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Cats are known for the fact that they purr, so the majority of the time we do not even think twice about the noise little Kitty is making.

However, you might be wondering why he or she is purring so loudly. While you may not have even noticed before, you might have recently heard your cat purring rather loudly.

As a cat parent, this has the potential to concern you. Cats often purr when they are happy. The volume at which they purr is natural for them.

As your cat grows and becomes older, their purr changes too. This means that the purr is likely to become deeper and, therefore, louder too.

Even so, you may also notice that a cat purrs loudly when he or she is soothing other humans and animals close by. They might be attempting to heal themselves, or they may be stressed.

Just like humans, a cat’s behavior and their features are completely unique to who they are.

5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Purr So Loud

Now that you understand a little more about why a cat might be purring so loudly, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why does my cat purr so loud.

#1 Your Pet Cat Is Very Happy

happy cat purring

The most obvious sign when it comes to purring is happiness.

They often purr when they are feeling content and satisfied. This is why they will purr if you pet them, or when they are near you.

It is not uncommon for a wild cat to purr as well. Panthers, tigers and lions all purr when they are content.

If you are spending time with your cat and they seem to be comfortable and purring loudly, then it is likely because they are super happy.

This is nothing to worry about. Cats often purr quietly and then become louder the happier that they are.

So long as they don’t have any signs of illness, there is probably nothing to worry about.

#2 Your Cat Is Older

If you have had your cat since it was a little kitten, you will have noticed that their purring has changed over time.

Kittens are known to begin purring within the first few days of being born, but not the first two at the very least.

This helps them to communicate with the litter and their mom. The purr is higher pitched due to their vocal cords not being developed properly yet.

Their body is tiny too, and this will affect how the purring sounds. As the cat grows, the purring changes too. If you have never seen your cat as a kitten, then you might not have noticed.

However, if you have known your cat since the early days, you most certainly will have heard their purr change.

As a cat ages, their body changes too. Alongside this so does their purr. If your cat begins to gain some weight, you will also notice that their purr changes.

#3 Your Cat Is Hoping To Soother Others

cat purring loud

Cats not only use their purr to communicate and show their happiness, it can also be a way to soothe those around him or her.

It is not unusual for cats to lay upon each other and begin purring.

This is to calm down and soothe their littermates. This is also done if they know that their littermate is not well.

They think that purring can help to heal them. However, this is not just confined to other cats. A cat will often soothe others too, including you.

If they can sense that you are feeling anxious or upset, they may purr loudly to make you feel calmer. This will also make their purring much louder.

So, if you are feeling particularly anxious, listen to your cat pouring and let it soothe you. It is quite nice knowing that your car cares!

#4 It Is The Unique Way That Your Cat Purrs

If your cat has always purred loudly, it could just be that this is the way that they purr.

Similarly, when your cat meows, they likely have a distinctive sound that you, as a cat owner, can tell apart from other cats.

Every cat has unique vocal chords, so this means they will all naturally purr differently.

So, if your cat is just a natural loud purrer, do not let this worry you.

#5 Your Cat Might Be Trying To Heal

Grey Cat Over Cloth

Interestingly, as a cat purrs, it can release endorphins which has the ability to relieve stress, but also remove pain.

It is a little like having headache medication built inside the body.

When a cat purrs, the endorphins are released which can help them to feel relaxed, and can help to reduce at least some of the pain that they might be feeling.

This is why it is good to know any changes your cat may have that might indicate he or she is not feeling well.

This way, you can understand when your cat might be feeling sick and whether the loud purring is to do with that.

If your cat is injured, you may also notice that they begin to purr quite loudly. Again, this is their own way of self healing.

Purring has a way of helping the muscles to relax and promote them to heal. This is exactly the same as when they are ill.

If your cat has a wheezing sound as they purr, or a cough, they could have a chest infection. When this is the case, make sure you get the veterinarian to check them out.

It can be upsetting to hear your cat purr loudly as it tries to heal itself. Just know that they are doing so to feel comfortable again.

Is A Cat Purring Loudly A Normal Thing?

standard cat purr

It is not uncommon to hear a cat purring so loudly.

Most of the time, it just means that they are completely comfortable and happy with the situation that they find themselves in at that point.

After all, how many times have you heard your cat purr loudly when sitting with you on the couch?

Cats often purr to show how relaxed they are, as well as to show others affection.

You might find that they purr once you enter the room, or after you have petted them for a few moments.

So, if your cat begins to purr loudly while you are petting them, it is likely just because they feel comfortable and super happy in your presence.

Is It Normal For A Cat To Purr When You Are Not Petting Them?

It does not mean it is a bad thing if your cat purrs and you are not giving them a cuddle or a pet.

Cats can tell when something is up, and often purr to try and soothe how you are feeling.

Cats are animals which often feel anxiety. This is because they hunt, but are also hunted by others too.

Because of this, they can understand how you are feeling too.

Often cats can pick up the subtle clues on how you are feeling, now matter how small the change is.

If they are purring loudly and you are not feeling quite yourself, then it could just be that your cat is trying to comfort you.

When Is A Cat Purring Not A Normal Thing?

cat purring in lap

However, if your cat is purring and you don’t think it is because of comfort in any shape or form, then you might be concerned about them.

Purring can indicate an issue with your cat, so understanding what that might be is important.

Unfortunately, cats cannot tell you themselves, and have to use other ways to communicate.

If your cat is loudly purring, you may need to look for other clues.

If they seem unwell, they may be suffering from some sort of injury or illness.

If the purring is alongside some wheezing or a cough, then they might need to see a veterinarian.

If your cat has begun to hide a lot, it might also mean that they are sick.

They often try to heal themselves and will disappear off to hiding places to stay away from everything.

There are many ways to see if your cat is not well, from a runny nose to not eating food, to having sores and being in pain.

This is when purring loudly is not normal, so always check their health, too.

Is It True That Cats Purr When They Are Suffering With Pain?

Yes, a cat often purrs loudly when they are in pain.

If you know your cat is injured and they have seen a veterinarian, then do not be surprised if they begin to purr loudly.

If they have begun purring loudly and you suspect they are in pain, then always take them to see the veterinarian to make sure they are okay.

Cats purr loudly when they are in pain as a way to heal, hence the reason they purr loudly.

It can help to relax them and their muscles, and to block some of the pain. This can help them to heal from a muscle injury, and can ease any swelling.

If a cat has no sign of a physical injury, they also purr when they have an illness.

While they might not be purring loudly to heal themselves, the illness itself can cause a cat to sound like it is purring loudly.

Often they would use loud purring to communicate with their littermates and mom, so they could be purring loudly to ask for you.

Why Does A Cat Purr Loudly While Sleeping?

cat sleeping and purring

You may have noticed that when your cat sleeps it purrs rather loudly.

This is not usually something to be worried about, however. Often a cat purrs when it is fully relaxed and happy.

Are you happy when you sleep? Exactly!

They are finally able to close their eyes and get 40 winks before they are awake and curious again.

If your cat is purring loudly as it begins to sleep, then it is often a sign that they are happy.

If they are sitting cuddled up to you, purring loudly and shutting their eyes ready to sleep, then it means they are comfortable with you.

Once they fall asleep, it is likely that their purr will sound softer again, but this is not always the case.

If the purr does stay loud, then this often just means that this is what their sleeping purr sounds like, and that they are comfortable.

Is It True That Cats Purr When They Are Happy?

The most common reason a cat begins to purr loudly is because they are super happy.

They cannot speak the human language, so they have to find another way to show their comfort and appreciation.

Over time, you will understand and recognize the various noises your cat makes in relation to what it is doing and how it is feeling.

To test their purr, once they are sitting purring on your lap, give them a pet or a tickle.

No doubt you will hear the sound change.

Is There A Way To Stop My Cat Purring Loudly?

stop cat from purring

There is not a surefire way to stop a cat from purring loudly.

Their purring comes from within their vocal chords, meaning that you cannot stop the loud purring – however, why would you want to?

If your cat purrs or meows loudly, it is just a part of who they are. They will purr and purr, no matter whether you think it is off putting or not.

Just remember that they also have to deal with your noises throughout the day – and cats love to sleep in the daytime.

If you find that they purr loudly while awake and purr softly as they sleep, then you could incorporate some activities during the day in the hope to tire your cat out.

For example, you could use their favorite toy and make them tired so they fall to sleep without purring.

They will happily run around and try to grab the toy. Soon they will become bored and want to either rest or move onto something else.

They may even be exhausted too and this could mean no purring as they sleep. Also, a nice hearty meal after exercising will send them off to a wonderful sleep without the time to purr.

If all else fails, then embrace that wonderful purr that your cat has. It is just who they are. Also, you never know, they could be purring to help you, or to communicate with you.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons as to why your cat purrs loudly, but more often than not, it is very normal.

The most common reason is because they are very happy and content.

However, if your cat is unwell or injured, they might be purring loudly to heal themselves.

Even so, a cat also understands how you feel, and may purr loudly to soothe you.

This is something that they do with other cats too.



Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a locum veterinary surgeon who has worked in London for the past 8 years. She graduated top of her class in small animal medicine from UCD, Dublin. She is currently a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Linda is the resident vet for Woman magazine and a frequent contributor to People’s Friend Magazine, the Dogzone website, Vet Help Direct and Wag! Linda also writes content for the CVS veterinary group, Vetwriter and a number of other establishments.