Gucci just released a pet collection that is so DARN cute!

Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly!


Gucci has crafted its pet collection in three different materials: recycled polyester, Demetra (a fabric made from animal-free raw sources),fr and cotton.
The use of these fabrics provides a number of benefits for your four-legged friends such as reducing pollution by preventing waste disposal through burning or landfill generation while also helping save natural resources like water needed to produce new clothes.

The collection features harnesses and collars, double G hardware made from plain leather web stripes or Herbarium print all over it–and more! For leash sizes, they offer shorties (3ft), medium-range leashes(5-6 ft) or tall ones suitable for pets who love pulling on their owner’s hand as mine does!

Gucci introduced pet-sized furniture on a custom order basis. Take your pet to the next level with these stylish furniture pieces. Their small size makes them perfect for tight spaces, and you can get creative by mixing and matching from our collection of breed-specific items like carriers or feeding bowls!

Here what you can find:

  • Pet Beds: up to $7,500 USD
  • Feeding Mats: From $325 USD
  • Cotton T-shirts: From $300 USD
  • Collars: From $300 USD
  • Waste bag holders: From $400

The collection is available online and in stores. Check it out!


Olfa T
Olfa T

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