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If you have a Litter-Robot, you may be wondering if it’s worth getting a Litter-Robot cabinet to hide your cat’s automatic litter box.

Fortunately, we’re going to review this Litter-Robot enclosure in depth to help you make up your mind.

Just keep reading.

Litter-Robot Cabinet In-Depth Review

litter robot cabinet

What makes it better?

  • Conceals the Litter-Robot, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance
  • Provides a dedicated space for the litter box, enhancing room aesthetics
  • Offers storage compartments for litter and other cat care essentials
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with various home decor styles
  • Easy to assemble and install, saving time and effort for cat owners

Litter-Robot is one of the best self-cleaning cat litter boxes, but it still doesn’t contain unpleasant odors at 100%. Not every cat owner wants their guests to see the giant cat toilet box in the living room.

However, you can’t just put the self-cleaning cat toilet box in a dark corner or rarely used room because cats won’t use it, which leads to litter box issues and inappropriate urination.

Cats usually like to hang out with their humans, so one of those favorite spots may be perfect for a litter box.

So, the Litter-Robot box enclosure is the perfect solution for placing your cat’s toilet in their favorite spot and keeping it hidden.

But let’s talk more about its features, benefits, and drawbacks.


Litter-Robot Cabinet Review: How to Reduce Odor and Noise

It features composite wood construction with a sleek coffee oak finish, creating an elegant design that complements any home interior.

When assembled, it measures 30.7” x 28.1” x 34.3” and weighs 83 pounds. The top part of the litter box storage cabinet can hold up to 35 pounds of weight, while the bottom portion holds 60 pounds.

So, your cat can rest on top of the enclosure without worrying about it breaking apart under your cat’s weight. 

This Litter-Robot 3 concealer cabinet also has interchangeable side entries, allowing easy access to the toilet box while keeping it hidden behind cabinet doors. 

Don’t worry about your cat not using a hidden litter box. Felines prefer privacy when using the litter box, so they won’t be deterred by the design.

And according to studies, most cats don’t have a preference for covered or uncovered toilets. Instead, they always choose the clean litter box.

You can purchase a hutch, which can provide additional space to store your cat’s litter box items, such as the Litter Robot cat litter.

The hutch’s stylish design and durable material also make it a great cat tree for your curious feline friend.

It measures 30.2” x 17.2” x 35.9” and can withstand up to 20 pounds. Therefore, it is ideal for large cat breeds or multiple cat homes.


This cat litter box enclosure is an expensive piece of furniture, so let’s talk about all the benefits that make it a great choice for cat parents:

  • Made from high-quality materials, especially for Litter-Robot III and Litter-Robot 3 Connect, you don’t have to worry about the unit not fitting inside. 
  • Stylish, realistic design, so no one will be able to tell what’s hiding behind the cabinet’s doors.
  • Solid color, great for any home interior 
  • Unlike traditional wood materials, composite wood won’t get damaged easily if your cat sharpens its claws on the surface. You also don’t have to worry about a wood stain from cat urine. 
  • The enclosed box will protect your wood floors from scratches and stains.
  • The optional hutch is a great way to provide more vertical space for your cat without spending a fortune on modern cat trees.
  • You’ve got plenty of space on top for supplies, or your cat can use it to nap or watch out the window.
  • You can position the opening on either side, making it perfect for multiple locations. 
  • Made in the USA, there are no additional shipping costs for orders in the contiguous USA.


litter robot cabinet

While Whisker’s enclosure is the best option for hiding the Litter-Robot self-cleaning litter box, it has a few slight drawbacks:

  • High price tag
  • You need an electric drill to assemble the unit, and the assembly can take time, especially if you’re not DIY handy.
  • You need to rotate the unit every time you need to empty the waste drawer, and you don’t have much space to store supplies inside.
  • When you have to deep clean the Litter Robot, you’ll have to take it out of the cabinet, so it will take extra time. 
  • There are no returns on opened furniture, so you won’t be able to get a refund if the storage cabinet arrives damaged.

Whiskers have friendly customer support, so you can always reach out to them if you have a product or assembly question.   

But, you can’t use the Litter-Robot ramp because it won’t fit inside the cabinet. 

How Has Litter-Robot Storage Cabinet Evolved?

The current version of the toilet box storage cabinet is a great improvement compared to the previous models.

  • Instead of bamboo and birch plywood, it’s made from sturdy composite wood for durability. 
  • Close-door design to keep the box well-hidden and provide your cat with privacy.
  • The current model includes a bottom to protect the floors from spills and keep the automatic toilet box working properly.

How to Assemble Litter-Robot Storage Cabinet?

cabinet for litter robot

As I already mentioned, you need some tools to assemble the Litter-Robot 3 cabinet: an electric drill with a 1/4″ bit, a hammer, and a Phillips screwdriver (No. 2).

Following this cabinet assembly video is the easiest way to put the hutch and the cabinet together. It has detailed instructions on the steps you have to follow.

If you purchase the hutch, the manufacturer recommends that you put it together before you assemble the cabinet.

What Are Cat Parents Saying About LR Storage Cabinet?

In general, cat parents are happy with the design and performance of the storage cabinet and hutch. They say it looks great once you manage to assemble it, and they call it one of the best pieces of cat furniture. 

As this Reddit user says, “We’ve owned it  since December 2020 and have had absolutely zero issues and zero stink issues.”

This reviewer also mentions that the cabinet and hutch are well-constructed, sturdy, and look nice. The cats seem to like it.

However, customers also say that there’s not much space inside the cabinet for cat litter storage, and the assembly is harder than expected because of misaligned screws.

Where to Buy Litter-Robot Storage Cabinet?

Whisker Litter-Robot Storage Cabinet
  • LITTER BOX FURNITURE: From the maker of Litter-Robot, this Storage...
  • PERFECT FOR LITTER-ROBOT: The litter box cabinet is the perfect size...
  • FUN FOR YOUR CAT: Your cat can lounge on top of the cat litter box...

So, you’ve decided to invest in Whisker’s storage cabinet to hide your cat’s toilet box. Let’s talk about your best buying options.

If you want to purchase this Litter-Robot 3 cabinet, Whisker’s website is the best option. You get free shipping, and you can always contact customer support if you have questions.

However, Whisker’s doesn’t offer refunds on opened furniture, so you can’t return the product if it’s not to your liking.

On Amazon, you can find Whisker’s Litter-Robot storage cabinet. It’s the same price as the one from the official website, and you’ve got free shipping.

However, you can’t buy the optional hutch through Amazon.

You can always keep an eye out for second-hand Litter-Robot storage cabinets on eBay, Craiglist, and other online marketplaces.

How Does the Storage Cabinet Affect Litter-Robot’s sensors?

brown litter robot cabinet

Previous models of this self-cleaning cat toilet box used to have an internal shield.

That’s why the old Litter-Robot enclosures had an alignment guide to ensure your unit wasn’t touching the walls and interfering with the weight sensors. 

Currently, Litter-Robot has removed the internal shield and replaced it with a beige plug. So, you don’t have to worry about the enclosure walls triggering the sensors and messing with the clean cycle.

The current Litter-Robot storage cabinet has a bottom, which is great because you need to place the unit on a firm, level surface. Otherwise, the sensors might not detect the difference in weight.

Is Litter-Robot Cabinet Worth Buying?

Since the Litter-Robot Cabinet is an expensive piece of cat furniture, you’re right to weigh the pros and cons. From my experience, the Litter-Robot Cabinet is worth buying if:

  • You don’t have enough vertical space and need to enrich your cat’s environment.
  • You have problems with Litter-Robot smells and want to reduce the tracking and odors around the house.
  • You want to hide your cat’s litter box, but you aren’t handy enough to build a DIY storage cabinet by yourself.

The Litter-Robot enclosure has a very elegant design, so no one will be wiser about what you’re hiding behind its doors. And you’re bound to receive many compliments for its looks. 


How big is the Litter-Robot drawer?

The robot drawer measures 11″ x 16″ x 6,” so you have to clean it once a week if you have one cat or two or three times a week for multiple pets. 

Where can I put my Litter-Robot?

You should put your Litter-Robot toilet near your old traditional litter box until your cat gets used to it. Then you can move it to another area, but ensure you’ve got an outlet nearby. As for where to put a cat litter box in small apartments, think about putting Litter-Robot in the bathroom or the laundry room. 

Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?

Cats don’t have a clear preference for opened or closed toilet boxes. Instead, they’re more attracted to clean ones. 


The Litter-Robot storage cabinet is a beautiful piece of litter box furniture, and it’s an excellent choice to conceal your cat’s toilet and protect your floors from damage. 

And the cabinet is perfect for reducing litter tracking around the house and dealing with the unpleasant cat toilet doors. 

Additionally, the optional hutch is perfect if you lack vertical space in your apartment. As this study explains, enriching your home environment is essential for keeping your indoor cat happy.

How do you feel about the Litter-Robot cabinet? Did you ever use it? In the comment section, share your cabinet box review with us.

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