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5 Tall Corner Cat Trees at a Glance

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Check this comparison table for a quick guide on tall cat trees. Read the review for further details.

Editor's Choice
Top Benefit
Superior stability
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Top Benefit
Eco-friendly materials
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Cat's Choice Deluxe Cat Play Loft**
Top Benefit
Numerous comfortable perches
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CozyCatFurniture Large Cat Tower Cat Tree Furniture with Two Condos, Mocha
Top Benefit
Easy to clean
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5 Best Tall Corner Cat Trees with detailed review

The best tall corner cat trees are those that don’t take up a ton of space yet still offer plenty of climbing & lounging opportunities for your kitty. Here are our picks!

1. HausProjekt Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

HausProjekt’s Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree is one of the largest, most stable options available for cat owners.

Its stability comes from its griping ceiling attachment and wall brackets, which provide it with outstanding adaptability.

You can even adjust its height between 94 inches to 113 inches.

The sisal scratching posts will allow your cat to get rid of its pent-up energy, as well.

Physical Attributes

  • Four scratching posts (three made from sisal rope)
  • Light beige coloring
  • Three platforms (17″ x 9″)
  • Griping ceiling attachment and wall bracket
  • Made top-tier sisal, wood, and faux fur
  • Features two hanging cat toys

Quantitative Measurements

  • Adjustable height: 94” – 113”
Simple to assembleHanging toys aren’t overly durable
Durable constructionPlatforms are a bit small
Appealing design 
Easy to move and adaptable
Comfortable surface material
Superior stability

more Benefits

These incredible benefits make this tall corner cat tree our winner.

Its convenience level and superior stability alone ensure it’s almost an unbeatable cat tree.

But you also have to note the durability provided by this product. There’s no reason to believe its high-quality wood construction won’t last several years. 

Its adjustable height makes it much more adaptable than our other choices, as well.

You can build the cat tree based on your home’s particular measurements. As a result, it’s a much more user-friendly experience than you might expect. 

You won’t have to worry about it being an eyesore, either. Its attractive, compact design will mesh into almost any home’s decor.


Buyers will need to know about the issues with this tree’s hanging toys, though.

These toys aren’t the most durable, which means you’ll have to replace them at some point. 

Some larger cats might find the platforms a bit small, too. But it’s not small enough where they can’t use them comfortably. 

Multiple buyers mentioned their larger cats still loved these platforms.

The comfortable surface material offers enough where it doesn’t become a huge issue.

How it Compare to Others and Why

You aren’t going to find many large cat trees with this much stability.

The manufacturer did an excellent job with its ceiling attachment and wall bracket additions.

Both of these ensure the tree will remain stable and wobble-free when used. 

How the Product Evolved

This product’s spring-loaded construction is what makes it different from almost any cat tree.

It’s an ingenious addition as this provides an adjustable height radius, which other products don’t offer.

Expert Tips

  • It’s recommended to “put a shelf next to the tree to help access each level.”

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2. MillyFitcat Corner Cat Tree

There isn’t a single, more unique option available than MillyFitcat’s Corner Cat Tree.

Its spiral staircase design is a marvelous sight to behold when compared to other options. 

But don’t overlook its comfortable top resting area or excellent stability. 

These traits will make sure your cat can rest safely and comfortably. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade
  • Spiral tower design
  • 18 steps
  • Heavy-duty wood construction
  • Cat-faced cushion attached to top-level
  • Heavy-weighted base fixed with a tripod

Quantitative Measurements

  • 79″ x 26″
Maximum stabilityMost expensive option 
Super comfortable, top resting area
Eco-friendly materials
Creative design
Excellent exercise incentive 
Free shipping

How it Compare to Others and Why

The creative spiral tower design is its main selling point.

It makes this product an exciting addition to any home while being incredibly fun for your cat. Honestly, you won’t find another cat tree quite like this one. 

How the Product Evolved

MillyFitCat felt, “there a lot of creativity in the cat furniture market.” It led them to create a fun, exciting cat tower, which any owner and cat will enjoy. 

Expert Tips

  • If your cat isn’t using it right away, try placing treats on the steps as an incentive.
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3. Cat’s Choice Supreme Cat Tree

Cat's Choice Deluxe Cat Play Loft**

Cat owners looking to bring a style into their home need to consider Cat’s Choice Supreme Cat Tree. 

It allows you to choose from seven different color schemes, which makes it very adaptable. 

You won’t have any issues finding one that matches your cat’s personality. 

The 5-level design with numerous perches won’t hurt its appeal, either. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Five levels
  • Constructed from wood, plush carpet, and sisal rope
  • Two carpeted scratching posts
  • Includes a tunnel, two circular beds, a hammock
  • Double thick base

Quantitative Measurements

  • 20″ x 24″ x 69″
  • Seven color choices: Beige, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green Pink/White Contrast Purple/White Contrast
  • Additional sisal rope scratching posts available as an add-on
Stable, durable constructionExpensive
Numerous comfortable perchesSome cats like shredding and chewing on the carpet pieces
Stylish, carpeted design
Easy to assemble
Made in the USA

How it Compare to Others and Why

The number of color choices and perches make this a top-tier cat tree.

It provides the cat tree with a bit more versatility and cat-friendliness than you expect. Plus, it functions well as a multi-cat structure. 

How the Product Evolved

Cat’s Choice noticed some cats were aggressively attacking the carpeted posts.

This issue led them to offer an all-sisal option for a few extra dollars. It’s a crucial addition as it makes the posts much tougher and durable.

Expert Tips

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Cat’s Choice Deluxe Cat Play Loft** — $129.99

Cat’s Choice Deluxe Cat Play Loft – 110103 – Cat Gyms – Our Deluxe Play Loft is an excellent multi-level cat tower for a multi-cat household! The hammock shaped perch on the first level provides an excellen

4. CozyCatFurniture Multilevel Corner Cat Tree

CozyCatFurniture Large Cat Towers, Extra Tall Cat Trees with Condos, Perches & Sisal Scratching Posts

The CozyCatFurniture Multilevel Corner Cat Tree is our most flashy, feature-filled option. 

Your cat will be living in a world of luxury with its sisal scratching posts, cat condos, and cushioned top-level beds.

Cat owners will also love it for the vast number of choices. 

You’ll have no problem finding a variation that fits right into your home without an issue.

Physical Attributes

  • Ten sisal scratching posts
  • Plush covering material
  • Two cat condos
  • Assembly tools included
  • Two ladders
  • Three cushioned top-level beds

Quantitative Measurements

  • Four height options: 73″, 74″, 79″, and 82″
  • Two color choices: Beige and Brown

How it Compare to Others and Why

It has more to offer with its features than these other corner cat trees. Your cat will never get bored by how well-equipped this tree is for serving as a cat tower. 

Comfortable, well-cushioned constructionExpensive
Easy to cleanVague instructions 
Various perches and resting areas
Elegant design
Multiple levels

How the Product Evolved

CozyCatFurniture has been making excellent cat trees and towers for a long time.

This product hasn’t evolved but instead still displays its excellence. It’s a solid, well-put-together cat tree any feline will love.

Expert Tips

  • The manufacturer states it’s only for small to medium-sized cats.

No products found.

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Tower

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree. (24 x 20.8 x 76.8 inches (lwh) Tall Sisal Scratching Posts, Modern Wall Mounted cat Furniture, Espresso Finish). 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

If you want a compact corner cat tree, PetFusion’s Ultimate Cat Tower is a perfect fit. 

The wall-mounted construction ensures you can tuck into a room’s corner with ease. 

Your cat will then love its two wood perches with comfortable cushion pads.

It’ll soon become their favorite place within your home.

Physical Attributes

  • Two sisal scratching posts
  • Features zinc drywall anchors
  • Two perches with cushion pads
  • Wall-mounted construction
  • Made from high-quality wood

Quantitative Measurements

  • 24″ x 21″ x 77″
  • Espresso coloring
Compact design to save spaceShipping issues
Easy to assembleLarge sections between platforms 
No drilling required
Large, durable sisal scratching posts
1-year warranty
Suitable for all ages

How it Compare to Others and Why

This cat tree’s compactness makes a massive difference. It’ll ensure this tree isn’t such a blemish like most other options available.

You can instead keep it tucked away in a corner and let your cat enjoy it without taking over an entire room. 

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree. (24 x 20.8 x 76.8 inches (lwh) Tall Sisal Scratching Posts, Modern Wall Mounted cat Furniture, Espresso Finish). 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

How the Product Evolved

PetFusion has been trying to make an alternative to other cat trees that  “which clutter your living space and prevent your cat from climbing.”

This cat tree more than fulfills its intended goal.

Expert Tips

You might want to attach carpet onto the platforms, as one customer notes that “the wood finish is really smooth.”

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree. (24 x 20.8 x 76.8 inches (lwh) Tall Sisal Scratching Posts, Modern Wall Mounted cat Furniture, Espresso Finish). 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • INTERACTIVE DESIGN TO IMPROVE YOUR CAT'S WELLNESS: (I) For cats who love to climb & perch up high. (II) Great stimulation for young kittens & older cats. No age discrimination. (III) Stretch, scratch, jump, climb, perch, lounge & play
  • MODERN CAT FURNITURE: (I) Compared to the over-engineered cat trees which clutter your living space and actually limit your cat from climbing. That's what some cats believe curtains are now for : )
  • SAFETY FIRST EASY WALL MOUNTED ASSEMBLY: (I) Securely attaches to the wall providing a safe environment for your children and cat(s). (II) Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver. No drilling required unless you prefer to anchor into studs or have plaster walls. (III) Estimate 15-20-minute total assembly time
  • PEACE OF MIND: (I) Premium E0 grade MDF passes formaldehyde safety regulations. (II) Product also passes stricter European REACH standards
  • YOU SHOULD NOW: (I) 24 x 20. 8 x 76. 8 inches (lwh). (II) Replacement posts available

Tall Corner Cat Trees FAQs


I hope these discussions made your choice of a tall cat tree more effortless.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how your search went in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Pick

As I mentioned earlier, the best choice here is HausProjekt Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree.

The adjustable height and stability are too much to match for any other available option.  

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Which is your favorite tall corner cat tree? Please share with us below!

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