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Are you looking for Skoon cat litter reviews to judge if it’s a good option for your feline companion?

Picking up the right cat litter can make all the difference regarding unpleasant urine odors and dust tracking.

Fortunately, I’m here to discuss its benefits and drawbacks with my detailed Skoon cat litter reviews.

Just keep reading.

Skoon Cat Litter Options at A Glance

Skoon Cat Litter Reviews

Many cat owners choose traditional clumping litter, but clay is terrible for the environment.

And here is where non-clumping litters like Skoon come into the picture. They’re an excellent eco-friendly litter box alternative.

Unlike traditional litter, Skoon pebbles are eco-friendly, lightweight, and low-tracking. It has incredible absorption power, excellent odor control, and favorable reviews.

But is Skoon a good choice for your feline friend? Let’s see our detailed Skoon Litter review.

#1 Skoon All-Natural Original Cat Litter

Skoon All-Natural Original Cat Litter
  • [HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR] - Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it...
  • [NON-TRACKING] - Skoon will not stick to your cat´s paws, preventing...
  • [LOW DUST] - Skoon pebbles are hypoallergenic and FREE of chemicals or...

The Original formula features large porous pebbles – hypoallergenic and free of artificial ingredients, designed not to stick to your cat’s fur. It comes in a convenient bag for easy pouring.

The litter is unscented, making it a great choice for cats with sensitive noses. And it has high absorption power, suitable for multi-cat households.


  • Excellent absorption rate
  • Low tracking
  • Lightweight
  • It reduces your cat’s carbon paw print


  • Odor control could be better regarding cat feces
  • A bit dusty when you pour it

#2 Skoon Lavender Scent Cat Litter

Skoon Lavender Scent Cat Litter
  • HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR -- Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it...
  • NON-TRACKING, LOW DUST and HYPOALLERGENIC-- Skoon will not stick to...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE -- Skoon is clump free, so no more wasting time...

The Lavender Skook cat litter has a subtle natural lavender scent to reduce unpleasant cat toilet box odors. It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients or fragrances, so it’s great for adults and kittens alike.

However, some cats do not like any kind of scent in their litter, so test out your cat’s preferences.

Moreover, the Lavender Skoon type has the same high absorbency power, not allowing urine to pool at the bottom of the box. And it produces almost no dust when you pour it out of the bag.


  • Excellent odor control
  • Suitable for multi-cat households and cats with stinky poop
  • High absorbency formula
  • Virtually no dust
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not all cats like the large pebble texture
  • Some cats are bothered by the lavender scent

#3 Skoon Lemon Scent Cat Litter

Skoon Lemon Scent Cat Litter
  • HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR -- Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it...
  • NON-TRACKING, LOW DUST and HYPOALLERGENIC-- Skoon will not stick to...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE -- Skoon is clump free, so no more wasting time...

If your cat hates the smell of lavender, you can try Skoon Lemon Scented litter. It has all the usual features, but it’s lemon-scented for better odor control.

Its formula is hypoallergenic and low dust, suitable for cats and owners with respiratory problems. It’s also highly absorbent, so you can use it for multiple cats.


  • Natural lemon scent for maximum odor control
  • High absorbency
  • Low dust and low tracking
  • Lightweight and hypoallergenic


  • Not all cats like the lemon scent

#4 Skoon Fine Grain Cat Litter

Skoon Fine Grain Cat Litter
  • FINE GRAIN SKOON -- Skoon’s smaller-sized pebbles are ideal for...
  • HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR -- Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it...
  • NON-TRACKING, LOW DUST, and HYPOALLERGENIC-- Skoon will not stick to...

Skoon won’t disappoint you with its fine-grain formula.

It’s perfect for kittens and cats with sensitive paws, thanks to its small pebble size.

And it’s non-clumping, so it’s a safer option for kittens still learning how to use the litter box.

Moreover, it has excellent odor control and low dust levels.


  • High absorbency
  • Low dust
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great for kittens and cats with sensitive paws


  • More tracking due to the small pebble size

#5 Skoon Cat Litter & Disposable Litter Box

Skoon Cat Litter & Disposable Litter Box
  • HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR -- Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it...
  • NON-TRACKING -- Skoon will not stick to your cat´s paws, preventing...
  • LOW DUST -- Skoon pebbles are hypoallergenic and FREE of chemicals or...

This type of Skoon cat litter is perfect for cat owners who don’t want to bother scooping the toilet box. You just throw it away and get a new disposable box with pebbles.


  • Easy maintenance
  • High absorbency
  • Good odor control
  • Relatively low tracking


  • Expensive

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

buying Skoon cat litter


As I already said, regular litter is made of clumping clay. However, Skoon is made from single-cell fossilized algae, called diatoms.

You can find these diatoms in oceans, waterways, and moist environments all over the world. They are very good at absorbing nutrients and moisture.

Diatomaceous Earth is also made from diatoms, and it’s one of the best materials for cleaning up oil spills and soaking moisture.

In fact, according to studies, “Diatomaceous earth has the highest absorbency of all materials in general use – approximately 145% of its weight of oil.”

Skoon litter is similar to diatomaceous earth, but it’s chipped into pebbles, not grounded into a powder.


Skoon cat litter is a great choice for cat owners with single or multiple cats. Thanks to their high absorbency power, Skoon litter pebbles can handle a lot of moisture before their start to stink.

These pebbles also reduce the unpleasant cat urine smells without tracking dust all over the house.

Moreover, Skoon cat litter brands are available in scented and unscented variants, perfect for cats with sensitive noses.

Unlike traditional clay litters, Skoon is also relatively safe for kittens because it won’t make your kitty ill if your pet likes to snack on its litter.

As such, Skoon is great for all cat breeds and ages.

Features and Characteristics

Skoon cat litter is an earth-based, non-clumping cat litter in the form of large pebble pieces. It comes in a bag of eight pounds or a box of 4/6 pounds (paired with a disposable litter box).

The pebbles are all-natural without chemicals, artificial fragrances, or harmful ingredients. They go through a heating process to ensure their moisture-locking abilities remain intact.

But how absorbent is Skoon cat litter? It has similar exceptional absorption capabilities as Diatomaceous Earth, making it a perfect choice for soaking liquid waste, such as cat urine.

Skoon’s formula is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for cat owners and cats with allergies or respiratory issues.


Skoon litter pebbles are relatively easy to maintain.

But scooping non-clumping litter is different than removing the solid clumps from traditional brands:

  • Fill the litter box with several inches of the pebbles.
  • Remove solid waste daily and stir the stones to distribute them evenly across the litter box.
  • Dispose of the pebbles when they change to an off-white color.

Comparison With Other Brands

Compared to other non-clumping brands, Skoon has better absorbent powers and lower dust content.

Moreover, the larger pebble size reduces the chances of particles sticking to your cat’s fur and tracking all over the house.

It’s also one of the best cat litters because it’s suitable for all life stages and is safe to use around small kittens.

However, Skoon is more expensive than other non-clumping brands, which can put a dent in your budget if you have more than one cat.


  • It’s made from all-natural diatoms with a porous structure for maximum absorbency and excellent odor control.
  • Suitable for single and multi-cat households
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it if your cat doesn’t like it.
  • The lavender and lemon-scented litters control unpleasant litter box odors well.
  • Hypoallergenic, lightweight formula
  • Available in fine grain pebbles variant for cats with sensitive paws
  • Relatively low-dust and low-tracking
  • One 8-pound bag can last you up to a month for a single cat


  • It’s a bit messier than traditional clay litter
  • Not the best choice for automatic cat litter boxes
  • More expensive than other non-clumping options
  • Not all cats like the pebble texture


Most cat parents are happy with Skoon’s performance, ease of maintenance, odor control, and low dust levels.

One reddit user has been using Skoon for a little over two years now. It is expensive, but it works really well for me and my two cats.

We switched from Pretty litter which my cats tracked onto every surface in the house; it was a nightmare.

Another user also comments, “I love it. I’ll never go back to store bought litter again! This stuff is great!”

Skoon has excellent odor control, and most cats quickly get used to its texture. Still, some cat owners share that the litter tracks more than expected and that it’s not as low dust as expected when you pour it from the bag.


bags of Skoon cat litter


If you want to try Skoon, you have several options: Amazon (you get free delivery for Prime members and can opt to subscribe for monthly deliveries), Chewy (you can save by subscribing, and you get free delivery) and Skoon’s website.


It’s an excellent eco-friendly alternative for single and multi-cat households. It absorbs cat urine better than traditional brands, doesn’t produce much dust, and doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws.

Is Skoon Cat Litter Dust Free?

Skoon isn’t a no dust cat litter, but it’s less dusty than similar plant-based brands. It also has a hypoallergenic formulate, perfect for cat owners with respiratory problems.

How Long Does a Bag of Skoon Cat Litter Last?

An 8-pound bag should last up to a month for a single cat or half a month for two cats. 

Is Skoon Cat Litter Environmentally Friend?

Skoon is environmentally friendly because it’s made from diatoms, not clay. 

Final Word

Skoon cat litter is a type of non-clumping litter, perfect for kittens and cats. It features highly absorbent pebbles that won’t allow urine to stick to the bottom of the box.

Remember to switch litters slowly to avoid litter box avoidance problems and give your cat plenty of time to adjust to the pebble’s texture.

What do your think about Skoon cat litter? Have you ever tried it? Share your Skoon cat litter reviews in the comment section.


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