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Looking for some clever ragdoll cat names for your sweet new kitty?

We’ve got you covered below, from names of famous ragdoll cats to just plain cute ideas for males and females.

We even got inspired by the word “doll” in other languages!

Take a look, then tell us your favorite!

Ragdoll Cat Names for Males

No matter the situation, here you have a list of the most beautiful Ragdoll cat names for you adorable fur ball. The Ragdoll breed is really precious!
  1. Anders – this is a Scandinavian name and it means ‘strong and manly’.
  2. Christopher – a name with a lot of history and the Late Greek people considered it to stand for ‘the one who carries’.
  3. Clyde Scottish name, for the ones who lived near the Clyde River.
  4. Darian – he was a legendary Greek hero and the name means ‘gift’.
  5. Darius – it’s probably the most popular Persian name, and it means ‘king’ or ‘the one who possesses’.
  6. Dukke– Danish for doll.
  7. Fisher – it’s an English name and it was meant to the ones who were really good fishers.
  8. Frank- One of the most famous ragdoll cats was a Janus cat with 2 faces named Frank & Louie.
  9. Harper – coming from English, it literally means ‘harp player’.
  10. Jackson – from English it literally means ‘the son of Jack’.
  11. Lucien – comes from French and it means ‘illumination’.
  12. Marley – it’s one of the oldest English names and we also know a lot of celebrities named this way.
  13. Merlin– After the Instagram star, Merlin the Mad!
  14. Miller – the ‘grinder of grain’ and it comes from English.
  15. Mitchell – it’s an English name and it stands for something Godlike.
  16. Nukk– Estonian for doll.
  17. Pierce – this is the old and very classy form of Peter.
  18. Pop– Dutch for doll.
  19. Raphael – coming from Hebrew, it means ‘God’s healer’.
  20. Rodney – an Anglo-Saxon name, referring to ‘the famous one’.
  21. Rudy – it stands for ‘famous wolf’ and it comes from German.
  22. Simba– Another famous ragdoll cat on Instagram.
  23. Sterling – an English name, referring to a ‘westerner’.
  24. William – it means ‘resolute protector’ and it’s an English name.
  25. Zavier – the beautiful Spanish name, referring to ‘the new house’.

The name Ragdoll was given to them because they will be very relaxed when picked up and won’t try to resist or run away.

They have a puppy-like behavior, constantly following their human and compared to other cat breeds, they are not aggressive towards other animals or humans.

They are loving and docile.

Ragdoll Cat Names for Females

No matter the situation, here you have a list of the most beautiful Ragdoll cat names for you adorable fur ball. The Ragdoll breed is really precious!
  1. Anabelle – it’s a Hebrew name and it means ‘beautiful’.
  2. Annalise – it’s a Latin name and it means ‘graced with God’s bounty’.
  3. Ann– After Raggedy Ann, the most famous actual rag doll!
  4. Arielle – it’s a Hebrew name and it means ‘Lion of God’.
  5. Beatrice – the beautiful Italian name, meaning ‘she who makes happy’.
  6. Camilla – in Latin, this name stand for ‘the servant of the temple’.
  7. Colette – a strong, French name, it means ‘victorious’.
  8. Cordelia – this name comes from Latin and it means ‘heart’.
  9. Cynthia – the mythical Greek goddess of moon and humility.
  10. Dahlia – the Sweedish name for ‘elegance’ and ‘dignity’.
  11. Dorothy – the famous character, also meaning ‘gift of God’ and it’s an English name.
  12. Eve – besides the WALL.E character, this Hebrew name also means ‘living’.
  13. Faye – it’s a precious little fairy.
  14. Lea – in English, Lea also means ‘weary’.
  15. Lutka – Bosnian for doll.
  16. Mae – comes from English and it means ‘pearl’.
  17. Margot – it means ‘pearl’ and it comes from the Old Greek.
  18. Nina– Catalan for doll.
  19. Ophelia – probably the most famous cat name, comes from Greek and it means ‘help’.
  20. Panenka– doll in Czech.
  21. Panpina– means “doll” in Basque
  22. Priscilla – a beautiful Roman name, stands for ‘vulnerable’.
  23. Sabrina – besides the old witch stories, Sabrina is an Eastern European name and it stands for ‘white rose’.
  24. Veronica – it means ‘true image’ and has deep Latin roots.
  25. Zelda – we all know the popular Zelda game, but this is actually a Yiddish name and it means ‘blessed’.


The Ragdoll cats are indeed some of the noblest cat breeds you can think of.

When they are born and up until to 10 weeks they have a beautiful white coat and blue eyes.

At about 4 years, their coats will reach the definite color which may be red, seal, chocolate and variations of blue lilac or cream.

No matter the case, now you can choose one of the most beautiful Ragdoll cat names for your little one!

What are your favorite Ragdoll cat names? Share below!


No matter the situation, here you have a list of the most beautiful Ragdoll cat names for you adorable fur ball. The Ragdoll breed is really precious!
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