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If you’re looking for beautiful Latin names for cats, take a peek at our list!

Did you know that French, Spanish, & Portuguese are all Latin-based languages?

If you ever thought names or words in those tongues sounded romantic, elegant or graceful, then why not take your pick of a Latin name?

You pretty much only get one go of it, so choosing the right name is important.

A lot of Latin cat names are easy to pronounce, given their similar phonetic structure as English, and will sound quite familiar to you.

After reading through, we hope you can find the perfect one for your new furball.

Latin Cat Names For Males

male cat that has latin cat name

A lot of these Latin names for cats will sound familiar, as they’re the root of different words in the English language!

There is a name out there for your fur baby boy that will represent everything he is and stands for.

We’ll begin with the easy A’s and work our way up.

  1. Ace – For the cool cats that get everything right.
  2. Adeps – a great name for a fat cat!
  3. Adrian – It’s a pretty nice name for humans and for cats.
  4. Alacer – means quick (think “accelerate”)
  5. Albino – Maybe as one of white kitty names. Although you can see why it isn’t such a popular choice.
  6. Albus – Do you like Harry Potter? Then you’ll know who this is after. Cats are magical creatures, names that carry a tough of magic seem perfect for them.
  7. Alto – Does your cat like to meow in a semi-high toned pitch?
  8. Amor – Meaning “love,” this name is ideal for a cat that brings warmth and affection into your life.
  9. Anthony – This name has a regal and timeless quality, perfect for a sophisticated and distinguished cat.
  10. Arcus – It means bow
  11. Audāx – means brave & bold
  12. Caesar – For the cats that rule the house
  13. Caius – “Rejoice”, rejoice on the day you get a new cat.
  14. Castus – means “pure,” as in “My cat is pure joy!”
  15. Cor – it means “heart”
  16. Crinus – means “hair,” so a funny ironic name for a Sphynx cat!
  17. Benedict – Derived from the Latin word meaning “blessed,” this name symbolizes a cat that brings joy and good fortune.
  18. Blais – If your cat has a fiery attitude or fur (also spelled Blayze)
  19. Chess (Chester) – A name representing strategic thinking and intelligence, ideal for a clever and cunning feline.
  20. Cicero – Inspired by the renowned Roman philosopher, this name is for a cat with a wise and discerning nature.
  21. Constantin – For the steadfast kitty cats out there.
  22. Dex – A short and catchy name that denotes a cat with dexterity and quick reflexes.
  23. Duke – Do you feel your cat is of noble blood?
  24. Elmo – Because who doesn’t love Sesame Street?
  25. Ensign – Symbolizing a cat with a commanding presence and leadership qualities.
  26. Fabian – A name representing a cat with a charming and charismatic personality.
  27. Falco – Inspired by the falcon, this name suits a cat known for their speed, grace, and keen eyesight.
  28. Feles – it means “cat” and is the root of “feline”
  29. Felix – After Felix the Cat of course!
  30. Ferox – fierce, the root of “ferocious”
  31. Fidelis – Means “faithful”
  32. Fido – Even though it’s a famous dog name, a cat can embody the traits of a dog too!
  33. Gryffin – Add the “dor” if you like Harry Potter.
  34. Jai – Simple and short, it means “blue-crested bird”
  35. Jovi – Meaning “father of the sky”, or it’s great for Bon Jovi fans as well.
  36. Just – Denoting fairness and righteousness, this name is fitting for a cat with a strong sense of justice.
  37. Kaiser – This name means something quite different in German, but it means “head of hair” in Latin. Great for those fluffy cats.
  38. Keye – For the key to your heart.
  39. Leo – This needs no further explanation
  40. Lion – It’s a Latin word if you want to be more literal.
  41. Lucian/Lucien – Meaning “light”.
  42. Mack – A strong and masculine name for a cat that exudes confidence and power.
  43. Major – This name signifies a cat with a commanding and dominant personality, like a leader in their own right.
  44. Maximilian – The “greatest”. We all think our fur babies are the greatest, don’t we?
  45. Miles – Meaning “soldier” or “warrior,” this name is suitable for a brave and adventurous feline.
  46. Noble – A name that reflects dignity, honor, and a noble demeanor.
  47. Rus – Inspired by the Latin word for “countryside,” this name is ideal for a cat with a free-spirited and nature-loving nature.
  48. Sol – Derived from the Latin word for “sun,” this name represents a cat that radiates warmth, light, and positivity.
  49. Strix – “Owl,” cute name for a wise kitty
  50. Villus – means “shaggy hair,” great idea for a long-haired cat!

Names such as Maximilian, Caesar, and Constantin reflect the personality of your cat.

You can choose to find a name that exemplifies your personal traits.

Or you can choose names such as Leo, Kaiser, and Albino to emphasize their unique physical characteristics.

Whichever you choose, make sure it’s one that rolls of the tongue as it’s unlikely you will change his name in the future.

Now let’s zip on over to the other side of the coin and take a look at Latin names for little girls.

Latin Cat Names For Females

female cat that has latin cat name

For this next part, we are going to present to you names that show both the grace and elegance of your female kitten both physically and mentally.

Since Latin names are often used in the English language, perhaps you’ll find one you are already considering on the list.

  1. Adriana (Adrianna) – It’s the female form of “Adrian.” Of course, don’t forget the Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima.
  2. Adora – It means a gift, beloved, and adored.
  3. Allegra – This name embodies joy and liveliness, perfect for a cat that brings a cheerful and energetic presence.
  4. Adorabelle – A gift. A give that you adore.
  5. Amara – Meaning “eternal” or “unfading,” this name signifies a cat with timeless beauty and grace.
  6. Anas – means “duck,” which makes it a pretty funny cat name!
  7. Anima – base of “animal,” but actually means breath, life or soul.
  8. Barbie – Yes, like the toy. If you cat has large blue eyes, this would make sense.
  9. Bellissa – Meaning beautiful. As we are sure your cat is.
  10. Bini – means “two each”
  11. Blondie – Does your cat have blonde fur?
  12. Breezy – Inspired by a gentle and refreshing breeze, this name represents a cat known for their calm and soothing nature.
  13. Briette – A name that combines elegance and strength, ideal for a cat with a regal and powerful aura.
  14. Brunette – Also a literal word meaning dark-haired, if you want to name your cat after physical traits.
  15. Camila – The name belonged to a legendary warrior, very well-suited to tough kittens.
  16. Carina – means “keel”
  17. Cauda – means “tail,” so a good ironic name for a tailless Manx!
  18. Cicatrix – it means scar, great tough cat name for a rescue who had a rough life.
  19. Dea – Meaning “goddess,” this name is suited for a cat that exudes an air of divine beauty and mystique.
  20. December – The last month of the year, and fitting for kittens born then.
  21. Di – Short and sweet.
  22. Ebony – “Deep black wood” another name for dark-furred cats.
  23. Elise – A name representing grace and refinement, perfect for a cat with a poised and elegant demeanor.
  24. Felicity – “Happy”, for the happy-go-lucky fur babies.
  25. Felina – Feminized form of the word “feline”
  26. Gazelle – Because cats do bound and jump around like a gazelle sometimes.
  27. Gemma – means “bud”
  28. Grace – What cats are full of.
  29. Honor – We love this name because of what it means and how it sounds.
  30. Isadora – A gift of Isis.
  31. Jey – Pronounced “jay”.
  32. Kandy – Kandy with a “k” adds a bit of personality.
  33. Labella – “beautiful”
  34. Leona – Female form of “Leo”
  35. Lita – This name signifies a small and playful cat with a lively and spirited personality.
  36. Livvy – A name that denotes liveliness and vitality, suitable for a cat full of energy and enthusiasm.
  37. Mare – Inspired by the sea, this name is ideal for a cat with a calm and serene nature.
  38. Marinelle – “From the sea”. While most cats are averse to water, perhaps yours isn’t.
  39. Meta – means “goal”
  40. Nataasha – “Born on Christmas“. If you like the idea of “December” but it’s a bit too literal for your taste, perhaps Nataasha is a better alternative.
  41. Nox – means “night,” great unisex name!
  42. Oletta – Meaning “little fragrance,” this name suits a cat with a delightful and alluring presence.
  43. Pearl – A name symbolizing purity and beauty, perfect for a cat with a pristine and elegant appearance.
  44. Prima – Denoting “first” or “leading,” this name is for a cat that stands out as exceptional and remarkable.
  45. Romy – Inspired by the Latin word for “rosemary,” this name represents a cat with a charming and aromatic nature.
  46. Rosa – A classic name inspired by the rose, symbolizing beauty, love, and enchantment.
  47. Sura – means “calf”
  48. Stella – Meaning “star,” this name is perfect for a cat that shines brightly and captivates those around them.
  49. Tricae – means “tricks”
  50. Venus – Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, this name suits a cat with an irresistible charm and allure.

Unisex Latin Cat Names

cat that has unisex latin cat name
  1. Aurum – Inspired by the shimmering beauty of gold.
  2. Bellus – A name that represents pure beauty and elegance.
  3. Caelum – Evoking the vastness and majesty of the heavens.
  4. Citrus – A zesty and vibrant name inspired by citrus fruits.
  5. Curiosus – For the inquisitive and curious feline with a sense of adventure.
  6. Draco – A name fit for a majestic and mythical dragon-like cat.
  7. Elysium – Symbolizing a peaceful and heavenly paradise.
  8. Ferox – A strong and fierce name for a bold and fearless cat.
  9. Flora – Inspired by the beauty and grace of nature’s flowers.
  10. Fortuna – A name representing luck and good fortune.
  11. Gemma – Like a precious gem, this name shines with beauty.
  12. Ignis – Inspired by the fiery passion and energy.
  13. Inca – A name honoring the ancient Incan civilization and their rich heritage.
  14. Jovis – For a cat with a regal and majestic presence, reminiscent of Jupiter.
  15. Lumen – A name that embodies brightness and radiance.
  16. Luna – Like the moon, this name signifies elegance and mystique.
  17. Magnus – Representing greatness and strength.
  18. Meliora – A name for a cat that brings out the best in everyone.
  19. Minima – For a small and adorable feline companion.
  20. Nebula – Like a celestial cloud, this name is mysterious and captivating.
  21. Nix – Inspired by the beauty and purity of snow.
  22. Novus – Signifying new beginnings and fresh starts.
  23. Opus – Symbolizing a cat who is a true work of art.
  24. Pax – A name that represents peace and harmony.
  25. Prima – The name for a cat who is the first in your heart.
  26. Regulus – A name for a small cat with a big personality, like a little king.
  27. Rosa – Inspired by the delicate and timeless beauty of a rose.
  28. Sapiens – For an intelligent and wise feline companion.
  29. Serenus – A name that reflects calmness and serenity.
  30. Solis – Inspired by the radiant energy of the sun.
  31. Stella – Like a star, this name signifies brightness and brilliance.
  32. Tacitus – A name for a cat who is silent and reserved but observant.
  33. Tempus – Symbolizing the timeless and ever-changing nature of time.
  34. Terra – Inspired by the grounding and nurturing essence of the earth.
  35. Titus – A name that signifies honor and respect.
  36. Tristis – For a cat with a melancholic and reflective nature.
  37. Ultima – A name for a cat who holds a special place as the last addition to your family.
  38. Valens – A name for a strong and healthy cat.
  39. Vesper – Inspired by the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the evening.
  40. Vita – A name that embodies the essence and vitality of life.
  41. Vox – Symbolizing a cat with a distinct and unique voice.
  42. Zephyr – Inspired by the gentle and refreshing west wind.
  43. Albus – A name for a white-furred cat, representing purity and innocence.
  44. Amicus – A name for a cat who is a loyal and cherished friend.
  45. Bellatrix – A name with a powerful and warrior-like aura.
  46. Candidus – Symbolizing a cat with a pure and bright nature.
  47. Felix – A name for a happy and fortunate feline companion.
  48. Fidelis – Representing a cat who is faithful and loyal.
  49. Invict – Derived from Latin, Invictus translates to “unconquered” or “undefeated.”
  50. Praetor – Rooted in ancient Rome, Praetor refers to a high-ranking magistrate or military commander.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, a lot of these Latin names for cats are familiar, some might even belong to people you know!

Decide if you want to name your cat after physical traits or personality. I know I have a few on the list that I would consider.

For boys, Jai, Caesar and Kaiser are among our favorites. For the females, we love Adriana, Honor and Prima. Nix and Vox for unisex.

Which of these Latin names for cats really spoke to you? Which one did you end up choosing? Let us know in the comments below!


150 Latin Names for Cats That Echo History and Tradition
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