor Or Fighter

35 Gorgeous Cat Names That Mean Survivor or Fighter

Want a simple name that exhibits your cat’s resilience and strength to combat hardships? Then one of the following names will make a perfect choice:

  1. Champion: A champion is a winner and a symbol of triumph. This name reflects a cat’s fighting spirit and resilience.
  2. Conquest: Conquest signifies overcoming challenges and achieving victory. It’s a name that represents a cat’s determined nature.
  3. Dogged: Dogged cats are persistent and tenacious. This name is for those felines that never give up.
  4. Endurance: Endurance is the ability to withstand hardships over a long period of time. It’s a name for cats known for their remarkable stamina.
  5. Gallant: Gallant cats are brave and noble. This name is ideal for a courageous and valiant feline.
  6. Perseverance: Perseverance means steadfastness in doing something despite difficulties. It suits cats that display unwavering determination.
  7. Triumph: Triumph is the sweet taste of victory. It’s a fitting name for a cat that has overcome challenges.
  8. Vanquish: To vanquish is to defeat thoroughly. This name is for cats that have conquered adversity.
  9. Valiant: Valiant cats are fearless and heroic. It’s a name for the bravest of feline warriors.
  10. Victory: Victory represents winning and achieving success. This name is perfect for cats with an indomitable spirit.

Cat Names That Mean Survivor From Other Languages

fighter cat

Looking for a rare, exotic name for your feline companion, but don’t want to miss out on their fighting spirit?

Then why not choose a foreign name that represents the strength and fortitude that you want your cat’s name to denote?

  1. Adofo: Ghanaian for brave fighter and little warrior.
  2. Albern: is an old name with German origin; the meaning of the word is noble courage.
  3. Alois: Derived from Old Germanic, the name means famous warrior.
  4. Andro, Andreos, Andrus: Greek and Croatian words for warriors.
  5. Bahadur: Hindi and Nepali word for brave.
  6. Dapper: Meaning brave and courageous in Afrikaans as well as Dutch and “handsome” in the English language, this name covers it all!
  7. Einar: Derived from the Old Norse word Einarr, the name refers to boldness and valor.
  8. Eros: Meaning strong in Hungarian, Eros is also referred to as the God of love and the son of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.
  9. Geesinimo: Somali word meaning courage, valor, and bravery.
  10. Khalon: Originating in America, the word means strong warrior.
  11. Koa: Meaning valiant warrior in Hawaiian. It can also mean strong, brave, and fearless.
  12. Mayster: Champion in Yiddish
  13. Ola: The Hawaiian word for survivor. It also refers to health, healing, and thriving.
  14. Prezivio: Survivor in Croatian.
  15. Salibi: Arabic word for crusader.
  16. Sarid: Hebrew for survivor.
  17. Selamat: Indonesian word meaning survivor.
  18. Toa: Maori word for champion and warrior.
  19. Treun: Brave in Scottish Gaelic.
  20. Tulelo: Hungarian word for survivor.

Cat Names That Mean Survivor From History or Mythology

survivor fighter cat

A history buff or a mythology lover? Want to include this interest while picking your kitty’s name? But you also want to highlight their history and fight for survival.

Why not pick a name that does both?

Just choose a famous historical or mythical character’s name for your feline buddy, one that stands out for their courage, strength, and endurance.

  1. Ajax: A name of two mythological Greek characters renowned for their valor; the name signifies great courage in the face of danger and hardship.
  2. Anne: she (Anne Frank) was a young, courageous little girl of Jewish descent who aspired to become a journalist.
  3. Clovis: The first king of the Franks, Clovis is considered the founder of the Merovingian dynasty.
  4. Magnar: A mythical half-dragon, half-man, Magnar is said to carry a magical shovel and have violently good tendencies.
  5. Sanosuke: is a Japanese samurai from the Edo period who is said to have been strong, loyal, and valiant. He had risen from the ranks to become a master of the spear.


These are my favorite name suggestions for survivor cat names.

I find it very hard for me to choose just one or two names from this list. But the thought of having a cat named Dogged seems quite witty to me.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your little kitty’s welcome into your home by choosing their perfect name, one that represents and honors their unique story!

Do you have any other favorite cat names that mean survivor? Share below!

35 Gorgeous Cat Names That Mean Survivor or Fighter
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