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You’ve probably heard a thousand times that it’s impossible to train a cat.

I admit that teaching your cat to do tricks is more complicated than training your dog, but it’s absolutely doable.

As long as the cat is properly motivated and in the mood for learning, anything is possible.

In fact, you’ve already taught your cat something. She comes up when you call her name, doesn’t she?

Then you’re ready for the next level. But before we see some awesome tricks to teach your cat that will leave your friends speechless, let’s talk about something else first.

What do you need to train a cat?

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The first thing you should get before starting your lesson is a bag of cat treats. But not any ordinary treats.

They should be the most delicious, irresistible ones you can find. If your cat doesn’t like the food, she won’t do what you want and will lose interest very soon.

The second thing is that you should always teach the trick in a room with no distractions so that you have the full attention of Kitty.

Cats are intelligent creatures and they learn by repeating the same thing over and over again, so you should be patient above all.

Now let’s see what awesome things you can teach your feline.

Tricks to Teach Your Cat

1. Sit

5 Awesome & Effective Tricks to Teach Your Cat Today

When it comes to cat training, it’s always best to start with something simple, like “sit.” To do that, your cat should be in a standing position.

Take a treat and hold it above her ears or above her head, then slowly move it towards the tail. Your cat will be forced to sit to see what you are holding.

When she does that, tell her that she’s done a great job and reward her. Then you keep on practicing. Eventually, you’ll introduce the spoken command “sit” and get rid of the food bait.

When your cat has mastered sitting, you can also teach her to stand on her hind legs.

You just need to raise the food high enough over your cat’s head and encourage her to stand to get her.

Simple, right? And watch out for the fingers. Those teeth are sharp.

2. High five

cat giving high five

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your cat gave you a high five? Well, once you have mastered “sit,” it’s easy to teach “high five.”

Place the treat over her head and raise it slightly so that she has to reach with her paw to get it.

When she does, you should immediately give her a high-five and reward her.

And don’t succumb to any cute behavior that your cat might use to manipulate you.

3. Give me a kiss

cat giving a kiss

If there is anything more adorable than a high-five, it’s “give me a kiss.”

To teach your cat to do this awesome trick, you have to smear something tasty on your finger or your face and let her do the rest.

This method works best if the kitty is slightly hungry, so start the lesson before feeding time.

4. Use the bathroom

cat using toilet

We’ve all seen so many videos of cats doing their business in the toilet that we’ve always wondered if it’s really possible to achieve this. Yes, it is.

And it’s not as complicated as you might think, but it will take time and dedication.

First, move the litter box near the toilet and give the cat time to adjust. Then you continue by raising the box closer and closer to the top of the seat.

When your cat gets comfortable using the litter box on top of the toilet seat, buy a special cat training seat that fits your toilet and some flushable litter.

As time goes by, you can start using less and less litter and eventually get rid of the litter box.

5. Walk on a leash

cat walking on a leash

I admit that this might be one of the hardest tricks you can teach your cat, but if you want to take your cat out for a walk, it’s worth giving it a try.

Start by getting your cat familiar with the harness. Don’t secure it at first, because this might freak out the cat. Let her get comfortable with the feeling of the harness, and then secure it.

Get your cat to spend a couple of minutes every day wearing the harness. When you deem that she doesn’t mind the harness, add the leash.

Allow your cat to walk around the house with the leash and harness so that she can get used to it. After a few days, you will be ready to take her for a walk.

But keep in mind that cats are temperamental creatures, and despite all your efforts, she might refuse to be walked around on a leash like a dog and just lie stubbornly on the floor.

Also, some cats might be too scared to go outside their comfort zone (your house), and you shouldn’t force them.


Cat training is not impossible, as long as the reward is worth the effort from your cat’s point of view.

Remember that, and everything is possible.

Does your cat know any cool tricks? Was it hard to teach her, or was she natural? Tell us in the comments.

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