Are you looking for some brother and sister cat names for your new kittens?

We came up with 50 amazing famous pairs that make darling cat monikers.

Granted, not all of them are siblings in real life, but trust me, they’re so adorable no one will care!

Check the list below and let’s find those kitties some cat duo names!

44 Famous Brother and Sister cat names

brother and sister cat playing a red yarn. These two black cats are perfect to have brother and sister cat names.
  1. Jake and Maggie: Actor siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall.
  2. Ike and Tina: Ike and Tina Turner, singing duo.
  3. Luke and Leia: Luke and Leia from Star Wars.
  4. Ron and Ginny: Characters from the Harry Potter series.
  5. Max and Dani: Sibling characters from Hocus Pocus.
  6. Klaus and Violet: From A series of Unfortunate Events.
  7. Phineas and Candace: From cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
  8. Chris and Meg – from the Family Guy.
  9. Dwayne and Olive: Sibling characters from Little Miss Sunshine.
  10. Jon Snow and Arya: Sibling characters from the series Game of Thrones.
  11. Hansel and Gretel: Brother-sister duo of the fairy tale.
  12. Jack and Jill: Pair names from the poem Jack and Jill.
  13. Gini and Johnny: Kids fashionable clothing brand.
  14. Joan and John: Quirky brother-sister duo of the ’80s.
  15. Jane and Peter: Jane and Peter Fonda are amazing actors.
  16. Penny and Garry: Penny and Garry Marshall are actors and directors.
  17. Jussie and Jurnee: Both are brother-sister and also very established actors.
  18. Dexter and Deedee: Sibling duo from cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory.
  19.  Ben and Gwen: Brother-sister duo from animated cartoon Ben 10.
  20. Bart and Lisa: Cool names for Siblings from the Simpsons.
  21. Shuri and T’Challa: Siblings from Black Panther.
  22. Oliver and Kate: Siblings Oliver and Kate Hudson.
  23. Nick and Margo: Siblings from the movie Gone Girl.
  24. Ross and Monica: Siblings from the sitcom FRIENDS.
  25. Katara and Sokka: Siblings from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  26. Wednesday and Pugsley: Siblings from The Addams Family.
  27. Mabel and Dipper: From the show Gravity Falls.
  28. Tommy and Claudia: Siblings from Home for The Holidays.
  29. Jeannie and Ferris: Siblings from the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  30. Terry and Sammy: Kittens Siblings from the film You Can Count on Me.
  31. Wendy and Jon: Siblings from The Savages.
  32. Commodus and Lucilla: Brother Sister duo in the movie Gladiator.
  33. Linus and Lucy: Unisex Names of the siblings in the famous jazz standard.
  34. Major and Minor: This pair of names can be a brother-sister cat name.
  35. Theo and Isabelle: Two French siblings from The Dreamers.
  36. Stranz and Fairchild: Brother Sister Duo from Blades of Glory.
  37. Carmen and Juni: Brother and sister from Spy Kids.
  38. Sue and Johnny: Twin cat names from Fantastic Four.
  39. Trish and Darry: Brother and sister from Jeepers and Creepers.
  40. Maggie and Milo: Brother and sister from “The Skeleton Twins”.
  41. Apollo and Artemis : These Greek gods were twins.
  42. Julianne and Derek :after siblings Julianne and Derek Hough.
  43. Shirley and Warren: for Shirley Maclaine and Warren Beatty 
  44. Tia and Tahj – After Tia, Tamara and Tahj Mowry.

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72 More Cute Duo Cat Names

brother and sister tabby cats lying beside each other

While these famous pairs aren’t siblings, they’re still some of the cutest boy/girl combinations ever.

  1. Beyonce and Rihanna: Famous rap singers.
  2. Beauty and Beast: American musical romantic fantasy movie.
  3. Jimmy and Choo: Famous fashion brand Jimmy Choo.
  4. Ares and Mars: Greek and Roman mythological gods.
  5. Love and Berrish: Characters from Japanese romantic comedy.
  6. Billie and Eilish: Billie Eilish is a famous American singer.
  7. Gavin and Stacey: Popular British TV series.
  8. Joey and Phoebe: Famous characters from the sitcom Friends.
  9. Peter and Piper: “Peter and Piper” is an English nursery rhyme.
  10. Ace and Melissa – from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
  11. Andy and Bonnie: The character from the movie Toy Story.
  12. Dylan and Brenda: Characters from the TV series Beverley Hills.
  13. Adam and Eve: The first human couple.
  14. Al and Peggy: A couple from the sitcom Married with children.
  15. Basil and Sybil – after the couple in Fawlty Towers.
  16. Bobby and Pamela – from the Dallas series.
  17. Bogie and Bacall – after the famous Hollywood couple.
  18. Bonnie and Clyde – everyone knows these two.
  19. Bugs and Daffy: Frenemies in the cartoon The Loony Tunes.
  20. Brad and Janet – after the couple from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  21. Burton and Taylor – this is one of the most famous Hollywood duos.
  22. Charlie and Irene: Characters from the movie Me, Myself, and Irene.
  23. Olive and Popeye: Cartoon characters.
  24. Timon & Pumbaa: An animated meerkat and warthog duo.
  25. Romeo & Juliet: From the William Shakespeare play.
  26. Layla and Majnun: An old love story of Arabic origin.
  27. Osiris and Isis: Egyptian God and Goddesses.
  28. Tom & Jerry: Cartoon characters.
  29. Oggy and Olly: Characters from the cartoon Oggy and the Cockroaches.
  30. Mac and Bloo: Best friends from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.
  31. Finn and Jake: Best friends in the cartoon Adventure Time.
  32. Daisy and Donald: Cartoon characters
  33. Mickey and Minnie: Cartoon characters.
  34. Dagwood and Blondie – the famous couple from Blondie.
  35. Dharma and Greg – these are some very popular stars.
  36. Victor and Victoria: Duo of classical music comedy Victor/Victoria.
  37. Jasmine and Aladdin: Disney-inspired cat names from Aladdin.
  38. Lady and Tramp – after one of the most famous Disney couples.
  39. Harry and Sally: From romantic comedy Harry and Sally.
  40. Danny and Sandy: Main characters from the movie Grease.
  41. Itchy and Scratchy: From the Simpsons.
  42. Jekyll and Hyde: From The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  43. Tarzan and Jane: A couple from the movie Tarzan.
  44. Punch and Judy: Puppets from the puppet show.
  45. Casper and Wendy: A friendly ghost and friendly witch.
  46. Leo and Piper: Fictional character from TV series Charmed.
  47. DiMaggio and Marilyn – after the most famous couple in the world.
  48. Jack and Joan: Characters from Romancing the Stone.
  49. Robin Hood and Marian: Robin Hood and Maiden Marian.
  50. Porgy and Bess: A character from the English Opera Porgy and Bess.
  51. Frieda and Diego: Painting by artist Frida Kahlo.
  52. Spencer and Katharine: Legendary cinematic couple.
  53. Tony and Ziva: Fictional characters from the drama NCIS.
  54. Superman and Superwoman: Two fictional characters.
  55. Batman and Batswoman: Two fictional characters.
  56. Rose and Jack: A couple from the romantic film Titanic.
  57. Noah and Allie: A couple from The Notebook.
  58. Tony and Maria: From the West Side Story.
  59. Edward and Bella: From the movie Twilight.
  60. Mia and Sebastian: From the movie “La La Land”
  61. Katniss and Peeta: From Hunger Games.
  62. Tris and Four: From the Divergent.
  63. Clark and Lois: From the Man of Steel.
  64. Toy and Gabriella: From the High School Musical.
  65. John and Jane: From “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.
  66. Archies and Veronica: Characters of the comic Archies.
  67. Hazel and Augustus: Characters of the book The Fault in our Stars.
  68. Anthony and Cleopatra – after the famous couple.
  69. Cagney and Lacey – this used to be a famous show back in the ’80s.
  70. Captain and Tennille – very successful couple back in the ’70s.
  71. Charles and Diana – after the royal couple.
  72. Elvis and Priscilla – after the Mr. and Mrs. Presley.

51 Creative Sibling Cat Names

These are inspired include some cute geography cat names, food names, and other creative ideas that work great for sibling kitties.

  1. Barnum and Bailey: A circus company.
  2. Nile and Amazon: Longest and Largest rivers of the world respectively.
  3. Witch and Wizard: Woman and man who has magical powers respectively.
  4. Sunny and Windy: Both are forms of weather, the perfect weather names for cats.
  5. Lock and Key: Bonded pair i.e., not of any use when not together.
  6. Python and Java: Both are coding languages.
  7. Colby and Jack – after the American cheese.
  8. Ginger and Lemon: Food ingredients.
  9. Ticky and Tacky: Name-based on the alliteration.
  10. Pie and Tart: Both can be sweet and savory dishes.
  11. Yin and Yang: Things that are inseparable and contradictory opposites.
  12. Kami and Kaze: In Japanese, it means divine and wind.
  13. Hershey and Kisses: Kisses is the chocolate of The Hershey Company.
  14. Chocolate and Vanilla: Two different flavors.
  15. Silk and Satin: Two shimmery fibers.
  16. Glam and Glory: Extravagantly famous.
  17. Basil and Rosemary: Herbs for culinary use.
  18. Whisky and Vodka: Two alcoholic drinks.
  19. Venus and Mars: Planets of the Solar System.
  20. Jolly and Rancher: Jolly Rancher is an American brand of sweet candy.
  21. Hush and Puppy: Hush Puppies is an American shoe brand.
  22. Harley and Davidson: Harley Davidson is a motorbike company.
  23. Nike and Puma: Both are brands for athletic clothing and footwear.
  24. Blue and Berry: Blue Berry is an edible berry.
  25. Custard and Mousse: Both are desserts.
  26. Sahara and Thar: Both are desert.
  27. Cake and Cookie: Sweet confectionery.
  28. Choco and Chip: After chocolate chips, of course.
  29. Salt and Pepper: Both are spices used in cooking.
  30. Peanut Butter and Jelly: Super cute idea for siblings!
  31. Brooklyn and Bridge: The famous bridge of New York.
  32. Ford and Chevy: Ford and Chevrolet automobile brands.
  33. Kit and Kat: Kit-Kat is a chocolate brand.
  34. Oscar and Grammy: Both awards are for best performances.
  35. Polka and Dot: For the stylish pattern.
  36. Sugar and Syrup: Because cats are everything nice!
  37. Gucci and Prada: Fashion clothing brands.
  38. Ivory and Peach: Coordinating colors.
  39. Lexus and Porsche: Car brands.
  40. Lambo and Limo: Lambo for Lamborghini and Limo for Limousine.
  41. Baskin and Robbins – inspired by the American ice-cream chain.
  42. Autumn & Summer– for the seasons!
  43. Morgan and Stanley: American multinational investment bank.
  44. Paris and Milan: Fashion capitals of the world.
  45. Tic & Tac: Refreshing mint brand.
  46. Babe and Ruth – after the famous baseball player or candy bar.
  47. Saturday and Sunday: The two best days in the week.
  48. Biscuit and Gravy: Food items that are not eaten together.
  49. Mo and Jito: Cocktail names can be pet names too.
  50. Ring and Rosie: From the nursery rhyme, even though it’s about the plague!
  51. Bumble and Bee: super cute striped cat names for siblings!

two main coon cats with text "167 brother and sister cat names"

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