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Are you looking for a Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets alternative?

Purina Tidy Cat Breeze pellet formula is an excellent eco-friendly option for a pet, but it’s not the best choice for budget-minded people.

After extensive research, I have found seven breeze pellet alternatives, perfect for owners looking for all-natural cat litter box solutions. Continue reading to learn more.

Top Picks at a glance

Best Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets Alternative

Most cat owners switch to the Purina Tidy Cat Breeze pellet formula because it’s low in dust, controls urine odor well, and dehydrates solid waste for quick litter box scooping.

And while many feline experts praise Purina’s formula, these pellets can be costly, especially for multi-cat households. And not all cats like its soft texture.

Fortunately, here are 7 alternatives to breeze pellets you can try.

1. Fresh News Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

You’ll like Fresh New’s pellets because they’re three times more absorbent than clay and have baking soda for improved odor control.

This Tidy Breeze alternative also features a low-tracking formula to keep your house mess-free, and the pellet’s texture appeals to most cats.

And it’s a very affordable option—one 25-pound bag costs $15. Additionally, it is made from recycled paper material, so it’s perfectly safe for adult cats and kittens.

2. ökocat Wood Clumping Cat Litter

ökocat Wood Clumping Cat Litter
  • PELLET CAT LITTER: Our next-generation, clumping cat litter...
  • New exclusive online packaging contains same great litter in a 100%...
  • EXCEPTIONAL ODOR CONTROL: Wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from...

ökocat’s formula boats mini-pellets with excellent liquid absorption power, soft texture, and low dust levels. And they clump well, making it easier than ever to scoop the litter tray.

Since ökocat is made from wood fibers, it has a superior odor-control formula, preventing enzymes from bonding with cat urine and feces.

This pellet litter is less likely to stick to a cat’s fur, thanks to its pellet size, making it an excellent choice for long-haired breeds.

Ramsey Bond, a graduate working with shelters on ways to reduce animal footprints, explains, “Wood pellet-based litters are a renewable resource and are ideal for composting.”

3. CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter

CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter
  • SAVE MONEY!: Our 2-pack bundles save $1.50/bag over normal, retail...
  • SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY: One, 8-lb bag of our CatSpot clumping formula,...
  • CHEMICAL FREE: Our clumping litter has zero chemicals and no added...

CatSpot’s coconut litter is another excellent Tidy Breeze cat litter alternative. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and is much more absorbent than its clay counterparts.

Moreover, Cat Spot doesn’t contain chemicals, artificial ingredients, or scents. It’s hypoallergenic, biodegradable, low in dust, and very lightweight.

Best of all, one bag of 5 pounds can last up to a month for a single cat, and it’s cheaper than Tidy Cats Breeze cat litter pellets.

4. Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter
  • One (1) 13.2 lb. Bag - Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat...
  • Absorbs 3x the moisture by volume than traditional clay-based litter....
  • U.S. veterinarian recommended. Designed for low-tracking with no small...

Besides Tidy Cat, Purina has another great biodegradable litter made from paper, perfect for owners who want cheap cat litter pellets.

Yesterday’s News non-clumping formula features a fresh scent to reduce unpleasant odors, and its granules are large to minimize tracking around the house.

Best of all, paper is a highly absorbing material, so it’s an excellent option for multiple or single-cat households.

5. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

No products found.

Feline pine pellets are one of the best wood pellets for cat litter.

They’re made from all-natural pine, safe for use around cats, and have a natural pine scent to remove unpleasant cat toilet odors.

Moreover, it’s an excellent eco-friendly alternative and perfect for multi-cat households.

6. Naturally Fresh Natural Cat Litter

Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter
  • 26 lb bag
  • Because Naturally Fresh is so absorbent, one bag of Naturally Fresh is...
  • Unlike clay litters which throw off silica dust, Naturally Fresh is...

Naturally Fresh is made of walnuts and has superior odor control compared to traditional clay brands, and it quickly clumps on contact with feces.

Moreover, this eco-friendly Breeze litter pellet alternative is very low-dust and low-tracking, perfect for kitties with allergies.

And one bag can last you a month or more, so it’s much cheaper than Tidy Cat’s Breeze pellets.

7. Jonny Cat Premium Non-Clumping Litter

Jonny Cat Clay Cat Litter
  • Natural odor eliminator delivers safe and effective odor control
  • Allergen free, no perfumes or dyes, just pure and simple odor-fighting...
  • Perfect for finicky cats, cats with allergies or sensitive owners

Jonny Cat’s premium brand is an excellent Tidy Breeze alternative. It absorbs liquid waste well, and its unique odor-controlling formula contains botanical extracts for maximum smell reduction.

Moreover, Jonny Cat’s brand is scent-free, low in dust, and made from non-clumping clay, making it an excellent choice for cat owners with kittens.

The neutral pebble color also allows you to notice changes in your cat’s poop or urine. And its pebble design is more attractive to some cats than large pine pellets.

Best of all, one 10-pound bag costs $10 on average, making it a budget option. But it tends to track around the house.

Tidy Cats Breeze Pallet Alternatives: Things To Consider

Before you switch from Tidy Cats to another brand, consider the following features:.

Odor Control

Pick a brand with a similar odor-control formula to Tidy Cats to ensure it will mask the awful smell of cat poop.

Pine pellets are generally better than paper because they have a solid natural scent that suppresses ammonia odors. But paper can also work if you change it often.


Some pellets, like yesterday’s news, are significant to prevent them from sticking to the cat’s fur. Others are mini, designed to appeal to cats with sensitive paws.

As studies show, many cats prefer small particles to large ones, so you should consider your cat’s preferences when choosing a brand.


In general, wood pellets absorb more liquid waste than paper, as you can see from this video.

But all types of pellets have a higher absorption rate than clay. You must do your research or ask experts so that you can get pellets that will be affordable and effective. 

Clumping vs. Non-Clumping

Most pellet litter is non-clumping, meaning it doesn’t form urine clumps.

So it would be best if you sifted the pellets to remove the wet waste, which can be pretty messy, so have gloves and a shovel nearby.

On the other hand, clumping pellets form clumps on contact with cat waste, and it’s easy to scoop the best. But they tend to be more expensive.


Many pellets are cheaper than Tidy Cat Breeze. But it doesn’t make them a good alternative because you have to change the litter box very often, so you will pay more in the long run.


Is Zeolite cat litter safe for cats?

Zeolite is a natural, non-clumping cat litter. So, is mordenite zeolite safe for cats? Yes, it is.

Is Pine litter safe for cats?

Pine is safe for cats if the wood is treated to remove phenols.

Can you use pine pellets in a regular litter box?

Yes, you can use pine pellets in your traditional cat toilet box. However, you can’t use pellets for all automatic cat toilet boxes.

Final Work

There are several Tidy Cat Breeze pellet alternatives. Remember to switch the brands slowly and keep an eye on your cat’s toilet habits to ensure they’re using the alternative pellets.

What do you think about these 7 Tidy Cat Breeze pellet alternatives? Which one do you use? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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