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Looking for a list of nature-inspired cat names for the newest little member of your family?

We’ve got you covered!

We found 100 fantastic ideas that you’ll absolutely love, split evenly between males and females!

Dive in to pick the best one!

50 Nature-Inspired Cat Names for Males

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  1. Arne – Arne means “eagle.” This name has a Scandinavian origin.
  2. Ashton – The name Ashton means” ash tree town.”
  3. Bear – This name is perfect for your cat if it is brown.
  4. Birch – The name Birch refers to the birch tree. It also means shining.
  5. Bjorn – Bjorn means “bear” in Swedish.
  6. Brier – Brier is the name of a tree.
  7. Buck – Buck means “deer.” This name is used mostly in the US.
  8. Cedar – Cedar is the moniker of a tree of the same name.
  9. Chyrsanthos – Chyrsanthos means “a golden flower.”
  10. Cloud – Also one of my favorite among the best white cat names
  11. Conan – The name Conan means “wolf.” The name has Irish roots.
  12. Connell – Like Conan, the name Connell also means “wolf.”
  13. Cress – Cress means “top of a mountain.” It is also an herb.
  14. Cypress – Cypress is a great name choice that refers to the conifer tree.
  15. Darby – The name Darby means “place of the deer.” It has Nordic roots.
  16. Denver – The name Denver is used for someone who is born in a green plain.
  17. Dillon – The name Dillon means the great sea. It has Welsh roots.
  18. Drake – Drake means “snake” or “dragon.”
  19. Dzovag – Dzovag is a unique name that means “lake.”
  20. Eben – The name Eben means stone.
  21. Field – This name means a meadow, a field. Perfect for your little cat.
  22. Flint – This name is of a type of stone.
  23. Forrest – A great choice if your cat has too much fur.
  24. Glenn – Glenn has Irish roots, and the meaning of this name is “valley.”
  25. Grove – It is a very old English name that means someone who lives in a forest. 
  26. Hawk – The name is used to refer to the bird falcon.
  27. Hyacinth – Hyacinths are a type of fragrant, bulbous flowers.
  28. Indigo – The name Indigo comes from a dark blue tropical plant.
  29. Jasper – Name of a semiprecious stone.
  30. Jonquil – Jonquil are tiny, fragrant flowers. These flowers are yellow. 
  31. Juniper – Juniper is the name of a perennial plant.
  32. Land – A unique name choice if your cat is brown.
  33. Leaf – This could be the perfect name if your cat is as light as a leaf. 
  34. Leo – A great name for your little lion.
  35. North – The name could be perfect if you live in the mountains.
  36. Orion – It means mountain dweller.
  37. Puma – The name Puma is used to refer to the wild cat. 
  38. Raven – Raven is the name of a bird that is stark black.
  39. Ridge – This name is used to refer to a ridge in a landscape.
  40. Rock – Perfect name for your cat since they are your rock.
  41. Roosevelt – The name Roosevelt means “a field of roses.”
  42. Rowan – Rowan is used to referring to the rowan tree.
  43. Rye – The name Rye is used to refer to the grain crop barley.
  44. Sky – Sky could be an excellent choice if your cat has white fur or blue eyes. 
  45. Spruce – The name Spruce is used to refer to the spruce tree.
  46. Terran – A great name that means “earth.” Perfect is your cat is brown.
  47. Tiger – A powerful cat name for your cat.
  48. Vernon – The name Vernon is used to refer to the alder tree. A pretty choice.
  49. Wren – Wren is the name of a tiny songbird.
  50. Yael – Yael is a type of mountain goat.

50 Nature-Inspired Female Cat Names

little tiger kitten walking in the forest surrounded by nature
  1. Abelia – Abelia is a beautiful name that means “breath of life.”
  2. Abeline – The name Abeline means meadow.
  3. Adamina – Adamina is the feminine of the name Adam.
  4. Afra – Afra is a beautiful Arabic name. It means the color of the earth.
  5. Amaranth – Amaranth is a group of colorful flowers and plants.
  6. Amber – Amber is used to referring to the golden, fossilized resin of a tree.
  7. Amethyst – It refers to a violet stone that protects its owner from intoxication.
  8. Aria – A cute little name that means ‘air’ in Italian.
  9. Auburn – Auburn is used to refer to a reddish-brown color.
  10. Autumn – It is a perfect name choice for your cat if it was born in the fall.
  11. Ava – Ava means “bird” in Latin.
  12. Azure – Azure is the blue hue of the sky.
  13. Brook – This cute little name is used to refer to a tiny river stream.
  14. Calla – Calla is a type of beautiful flower from South Africa
  15. Camellia – Camellia is a gorgeous flower.
  16. Celeste – The name Celeste means something celestial. 
  17. Cerise – This name means cherry in French.
  18. Citron – Citron means lemon in French. A unique but cute choice.
  19. Clementine – Clementine is a small citrus fruit.
  20. Daphne – The name Daphne is used for the bay tree.
  21. Darya – Darya is a beautiful name that means “ocean” in Perian.
  22. Dove – This soft and gentle name is used for a kind of bird.
  23. Ebony – If you have a black cat, Ebony is an excellent choice.
  24. Eira – The name Eira means snow in Welsh.
  25. Ember – Ember is used to refer to the smoldering remains of a flame.
  26. Evening – Evening could be a great name choice if your cat is golden or orange in color. 
  27. Fauna – The name Fauna means “young deer.”
  28. Fawn – Just like Fauna, the name Fawn also means “young deer.”
  29. Fern – Fern is a green plant. It is perfect as a cute green-eyed cat name.
  30. Flora – In Latin, the name Flora means “flower.”
  31. Gaia – This beautiful name has Greek origins, and it means “earth.”
  32. Galaxy – An excellent name for your cat as it is your star and universe.
  33. Gale – The name Gale means “happy.”
  34. Hazel – Hazel is the perfect name choice if your cat has a hazel coat.
  35. Holly – The meaning of the name Holly is “by the hollow.”
  36. Iris – Iris is used for all the beautiful hues of the rainbow.
  37. Irmak – The name Irmak means ‘river’ in Turkish.
  38. Itsaso – Itsaso is a beautiful name choice. It means ‘ocean’ in Basque.
  39. Ivy – The delicate ivy plant is famous for its elegance and beauty.
  40. Kai – The meaning of the name Kai is ‘ocean’. This name has Hawaiian roots.
  41. Keithia – Keithia is an English name that means ‘forest or woodland.
  42. Lana – The name Lana means ‘tiny rock’ in Gaelic.
  43. Meadow – A Meadow exhibits the truly best of nature.
  44. Midori – This means “green of the plants or leaves.”
  45. Misty – Misty is a pretty little name that means ‘concealed by mist.’
  46. Montana – The name Montana means “mountain” in Spanish.
  47. Sequoia – Sequoia is inspired by the great sequoia trees.
  48. Soleil – It is used to refer to the sun in the French language.
  49. Willow – Willow, as a name, is inspired by the beautiful willow tree. 
  50. Windy – If you have a tiny and light cat, this is the perfect name for it.

I’m truly in love with all of these nature-inspired cat names, but my favorite has to be Willow. It was the name of my childhood cat!

Which are your favorite nature-inspired cat names? Share with us below!

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