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If you are looking for some Star Wars cat names, here’s a list of ideas inspired by the characters that you love!

Since its release in the late 1970s, the Star Wars series has created a huge cult following all around the world.

It has become a brand name of its own, and its fans often love to name their pets after the characters from the franchise.

Let’s dive in with some amazing ideas, starting with the boys!

92 Star Wars Cat Names For Males

cute orange cat perfect for any star wars cat names

If you have a male cat with a unique personality and attitude, you can give him a name that you and your cat will both love.

You can also pick canine names that somehow relate to the way your cat looks.

There are many Star Wars characters with interesting names – and you can pick one of them for your furry friend.

Take a look at the list of Star Wars-inspired cat names!

  1. Ackbar
  2. Admiral
  3. Alfonzo
  4. Alistair
  5. Anakin
  6. Anwar
  7. Arto
  8. Bail
  9. Baby Yoda
  10. Ben
  11. Bane
  12. Baze
  13. Beckette
  14. Biggs
  15. Bleach
  16. Boba
  17. Bodhi
  18. Booster
  19. Cad
  20. Cassian
  21. Chewbacca
  22. Chewie
  23. Cin 
  24. Cliegg 
  25. Chirrut
  26. Chopper
  27. Cody
  28. Dagobah
  29. Darth
  30. Dooku
  31. Droid
  32. Embo
  33. Eno 
  34. Ewok
  35. Ezra
  36. Falcon
  37. Finn
  38. Galen
  39. Greedo
  40. Han Solo
  41. Holdo
  42. Hondo
  43. Hoth
  44. Howard
  45. Hux
  46. Jabba
  47. Jakku
  48. Jango
  49. Jar Jar Binks
  50. Jawa
  51. Jedi
  52. Jyn
  53. Kanan
  54. Kenobi
  55. Kylo
  56. Lando
  57. Luke
  58. Mace
  59. Mando
  60. Maul
  61. Max
  62. Obi Wan
  63. Qui-Gon
  64. Palpitane
  65. Porg
  66. Qui Gon
  67. R2
  68. Ren
  69. Rex
  70. Ringo
  71. Ruwee 
  72. Scion
  73. Sifo-Dyas
  74. Skywalker
  75. Stewart Akerly
  76. Tarkin
  77. Tebo
  78. Thrawn
  79. Threepio
  80. Trooper
  81. Vader
  82. Valko
  83. Vos
  84. Ward
  85. Warden
  86. Warrington
  87. Warrior
  88. Warthog
  89. Warui
  90. Wookie
  91. Yoda
  92. Zeb

78 Star Wars Cat Names For Females

beautiful furry cat lying on the pink floor

Who said that cat names from the Star Wars universe only belong to male cats?

Your female cats also deserve awesome cat names from the galaxy far far away!

For your graceful and adorable kittens, you can choose some amazing names from the Star Wars world.

To do that, take a look at our list of Star Wars names that we have curated for you and your cat!

  1. Ahsoka
  2. Aika 
  3. Alecia 
  4. Amidala
  5. Amilyn
  6. Aphra
  7. Avar 
  8. Bariss
  9. Beru
  10. Bo-Katan
  11. Breha 
  12. Carrie
  13. Casca 
  14. Cara
  15. Cere 
  16. Cassian
  17. Celestina
  18. Chelli Lona
  19. Cordé
  20. Depa 
  21. Eisley
  22. Endor
  23. Faro
  24. Hera
  25. Gar 
  26. Greer 
  27. Iden
  28. Jannah
  29. Jobal 
  30. Jocasta 
  31. Junda
  32. Jyn
  33. Karyn 
  34. Ketsu
  35. Lady Wesley Star
  36. Leia
  37. Letta 
  38. Lucka 
  39. Luna
  40. Lyra
  41. Maia 
  42. Mara
  43. Maze
  44. Moff 
  45. Mina
  46. Morgan
  47. Neddy
  48. Oma
  49. Organa
  50. Padme
  51. Paige
  52. Phasma
  53. Pooja 
  54. Qi’ra
  55. Rey
  56. Rook 
  57. Ryoo 
  58. Sabine
  59. Sana 
  60. Shmi
  61. Sola 
  62. Star
  63. Starla
  64. Steela
  65. Trace 
  66. Traya
  67. Trilla 
  68. Tulon 
  69. Ursa
  70. Val
  71. Voidgazer
  72. Wampa
  73. Wedge
  74. Wicket
  75. Windu
  76. Xena
  77. Zam
  78. Zorii


Now you have a list of awesome names from the Star Wars universe for your male and female cats.

These names will certainly make them a superstar at the park when you take your furry friend for a walk in the evening.

What are the Star Wars cats called?

The world would be an incomplete place without cats. That’s why even the Star Wars universe has them! The cute, milk-loving cat species living in different worlds across the galaxy are called Tookas, or Tooka-cats. They also have a breed called Loth-cats that live on planet Lothal.

What are some cool cat names from Star Wars?

If you are a nerdy pet owner who loves Star Wars, you can pick some amazing names like Cad, Chewie, Poe, Rex, etc., for male cats, and for Cara, Hera, Leia, Maz, etc., for female cates.

What are some badass names for cats from the Star Wars universe?

Star Wars is full of some badass characters that the patrons of the series love. There are incredible names like Boba, Bane, Darth, Trooper, Jannah, Padme, and many more for your furry friend.

What are the top 10 names for cats from the Star Wars universe?

The top Star Wars names for males are Yoda, Vader, Skywalker, Luke, and Ewok. On the other hand, the top names for females are Princess Leia, Traya, Jyn, Rey, and Rebel.

What are some clever Star Wars cat names?

If you love Star Wars and want to name your cat after the characters in this universe, you can pick some amazing punny names. Some clever puns include Pawedme, Emperor Pawpatine, Paw Dameron, Mewbacca, Jessika Paw, Darth Meaowl, and more.

What are some nerdy cat names from the Star Wars world?

There are very few nerds in the world who do not love Star Wars. If you want your kitty to share your nerdiness, you can name it after characters like Yoda, Chewbacca, Grogu, Chopper, Mouse Droid, Ball Droid, Ewok, Porg, Tooka, Loth, and many more.

What are some Mandalorian names for male cats?

Some names we like are Dagg Qannurr, Eepaark Trodawr, Grogarej Ran, Jeebrots Dul, Muur Pyk, Ponajeck Hassyst, Rugg Zouloc, Thoc Dur, Wuzdonn Uurhoogh, and Zomadth Spak.

What are some unisex cat names from the Star Wars universe?

There are many stunning names like  Anooba, Barr, Rebel, Togruta, Jedi, Zam and many more. These will suit male and female cats perfectly.


Whether your cat looks a little like or has the attitude of Ball Droid or has the attitude and grace of Leia Organa – they can pull off awesome cat names from the Star Wars universe.

Naming your cat after a character you love might help forge a positive relationship with your beautiful and fun pet.

What are your favorite Star Wars cat names? Please share your pick below!

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